Should public schools teach creationism in science classes?

  • Both theories

    Evolution, the current curriculum for science classes, is actually titled as a theory. It has, and cannot be proven as fact. Creationism is the same, and therefore the two, and all other dominant theories on the creation of the universe, should be included.

  • Intelligent design is an intelligent belief

    Evolution can't even be proved correct anymore. Life doesn't evolve--scientists haven't been able to produce life in their sterylized labs after all these years!! And besides, there is tons of evidence supporting a young earth, including the Cambrian explosion, and an intelligent being who designed it! Did you know that if you go to even the smallest cell, it would be impossible to believe that it was evolved? If even it just suddenly chanced to "grow" a flagellum tail (not the means to support the tail, just the tail itself--which is what it would have to be for evolution to be true, it couldn't just all appear, it would have to appear with "slow, successive steps") So just say that this cell grew a tail. It would die, because it was different. Organisms typically do not reproduce with mutations.

    There is also a lot of facts proving God exists. For example, using the Kalam-Cosmological argument for the existence and nature of God (look it up, it's three easy questions but I dont have room to type them here) we can see that there is intelligent design. And we were created with a purpose. God loves us tremendously, and that's why He sent his only Son Jesus to this world. He came to help the needy and lost.

    "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life."

  • Yes.

    I would recommend you all to look up something called "The Creation Series." It is by a college professor named Kent Hovind. He was totally against the creation look on how earth began until some of his students chalenged him to prove it wrong and he couldn't. The truth is right there. Creationism should be taught or at least looked at if public schools are going to teach other theories like "the big bang theory" or "darwinism." Creationism is science. It is how everything began.

  • 5,000 Year Leap

    During the days of our founding fathers, the 3 subjects taught in schools were religion, morality, and knowledge. The people in our country back then knew what was right and wrong. President George Washington said, "Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail to the exclusion of religious practice." He knew that the best way to bring about good people was to not only teach them history and science but morality and religion! That's why our country was so great back then! Because people were virtuous because they were taught what really matters-being a good person!

  • Darwin discounted his own theory

    Those who believe in Darwinism, have a belief system that they simply do not call a belief system. Darwin discounted his own theory shortly before his death. So, if we don't want to use public money to teach a belief system then we should stop teaching evolution as well. But, that would put a lot of evloutionist teachers/preachers out of work. I think it would take greater faith to believe that everything in known space, creation of the planets, species, etc. all just came about by random order. The odds of all of this "just" happening by its own evolution or life on earth begining by some bacteria shomehow surrving after crash landing on earth takes greater faith than believing that a creator put it all together.

  • No, public schools should not teach creationism in science classes.

    Creationism is a form of religion. Religion is not allowed within schools unless they're private. Plus, there is no proof that creationism ever existed. So, I don't think it's right to fill kids' heads with that kind of stuff. Science is proof. Creationism isn't.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • Raphael Turrigiano (To "Anonymous")

    I'm perfectly fine with teaching creationism in science class! That is, if they teach EVERY "theory" as to how the universe was created, from EVERY religion. Christianity is not the ONLY religion! Oh, and while we're at it, lets also teach that the holocaust never happened, that the earth is flat, and that we never walked on the moon! On a less sarcastic note, yes, religion should be represented in schools, but either as a social studies class, or as a separate, optional class called, "Religions of the world." Religion does not belong in a science class.

  • Yes, because all theories on how we got here should be taught.

    When I was in school, because my teacher could not teach evolution or creationism, we watched Fantasia. It was a waste of a class, and we all went home with questions that were never answered, because the teacher wasn't allowed to answer them.

    Posted by: elinua
  • NOT A debate between Religion and Science!

    I apologize, but everyone who has responded to this question is ignorant of the true facts. The reality is that this is not a debate of who can pull out the most facts that support their view of the origin of the universe. It IS in fact, a debate of two seperate worldviews: one a biblical (creationism) worldview, and the other a secular (evolution) worldview. A worldview is like your own pair of glasses that you see and interpret your world through. When shown the fossil record the an evolutionist would explain it saying that the similarities between all of the fossils explain the theory of evolution, while a creationist would say that it is proof that we have a common creator. How about the dinosaurs? The fact is that they all died in a catastrophic occurance. Evolutionists say that there was a meteor that crashed to Earth and creationists say that it was the flood that Noah and his family survived along with two of every kind of animal (including dinosaurs which are accounted in the bible). I could list so many more examples, but the reality is that all this evidence that we have can be bent either way because of a inconsistent worldview.

    Now that the neutrality is out of the way...

    I believe that we do need to have creationism taught in public schools because our scientific evidence supports it. Yes I believe in creationism, however that is not why I want it put into public schools. The United States was founded on the right of free choice. I believe that both sides can be taught, but students need the ability to choose which side they want to be taught. That is the only way everyone on either side can be happy, but in order for this to happen we need to reintroduce creationism into public schools.

