Should public schools teach creationism alongside evolution in science classes?

  • Both plausible accounts

    Both Creationism and Evolution are unproven ideas of the origin of the world. Therefore both are theories. They are both on equal footing and therefore should both be taught in school. Plus, teaching both would remove any feelings of inequality relating to this matter. Scientists and theologians have started to find connections between the two theories, making my case even more reasonable.

  • Yes, it is still a theory.

    I do not think they should read scripture, but they should still teach it. It's a perfectly valid theory and it still deserves a mention. They did it in my school and it in no way did anything but make us look at alternatives to the theory of evolution. If we teach just evolution, students will believe in that, and we shouldn't force students to focus on ONE idea when there are ideas like creationism out there that are just as valid. Let kids choose for themselves what they want to believe, so open the amount of theories for them to choose from.

  • if you're going to teach the fiction, why not teach the fact?

    There is tons of evidence of creation, and barly any for evolution. Radio metric dating is inacurate because it asumes you know specifics about the original material. Fossils are more evidencefor creation than for evolution. Most fossils look as is they didn't just die, but were killed, lining up perfectly with the great flood. More evidence of the great flood: the grand canion, that rock that has dino tracks going up virticaly, rocks with wave marks in then in the middle of random deserts. Dinos still exist. They found a dino bone so freash that it still had red blood cells living in it. They found evidence of dinos in congo, and resercher found a baby one in a whale belly. The big bang makes no sence, there is no evidence, and it is scientificly impossible! (read the evolution handbook section on the big bang) there are no missing limks. That is the problem, they are missing! All missing links were proven to be a hoax. (see it couldn't just happen capter 14, and the evolution handbook chapter 1, a brefe history of evolution) many organisms couldn't live without each other (it couldn't just happen chapter 13) they couldn't evolve without eachother, and the odds of them evolving at the exact same time, and getting to the exact right place just in time to save each others life is astronomical. The bible is the most historicly correct book in the world and gives us the account of the begining of the world. If you want more evidence, read it couldn't just happen, the evolution handbook, the bible, or visit the institute for creation reserch. Or reply to this.

  • Freedom of Inquiry

    I believe that there is much evidence in support of both sides of the debate. Thus, I feel that both should be taught, along with all supporting evidence. This will cause students to search for the answers themselves instead of force-feeding them the consensus view. If the evidence is so strong against creationism, why should we be so afraid of presenting the idea in school?

  • The theory of evolution is based on faith, and not fact.

    Go ahead and look through any microscope or telescope and you'll see a multitude logical, factual evidence that points to a creator. It takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe that we were made based on intelligent design by a God who loves us.
    Also, would you please read the constitution. IF you had you'd see "Separation of church and state" isn't in it. The constitution was written to protect our freedom to practice religion in our homes, schools, and the public squares- not banish it! Our country was founded and built on biblical principals and our forefathers were in fact Christians who actually printed the first bibles in this country in order to be used in schools! Don't believe it? Do some research. It's amazing to me how the ignorant masses just swallow the lies that are fed to them without ever bothering to do some simple investigation.
    The real argument here is not about teaching kids "faith" in schools. How about giving them a choice? After all, evolution is still just a THEORY and has not ever been proven. But yet so many choose to put blind faith in evolution! It has virtually become a religion in itself!!! Based on faith in a theory... No, this discussion is about giving them the historical and scientific information and then allowing them to make informed decisions for themselves.

  • Evolutionism is a theory, just as Creationism.

    Evolution, no matter how widely accepted in Academia, is a theory, meaning that it has not been proven as fact. Creationism is a theory in the same sense and manner. Since Evolutionism is a theory, it should be presented alongside a viable alternative such as Creationism, and it should be left up to the students to choose one or the other for themselves.

    Posted by: R0m4nticCar
  • To be able to teach the theory of evolution, you should also teach the theory of creationism.

    The idea of giving kids an education is not only to teach them subjects such as math and science, but to also teach them to be able to think on their own. Teaching students only one side of the theory of how human life began is biased. You must give the students multiple points of view so that they can make their own judgment.

