• Good teachers should earn more

    If we want successful students, we need to attract the best teachers. We need motivated and energetic individuals who want to teach. This is difficult with our current system, and will be even worse with the common core. However, at a base level, we need more than teachers who get tenure and phone in their lessons. One of the ways to do this is reward excellent teachers with a better salary. Poor ones should not get the same kind of compensation.

  • Yes teachers in the United States of America deserve better.

    Research has shown time and time again, that countries with a better educated populace tend to fare better in important fields such as science and technology. This in turn allows them to become very competitive in an ever increasingly global economy. Teachers should be paid more money because when educators do not have to worry about just surviving financially, they have less stress and more time to devote to the needs of their students. This in turn creates a better learning environment for said students. A better learning environment creates better students, who turn around to become the highly skilled workers we desperately need to take America into a better economic future.

  • Yes, teachers in the USA should make higher salaries.

    Teachers sometimes make less money than the custodians that work in the same schools. This does not seem right. Not only do teachers have to work countless hours, but society views them as lazy because they think teachers get so many breaks, but it reality they have to pay out of their own pockets to take classes and lesson plan of these breaks all for pay that tells them that society does not value their service. Consequently, this has a negative impact on the students they teach because the best and brightest do not always go into teaching because there is little economic reason to.

  • In Certain Areas

    California teachers get paid very well. Teachers do not get paid to well in other places. Those are usually the states that do not like the public school system that much. It is a wonder why education is probably not as good either in those states, because they do not respect what the public school teachers do.

  • No, they make enough.

    Coming from a poor rural public high school, I believe that the teachers make enough. If my school had to pay more for teachers' salaries, there is no way that the school would be able to stay open. There have been talks recently about merging with a school about ten miles away, just because of the current economic situation. People who decide to teach do it for the rewarding feeling that teaching brings. They do not need bigger salaries. If they wanted to make more money, they would have chosen a different career path.

  • They make enough

    I think that teachers are very important, and that this country would not be as good as it is without them, but I think that teachers in the US are paid enough, and the government should not pay them more because it will send us deeper into our national debt.

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