    I am 18 years old, and I believe I have posted the most mature response yet. I understand that this is an extremely heated subject but it can be debated without anger, as I have done. Thanks for reading.

  • God is the real leader of this country!

    This country was founded by our fore-fathers who won the Revolutionary War with God on their side. This country was built around God and we should fight to keep it that way. "In God We Trust" is on our money for a reason. "....One nation, Under God......" It's part of the Pledge of Allegiance that children say every morning in school. If He's part of our country, why would we take God out of our schools and away from the children of America....?

  • No, prove that God is real.

    There are many religions. Which religion should be taught? Because your teacher is Catholic, we're going to learn all about Catholicism, or the Bible? Are we going to learn about the book of Mormon? There are atheist people in the world, too. Not everything should be taught in school, if it has no proof. Evolution has science in it. The difference between science and religion is that science has proof. Religion has faith and belief. You only get the same teacher for a year. How are you supposed to teach every single religion to all the students, who probably don't care in the first place, about religion in school? To learn about your God, you go to church. To learn about your facts, you go to school. They shouldn't be mixed.

  • This debate has originated due to religion.

    The only reason why this topic still exists is because evolution has challenged long-held religious beliefs. Evolution can be proven, and creationism can't. There is lots of proof of evolution, like skeleton structure, embryonic shapes, DNA, radio-carbon dating, etc. We can't progress as a society unless we separate religion from school. Religion should only be taught at home, and not at public schools, where everyone comes from a different background, religion, etc.

  • Get some proof that the creation did actually happen.

    Creationism is when God made the world in 6 days and on the seventh, he rested. Evolution proves that this did not happen. Creationism is taught in the religious education classes and doesn't really need to be taught in science. On the other hand, teaching creationism isn't such a bad idea as you could just let the kids choose what they would like to study in the science lessons.

  • Science class, not religion class

    If schools want to teach creationism in RELIGION classes, then by all means, do so. But creationism is based on belief and faith, not scientific facts, so the topic has no place in a SCIENCE class.

  • Creationism should not be taught in science class because there is no empirical basis for this doctrine.

    Because there is no empirical basis or evidence for creationism it does not belong in a science curriculum. Teach it in a religion class, if anything, but keep it out of science class, where kids in this country are already falling behind the rest of the world. The whole issue is just politically and religiously divisive. No teacher should have to make this unpopular choice either, and face the wrath of the proponents of creationism.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Public schools

    shouldn't exist

  • It is not a THEORY

    A "scientific theory" is defined as "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been REPEATEDLY CONFIRMED THROUGH OBSERVATION and EXPERIMENT" A “theory,” in philosophical terms, is not the same as a theory in scientific terms. Not by a long shot. In science, very strict guidelines and rules are needed. That is how we are able to predict what is going to happen in experiments. If you cannot design an experiment with strict and relevant parameters to test the accuracy of a philosophical theory (which is creationism) it is not science! The downfall of this country will be the misunderstanding of science. Science is knowledge based on TESTABLE explanations. And, let me make this clear, science and philosophy are not one in the same.

  • Flawed Creationism & Rebuttal

    God is usually depicted as omnipotent, omniscient, and benevolent. God designed humans. God designed humans with useless teeth that need to be removed and appendixes that explode and sometimes cause death. Not to mention many other design flaws. All these flaws show that God is either impotent, ignorant, evil, or nonexistent. This simple argument in and of itself disproves creationism (or intelligent design, more accurately) as a theory and hypothesis.

    Also, as a rebuttal to Anonymous's opinion, we added "In God We Trust" to our money and "one nation, under God" to the pledge in the 1950s in fear of the Soviet Union's policies. So, adding these phrases was merely two of many questionable actions the United States took during the Cold War. As for America being "founded by our fore-fathers who won the Revolutionary War...", Thomas Jefferson (and most of the Founding Fathers) said that the United States was run on the Constitution, not the Bible.

  • Science class is for science

    Creationism is not a scientific theory or even based on science at all, teaching creationism in a science class would be the same as trying to teach creationism in a math class, or art, music, or English class. It is not part of the same topic and so it wouldn't fit into the curriculum.

  • If we teach the bible in school

    then where does it end. Shouldn't we also teach then that demons cause illness. It is clear in the bible. We then would have to teach our medical doctors the alternative to theories about illness, viral, germs, genetic causes in that they also need to be aware the the bible says some, or all, of this is caused by demons. It says so in the bible doesn't it. I should have a choice if I want to go to this type of doctor because I don't believe it one iota. Therefore if you want to teach the stories, histories and myths of the bible do it in a Christian school. Then you can have the choice of going to a doctor who might want to cast out the demons instead of treating your possible real disease.

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logicalspartan says2013-02-20T21:56:36.760
I would not even give creationism the honor of discussing it. Such foolishness.