  • Creationism is what most Americans believe

    Creationism is what most Americans believe and to say that you know for a fact that we evolved form apes is nothing short of a lie. We don't know for sure how the human race got here. Nobody does. So to say that we know with 100% certainty that The Holy Bible is wrong is unacceptable. I believe that until we find significant evidence that we evolved from monkeys, we should teach creationism and creationism only.

  • yes it should

    You say there is no proof that creationism is possible. I can say the same about evolution. Who determines if evolution is reliable? Scientist. Letting scientist determine what we learn is very bias. It should be either both or none. Both are possible. 40-45% of Americans believe in creationism. So why is it so against schools? Because atheist are ignorant and only want what they want taught in schools and don't care about other beliefs. Evolution is being pushed on kids and aren't given a choice what to believe ( in schools). Yes it is true. I'm in school and I witnessed it. Don't say its not because they don't teach it as a fact. Maybe they don't in some cases, but they make it sound like anything other then evolution is stupid.

    P.S. Qopel your an idiot.

  • Evolution is not fact.

    Creation has been taught in public schools long before evolution ever was. Evolution keeps on changing and now they say that there was a divine something or whatever that must have started it and then evolution began. Something cannot be made out of nothing. When you see a wrist watch you don't think that it was spontaneously formed into a watch. There was a creator to that watch. The world is way to complex. Even Darwin said the human eye is much too complex, and that's such a small thing. A bang or whatever could not have created this whole world. Why do you think people are always trying to figure out who they are and what their purpose in life is? Because God's missing and He's the one who put that desire in them.

  • Stick to the facts.

    The facts are, evolution is fact. Sorry guys and girls, but if you have not figured it out by now you're just being ignorant of the facts. It's not hard to prove and you can see the results yourself,there is really no excuse . Schools should stick to the facts and not feel pressured to lie to people.

  • Go with the evidence.

    Creationism, while it has many believers, is not proven one bit, and very hard to believe. I mean think about it...One person created everything there is!! Not likely. In science proof is everything. There is vast amounts of proof for evolution everywhere. In museums, universities, libraries, everywhere. Where is the religious proof? In the bible. That is the only proof religious people have. The bible has been proven so wrong in so many aspects, how can anyone even slightly believe it? I mean the earth is only about 6000 years old?!! Are you kidding me! That alone should make people question. One God created one man and one woman and said go forth and create? Assuming they weren't related, still after a generation or two no more kids would be born as they all would be related! We have all seen the effects of inbreeding in science. It ends genealogical lines pretty darn quick! All the great minds in the world throughout history have studied this topic, and they all seemed to have come back with the same answer. There is no scientific possibility of creationism. Occam's Razor states (simple version) "all things being equal, the simplest explanation is the right one". No did one God create everything in 7 days, did moses put millions of species on one boat for 40 days, did jesus walk on water and create bread for thousands from one loaf, did water turn to wine, etc, etc. OR, did evolution occur over billions of years! I'm going with the last one!! Until there is indisputable proof of God, Jesus, Moses and any other bible reference, I will go with all the proof of evolution.

  • Don't do either.

    Keep all religion out of public school lessons, which includes evolution, which is atheist. Keep that from brainwashing kids. Let the kids decide on their own what religion they want to have without the schools swaying their opinion! It is not the government's decision whether kids believe in creationism or evolution. By the way, there is proof that creationism exists... THE BIBLE!

  • Darwin didn't even believe in his own theory

    look stuff up before you say something is FACT WHEN ITS NOT. its so sad to see all you lost people in the world at lest we know were going to heaven not hell i love who i am and what i am and am happy to not to be one of you guys that vote no

  • Creationism has been disproven

    There is more evidence for evolution than there is for gravity. If creationism is taught, we will be lying to children and subverting their educations. I mean, why not teach astrology alongside astronomy, and alchemy alongside chemistry, and the stork theory of childbirth?

  • I don't think they should teach evolution.

    Evolution is simply an opinion. Most people believe that humans came from god, along with everything else. If we aren't allowed to be racist and have to respect everybody's religions in school, than why would be bring up the subject of evolution? Plus what your teacher is teaching you should be fact, and something that most believe or trust is right. I'm sure most students do not believe that we evolved from monkeys. I do not think it should be taught, plus it does go against most religions, and can be offensive.

