Should public schools start the day with silent prayer?

  • The question included the word, "SHOULD"

    Before even starting, its important to understand what the word SHOULD means. Its means what we ought to do... Not what we can or would. Hopefully, that's enough to make sense.

    Next, is explaining why we SHOULD. Why is it that starting the day with silent prayer in silent is what we ought to do. Well, that's like asking why should we breathe. God is real. And literally we need God like we need air.

    How do I know God is real. I asked him to prove himself to me in prayer and while holding to a faith I personally developed for the purpose of being able to connect with him and then ask for a miracle as proof... And he did prove himself. I asked him for a vision and a few days later, I got one.

    So, the Christian God is real. And as a result, so is our need for God... For fulfillment, as a moral compass, literally to stay alive physically, relationships in general... It can trickle down to every part of our lives.

    Next, I'd like to give a reply to the "No" person. He talks about how a Muslim would feel and compared to how a Christian would feel. Basically he is in the mindset of moral relativism and he has made both the Christian position and Muslim position equal. Let me give an extreme example... If we banned rape in public schools... How would that make rapists feel? In the mindset of moral relativism... This is actually something that can flow through that kind of mindset. On the other hand I use objective moral thinking and say that a rapist is always wrong in rape. This objective moral standing comes from my fundamental thinking as a Christian and that's the comparison between a Christian and a Muslim should be accepted easily... It seems he presented it in a way that should just be accepted.

    So, considering that I have had a vision and know God exists, I'm inclined and anyone else reading this might be persuaded to believe the Christian God's ways are what we SHOULD or ought to include in our human lives, and children.

    I'm not done. Now, someone might say, well, don't Muslims and others of different faiths have such visions too? How if all those other gods exist? What if they are the same god? To that I bring up a challenging question that I myself made when I was an atheist against the Christian faith.

    My question and doubt used to be... Out of the infinite amount of possibilities out there, why should I believe in the Christian God?

    My answer for that question today is... Because out of the infinite amount of possibilities... SURELY... SURELY, the Christian God who speaks and teaches INFINITE truth, love, justice, joy, peace .... SURELY out of the infinite amount of possibilities that this one (Christian) possibility that expresses INFINITE good trumps all lesser possibilities. Thanks for reading and God Bless you.

  • School should start off this way.

    What does it matter to you if us kids pray while at school? After all it does say "Silent prayer". I would not be speaking out loud, but in my head to God, or whomever you are praying to. I would not be disturbing anyone. Besides, a lot of the kids my age and younger pray before school starts anyways. It is also good to start with feeling refreshed. After I say a prayer, I always feel refreshed. It is as if my mind and spirit are being poured over with silk. When you pray faithfully without contempt, you can feel the holy spirit. It can remain with you throughout the rest of the day. So I believe that it is good to start off your day with a prayer.

  • Yes it should 200%

    Prayer is communicating with God your Creator. Acknowledging Him for the new day added to your life, and at school or anywhere, starting a day with God is a guarantee of His guidance, protection, wisdom and provision. The Bible says never cease to pray it means God is telling us that it is must for us to be in regular communication with Him. Because He is the only true living God, and He cares for us.

  • It's complicated but yes

    I think that there should be different rooms for different religions to pray in so that they wont be forced into one religion/ Maybe there could be a praying room for Christians and one for Muslims and other religions. If there are students with no religion maybe they could just go on with their morning or read a book while other students pray. I also think that the religious students should be able to go in a praying room whenever they like in their free time. But it's all just an idea of mine.

  • Yes we need prayer in school

    The world needs to turn back to God, this world has turned its back on God and their isn't as many as believers as before. If you bring prayer back in school I feel that there wouldn't be so much violence and problems with the school. And for the non-believers, they don't have to pray. I mean they can just sit there like a bump on a log doing nothing while the rest of the class prays. Prayer is a very powerful helper. It helps when you need something, you have a problem in your life and when you just want to talk to God about something; good or bad.

  • Without God, we wouldn't even exist.

    God is the one who made us and who made the world. He rules over everything, including schools. God made the humans who rule over America and our founding fathers trusted in Him. If God were not real or did not exist, then our country's motto would not be "In God we trust." Our country's motto is what it is for a reason. Also, public schools DID practice this a long time ago.

  • God lives forever

    I completely agree witht this argument since Jesus Christ wants to talk to us. To those atheaists out there, you guys have no idea what your doing since you say that we cant prove HIS existence. But we sure can, all we need is the bible. You want to know the great deeds that the LORD has done for us, just read the bible and you will see what I am talking about. But since you guys wont open your eyes you wont see and understand what Im talking about.

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  • Not everyones religious

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  • Definitely not in school

    It's very unfair to people who are not very religious or religious at all. If someone does not believe in god they should not be forced to pray or worship something they are not related with or even if they are religious maybe they don't like doing prayers at school or home?

  • Not appropriate for schools

    Not everyone is religious, therefore, by doing this, there is no separation of church and state. By making students have silent prayer time is unconstitutional. I think silent prayer time is bad for those who don't believe in "God" or even gods. Not everyone has a religion, and therefore not everyone should have to do it.

  • Not for public schools.

    If a student wants to privately pray or pray with a group fine, but they should not be forced to. Not all people believe in God, so atheists would dislike school more. They may feel uncomfortable and possibly unsafe during school. So no public prayers should be in school to be fair.

  • No they shouldn't

    School isn't around to humor or oblige religion. School should be a neural environment, and if pupils (or teachers) wish to pray, let them do so in their own time rather than consuming that of which belongs to other pupils as well. It shouldn't be mandatory more so than it should be a privilege to do as you please

  • No they should not.

    Praying in school means we would have to let people who have other religious ways of worshipping their creator do the same. That would cause problems if they can not do so, or cause debates about religion when the students are supposed to be getting an education. Overall it is a bad idea.

  • What about others?

    When it comes to religion and schools, the line that you can cross is VERY thin. I believe that people should have the right to prayer what they want, but an official school wide one? No, no, that's not cool!
    The only possible way it would work is that they have every religion and a prayer to go with it.

  • It's a waste of time.

    We did this in my school and nobody actually prayed or meditated or whatever else they wanted us to do during the 'moment of silence'. All that happened was we all had to stand for 30 seconds in silence. If a kid wants to pray he or she will find time, the school doesn't have a responsibility or reason to enforce something like this. It just takes time away from learning, not much time, but time.

  • Ofcourse they shouldnt!

    As a Christian would you be happy about having a quiet muslim prayer at the beginning of the day? As a muslim would you be happy to start the days with a silent christian prayer? The answer to both of those is no and that is exaclty how I (an atheist) would feel if I was expected to start my day with a silent prayer.

    In a religious school it is a completely different ball game but in any kind of non denominational school having any kind of regular prayer should be considered a form of oppression in any secular society.

    School children are impressionable and have not formed their own ideas yet and that leaves them vulnerable to indoctrination and I cannot think of any more surefire a way to indoctrinate kids than to start their school day with prayer. School should be started with education and should finish with education not the beseeching of a possibly fictional energy/being for some kind of help that you are more than likely not going to happen.

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