• Yes we should

    We should teach them both, we should not tell them what to think, we should show them how.
    We should show them both sides of the argument and the proofs behind both theories, and let them decide for themselves.
    We should not teach them one or the other, we should educate them on both.

  • You can't teach evolution without adding in the creationism view also

    Evolution has long been taught in the schools as the scientific way the earth was formed. The Big Bang theory is the go to philosophy that most schools teach. It becomes confusing for most students who attend church on the weekends and are taught something completely different. Why not add creationism to the curriculum, as well, to show an alternative view of how we got here. It would open up an academic discussion by the students and allow them to form their own opinions.

  • To Have Knowledge is Key

    It is a long battle that continues to grow and that is the battle of Evolution vs. Creationism, and no real end in the fight to allow it in our education system is in the near future. A recent poll showed that 47% of Americans prefer that creationism should be taught in the schools, but that still leaves more than half preferring the teachings of Evolution. Teaching both would allow anyone and everyone to adopt what they feel is proof of concept.

  • If all forms of creationalism are taught.

    I believe creationalism is useful knowledge, but not just the Christian theory. There are many stories of our creation. However it would take a class of its own to teach all of the theories behind creationalism. Students should have a choice to learn other theories as an elective, not a requirement.

  • If they want to

    I was tough evolution in school and had to learn creation on my own at home. From the looks of it Creation makes a lot of good points and showed enough evidence as evolution (personal opinion) why people are strongly against it is beyond me.
    I'm fine it just being in privet schools

    If people want it to be tought in school then I say go for it. Learn about both sides and then have the choice to choose before graduating , Or least of a course or after school class on it.

  • Why not teach it?

    Creationism is something that millions of people believe in as well so why not teach something on the other side of the spectrum. Not everyone believes in evolution so why should evolution, the big bang theory, and natural selection be the only things be taught about how the world came about? Evolution is a THEORY, not a fact. I don't see how teaching Creationism would hurt for students to learn any more than teaching Evolution?

  • Creationism = Religion

    Creationism is NOT science. It is NOT an alternative to the theory of evolution. Creationism is religious dogma. There is no place for religious dogma in public schools. If you want religious dogma, go to church. Go to Sunday school. If you want science, go to school. It's that simple.

  • If you want to learn about Christianity don't go to a public school

    I keep seeing the argument "but what if they want both sides of the argument?" then we'd be wasting time. One is scientific, one is just a belief. Also, there isn't just one religion, or one version of Christianity.

    It's a big waste of time. Even if you're Christian, you must agree that science is more important to learn in a public school where not every one holds the same religion. Or aren't religious at all.

  • The First Amendment:

    Text "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." (1)
    Definition of Creationism:
    a doctrine or theory holding that matter, the various forms of life, and the world were created by God out of nothing and usually in the way described in Genesis. (2)
    According to the definition, creationism is a specific religious belief. If it was allowed to be taught in public schools, it would a law respecting an establishment of religion. A clear violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment was intended to prevent tax payers from funding education about faiths besides their (the tax payers) own.
    The only way something like this could be legal is if every person involved in paying for the school had their religion represented equally. This means that public schools would also have to teach about religions that the majority may not support like Wiccan, Buddhism, Hinduism etc.
    I suppose another method in teaching about creationism would be to have it as part of another type of class like mythology but I doubt Christians would want their religious beliefs dismissed like those other religions.


  • The Teaching of Creationism Should Be Confined to Private Schools

    The origins of human life are of such great interest because the beliefs people hold are so varied. One such theory, creationism, is the idea that a single or group of deities created the human race, all life on the planets, and the planets themselves. This is a theory held exclusively by religious groups, and is therefore unfit to be taught in public schools.

  • No, public schools should not involve religion in their studies.

    Public schools involve all different types of students and thus all different types of religions. They should not include studies about religious beliefs, because some children may take offense if they come from a totally different religious background. If parents wanted their students to learn such things they would have them enrolled in a private school or would homeschool them.

  • Many people have different beleifs

    Public students should not be taught creationism because many people have different beliefs. Some people in their families were taught to either beleve in different gods or on true god. If the school says something else, it may put them in a tough situation, resulting in moving to a different school.

  • Will we teach all beliefs?

    I assume the question is about teaching creationism as if it were a valid theory -- which it isn't. There are only two proper ways to teach it. One is in comparative religion, contrasting the creation myths of various societies and faiths around the world. The other is to teach that it was at one time believed without question, but then to teach how science has invalidated it.

  • Creationism = Religion

    Creationism is NOT science. It is NOT an alternative to the theory of evolution. Creationism is religious dogma. There is no place for religious dogma in public schools. If you want religious dogma, go to church. Go to Sunday school. If you want science, go to school. It's that simple.

  • Never! For the love of everything.

    There is never reason to put someone's religion down unless it causes harm to others. But only factual information should be taught to the minds of children and teenagers. A book written with information holes and impossible events that happened. Take a look at the Arc for just a moment.

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