• Students need to express themselves creativity

    If u can't express yourself day to day, then what's the point of buying clothing any more because 5/7 days off the week we wear the same thing over and over again. And honestly it gets boring. What's the point for the US to spend roughly $1 billion on uniforms when it can be going to schools in need of books, teachers, computers, and ext.

  • Schools should wear uniforms...

    Schools should to wear uniforms because some students love to show personality through their clothes, more than half of them are bullied about what they wear throughout the school year and bullying in schools usually cause suicide in students ages 12 through 16 and it is very upsetting to know that one student can live with knowing they are the reason for their classmates death...

  • I do agree that schools should require school uniform

    School uniform is part of a symbol that gives off character of a specific school.It also makes a school look more orderly.They are also excellent because they do not separate learners according to WHO LOOKS THE BEST TO WHO IS NOT.It does not create conflict but instead a good character of a learner.For all will be dressed the same but in their unique way.There is no stress of getting up in the morning to find the perfect outfit every school morning.

  • Uniforms in school

    Uniforms are a very good idea in a public school and private, Catholic school. I think we should since this would cut down on the harassment and bullying in school. They can express them self more if uniforms are required in the school. They can make friends more easily and no one would be left out.

  • It would cut down on jealousy.

    Public schools should require uniforms in the same manner as private schools. Uniforms help provide structure and structure is needed in any learning environment. Uniforms also help to identify students from someone else who may be visiting the school. Another benefit of uniforms is that you do not have the jealousy issues over who is wearing the designer clothes and who cannot afford them. Uniforms save a lot of hassle.

  • It Is Important

    School uniforms give kids the opportunity to express themselves without it being a problem. When uniform is required there would be less bullying and more learning. Students would not be late for school because they would already know what to wear. Everyone would look the same instead of wearing different colors that makes them opposite from everyone else.

  • Yes to uniforms in public schools.

    Every parent in Idaho knows that our education system is lacking. More and more jobs require a degree. So why not take the focus off what isn’t important and put the focus on what is important, our children’s education. I am fully aware that uniforms in public schools isn’t going to fix Idaho’s education system but it’s a start. Give children of all ages the chance to focus on their school work and allow their parents to have a piece of mind knowing that their child isn’t being bullied at school for not wearing name brand clothes.

  • Require School Uniforms!

    I believe schools should require uniforms. Not only would they counteract the constant battle for parents about having the more fashion forward jeans that cost 300 dollars, but it would also keep schools from sending kids home for indecent clothing choices. Statistics have shown a higher graduation rate with schools that have mandatory uniforms, although I do fail to see how this is true. School should primarily be a place for LEARNING, and kids can find other ways to "express" themselves, other than through Mom and Dad's checkbook.

  • Public schools should require uniforms.

    Uniforms are a very good idea in a public school. They are a critical tool in keeping students away from classifying other students into different social classes based on the type of clothes others wear. If all students wear the same, students will be forced to make decisions on friendship based on more important social factors than what you wear.

  • 1st Amendment Rights Crushed

    In the 1st amendment it says freedom of expression. But that freedom is taken away from students when they are required to wear uniforms. It crushes their creativity and makes them like others, which isn't always the key. I know what you are thinking, well what about bullying? Well, bullies can always find a way to pick on you, your hair, your grades, your attitude. So it should not be required!

  • Uniforms crush creativity.

    Public schools should not require uniforms to be worn. Clothing is a form of expression and allows children to formulate their own style and who they are amongst their peers. At the most a relaxed dress code should be implemented that bans anything that may be too distracting to others. This would allow children the opportunity to experiment with their personal style, but keep things orderly.

  • Public is Key.

    Public schools should not require uniforms. Clothing is a form of expression and in public places people are allowed to dress the way they want to. That should not change to avoid conflicts in schools. We need to encourage kids to be unique, not just blend in with the crowd to make things easy.

  • No

    Schools should not require kids to wear uniforms. Some schools believe it will stp bulying because one child can't feel better or worse than another based on his or her clothing, but at the same time I believe this puts a halt to a child's individuality. Children need room to grow and express themselves as they see fit within reason. It's all a part of growing up to become the person you will be one day. Having a school uniform stifles that.

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