  • Ignorance is not on equal footing with knowledge.

    Reading the "yes" arguments it's pretty obvious they have no idea how evolution even works, or even what 'theory' means in scientific context. Scientific illiterates should have no say in what goes on in science class.

  • Creationism should be taught in RE.

    The definition of a theory is a hypothesis (a prediction based on fact) supported by experiments to confirm the hypothesis. There isn't evidence to make creationism a scientific theory. Therefore it shouldn't be taught as a scientific fact. This doesn't mean that people cant believe in creationism if they want to.

  • Creationism is NOT science!

    Evolution has been proven, creationism has zero percent worth of evidence to prove it. So keep your Dam religion out of public schools!

  • Keep church out of public education

    Evolution is a scientific fact. Creationism is a religious stance from christians - it does NOT belong in schools funded by the government. That's what private schools are for, sadly.

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Anonymous says2013-02-16T08:00:25.983
Creationism should not be taught in a science class religion is the opposite of science
qopel says2013-02-25T02:12:16.867
Ever notice that almost all the "yes" votes are anonymous?
qopel says2013-03-08T15:33:26.353
When over 30% of people still think creationism is on the same level as evolution in the 21st century, we are all deep trouble.
qopel says2013-03-28T03:49:43.503
It scares me me very much that so many people are so ignorant, they don't even know that a scientific theory is a fact and evolution has been proven as a fact with overwhelming evidence. America has to be the dumbest country on the planet!
Anonymous says2013-04-08T19:55:21.237
I would like to point out to everyone in this argument that we are not discussing whether Christianity should be taught. We are discussing whether CREATIONISM should be taught. There is a big difference. One is discussing whether a religion should be taught another is discussing whether a scientific theory should be taught. Even though creationism is affiliated with Christianity we are not discussing Christianity here but instead creationism.
Anonymous says2013-04-14T19:22:04.313
I am Christian, and I do not think they should be taught in the regular science class.
If anything, have it as a separate class that can be changed for the senior year science.

The thing is, Evolution and the big bang are some of the highest level theories and sciences, it would not be easy to teach this to a whole bunch of people who do not care about it to begin with.
Secondly, creationism as it is right now is not a science, it is a history. There is no guaranteeing which history would, or should be looked at. If you did a science behind creationism the same applies.
If you did which creation would be taught? God created the Heavens and Earth in 6 days? Or Greek mythology?
dont-out-of-line.1 says2013-04-16T16:47:14.590
You are a chistian and I am a Wiccan, I can say my religion to ^_^
Anonymous says2013-04-17T20:58:43.257
There is two kinds of theory, sonatano8, the stage in the scientific method, and the thought behind the hole thing. The people you are talking about are actually using the second meaning.
rruthbj says2013-04-18T05:34:43.937
It is a shame that these "yes" people cannot see that they want to require the schools to teach only "their" religion. They seem to be very selfish in their pursuit of "their" happiness. Yoo Hoo, there are other religions out there. Why do you think only "your" religion should be taught in the education system. What if all the other religions wanted equal time. Would you then be as happy to have Judaism, Islam, Wiccan, Native American Spirituality and all the other religions in the world taught in the schools. I bet you would go screaming to the hills complaining about public schools teaching religion. Lets just wait to hear, "We should get credits for home schooling." No you don't like people to get govt help. But I forgot, when it is you it is different. You would deserve it. Why you cannot see that you are showing your ignorance and isolationism when you constantly leave the rest of the world out of your plans, is beyond me. You live in a multicultural world. Better to get used to it -than to pretend it doesn't exist. Plus you are insulting anyone with half a brain or more.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T23:43:17.277
Although I am a Christian (I believe in evolution, too, but please do not belittle my own personal beliefs), I believe schools shouldn't teach creationism in school because not everyone is a Christian. Save your beliefs for home.
Bullish says2013-05-05T19:36:20.963
@justin.Graves: Yes, I have, ("Einstein" [what a weird name for the book..], "Scientific Creationism", etc..) and I personally thought it was a completely waste of time (no offense here). Every single one of them showed little understanding of science, and contained logical fallacies ranging from argument form ignorance to circular reasoning.
AnonyFeline says2013-05-19T00:32:57.747
*This is a copy of my comment above:

Creationism is the Christian mythology of how the universe/world was created. Public schools are state run and state funded. The First Amendment does not allow the state government to establishment or preferences of any religious view over another. Each religion has differing creation myths. To make it mandatory to teach Abrahamic Monotheistic Creationism in any government funded school over any other form of creation is in direct violation of the First Amendment of the United States constitution. Science is based on questioning, theorizing, testing, and observation. Creation does not fall into this category of education. However, this does not prohibit the State from providing an optional, elective, non-required course on creation, with the caveat that all variants of creation must be surveyed and exposed and "taught" to the students equally.
Anonymous says2013-05-19T20:21:37.063
People need to actually READ THE QUESTION before they answer; it's, "should creationism be taught ALONGSIDE evolution?", not, "should children be brainwashed in believing Christianity?".
Bullish says2013-05-19T20:50:46.037
Creationism already is. At the beginning of every Biology class, the teacher asks the students "How did we get here?" To which he then answers "we could have been created". He then ends there, since there is 0 viable evidence backing it up, and goes on to teach a far more observable and likely evolution.
Openmindedperson says2013-05-30T16:03:19.237
The creation model includes the scientific evidence and the related inferences suggesting that:
I. The universe and the Solar system were suddenly created.
II. Life was suddenly created.
III. All present living kinds of animals and plants have remained fixed since creation, other than extinctions, and genetic variation in originally created kinds has only occurred within narrow limits.
IV. Mutation and natural selection are insufficient to have brought about any emergence of present living kinds from a simple primordial organism.
V. Man and apes have a separate ancestry.
VI. The earth's geologic features appear to have been fashioned largely by rapid, catastrophic processes that affected the earth on a global and regional scale (catastrophism).
VII. The inception of the earth and of living kinds may have been relatively recent.
The evolution model includes the scientific evidence and the related inferences suggesting that:
I. The universe and the solar system emerged by naturalistic processes.
II. Life emerged from nonlife by naturalistic processes.
III. All present kinds emerged from simpler earlier kinds, so that single-celled organisms evolved into invertebrates, then vertebrates, then amphibians, then reptiles, then mammals, then primates, including man.
IV. Mutation and natural selection have brought about the emergence of present complex kinds from a simple primordial organism.
V. Man and apes emerged from a common ancestor.
VI. The earth's geologic features were fashioned largely by slow, gradual processes, with infrequent catastrophic events restricted to a local scale (uniformitarianism).
VII. The inception of the earth and then of life must have occurred several billion years ago.

I think if people want creation science to be taught, have it as an optional class that is separate from science(evolution). Why? Because then you wouldn't have to ask a teacher to try to teach two topics that pretty much say the other is wrong in some of it's points or all ( depends who's arguing the points ). I think it would at times confuse students.
Anonymous says2013-06-04T15:23:41.943
I have no problem with it being mentioned. But I can't see how you will create any meaningful lecture on "God did it because the Bible says so."
AnonyFeline says2013-07-04T01:19:05.923
Grammar correction: The First Amendment does not allow the state government THE establishment or preferences of any religious view over another.
Sidewalker says2013-07-08T22:43:05.170
I wonder how many yes votes that claim children should be allowed to decide for themselves would support teaching Hinduism and Islam in school, you know, so the kids could decide for themselves what faith they want to follow.
BrooklynHaze says2013-07-15T18:51:25.320
Has anyone noticed what's wrong with this question?
AnonyFeline says2013-07-16T08:41:26.447
Creationism is not science.

Just as science does not force religious institution classes to teach their particular theories on science, religions should not force science classes to teach their particular theories on creation.
BrooklynHaze says2013-07-16T14:52:06.197
The question is focused on creationism which is a bit futile. It would've been more "available" to ask, should public schools teach spiritualism. Which is much more based and more important than creationism. For anyone who doesn't know, spiritualism is simply being self aware to where one can (understand their own 'spirit') be self aware, of course this requires one to reach Buddah/Nirvana, but it helps no matter how far ones affinity to be self aware has developed. Some people, live in an emotional torment, with fits of depression or anger or any other emotion that is uncontrolled. Spiritualism/self-awareness helps people find resolve when they look inwards for answers. That's why I stated, something is wrong with this question. Also spiritualism/self-awareness has been proven throughout history to have tremendous benefits to the societies who practice it.
BrooklynHaze says2013-07-16T15:00:24.567
Since some internet idiots like to play stupid, Spiritualism is not limited to internet definitions. If someone does decide to look up and test my statements, simply look up benefits of being self aware.
Anonymous says2013-07-26T10:12:33.533
Well does anyone see the situation that will be created in the class? Creationist teacher comes in and says: You know the story of Evolution taught by your biology teacher in the previous class? It is a lie, I'll tell you the truth..... God did it!!! And we have We have tons of evidence from just one book "The Bible". Do you see how noneducational it would be? I can't imagine what would topple the theory of evolution, but lets assume it was found out to be wrong. Teaching Evolution would equip the students with the skills of scientific methods of investigating, examining, theorizing and testing/predicting because it is science. In creation it will teach them gullibility. And if we start with this why not teach them Astrology, alchemy... No No No better yet Witch craft and dark wizardry after all you believe The Devil exists and we should tell both sides of the story.
Contejour says2013-10-08T08:34:22.487
It's incredible in the year2013 people actually claim to believe in this tripe , if you want to destroy intelligent children brainwash them with this hogwash .I often wonder why this rubbish seems to be only acceptable in USA? And I'm baffled when people show astonishment at other equally insane religions , but accept this idiotic tripe .
yesuke says2013-10-25T13:54:31.077
It scares me how many people voted 'yes'. I've only read one valid rationale on that side.

Creationism is art of religion, not science, and should therefore not be taught as science.
Evolution is based on factual data and explains almost all of biological phenomena - it is a great tool in understanding the world as it is, and not just from a 'it is so just because' perspective.
Luggs says2013-10-29T16:59:07.360
On the good side, 66% of people said no. On the bad side, 34% said yes.
djdj500 says2013-11-16T09:45:15.727
Can we please make a province for believers, and make them move there and give up all technology, science and medicine? Cool, thanks.
andersonmoshi says2013-11-30T18:42:18.500
Historical Evolution is no better than Greek Mythology...
dvande28 says2013-12-11T20:16:26.717
Anyone who uses the "evolution is just a theory" argument needs to read a science textbook.
rja7 says2014-02-13T20:55:24.267
Unless creationism is being taught as an allegory to represent the ethos of an era it absolutely shouldn't be taught in school.There not both theories ..A theory is the graduation point of an idea that goes under heavy scrutiny under peer review.Evolution is falsifiable and demonstrable (yes I said demonstrable look it up)..There not on equal footing regardless of what measuring stick you use.To poison the minds of the impressionable youth of this country by teaching them creationism as scientific fact would be deplorable IMO.
bigtown says2014-07-12T20:38:56.237
I was walking around the British Library yesterday and overheard a teacher of a class of primary students, whilst referring to a letter written by Darwin in the display case, say 'yes kids, you know Darwin, we studied Darwin when you learned that we all evolved from dinosaurs and monkeys, remember that' I almost smashed my head on the neighbouring glass exhibition case, thinking those poor children, what must they be thinking. What chance for the world when such lies are propagated through the state education system masquerading as science. No theory whatsoever that cannot be proven in proper scientific terms should be taught in a science class, not even creationism. I'm a Christian and creationist too. Young minds are incapable of deciphering truth from lies, much like many adults. The question of origin is a purely philosophical, theological and deeply personal subject, which in itself cannot be dealt with until young minds learn how to use their own logic and reasoning to either accept or reject the arguments properly. This area of study has been removed from the public school education system as that would allow people to think and know logical fallacies and propaganda when they encounter them. After much research and personal reckoning, I have come to the logical conclusion that God does exist and the Bible account of creation and the flood is likely more accurately reflective of the world we live in, than any other theory. If I oppose 95% of scientists, does that mean I cannot know truth? What if the scientists are biased or incorrectly interpret their data based on the a priori position that God does not exist. Is this fair and objective and does it represent truth? We should be teaching our children how to logically search for truth in their personal lives, and to question the very basis of our existence, purpose and morality.

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