Should public schools teach kids how to code?

Asked by: Bambino
  • Yes, they should

    Coding is really crucial because it can make kids smarter, and more competitive. By learning the fundamentals of creating the software, a person will gain a greater understanding of how their devices work, and they can use more parts of their devices and shorten hard tasks into easy ones.
    By learning the fundamentals of creating the software, a person will gain a greater understanding of how their devices work, and they can use more parts of their devices and shorten hard tasks into easy ones.

  • It Should Be Mandatory

    Most adults can barely use Facebook, let alone program anything. But, if you implement computer sciences into a child's education, they will thrive in life. Computer science jobs are growing swiftly, but our majors in the craft are not. Not to mention, the pay for computer science related jobs is very high.

  • Coding is a skill that even kids should learn.

    Most kids don't get to have computers or stuff like that. I went to two different schools in one year, one of them had computers and the other didn't. My school now has like technology classes and typing classes and I think that is an important skill that is needed in everyday life. As one person said in here "computer games have good pay.".

  • It can depend

    It depends on what kind of school it is,if it is a school focusing on only ICT but not coding,its natural.Something not to argue against. MY SCHOOL IS A SPECIALIST IN CODING AND HTML(HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE) so it is natural.If a child would like to become a developer associated with html5,he would learn it at home.School is made to make every single child to be successful instead of living in the streets and cleaning toilets.Its all about how the school is represented. Most private schools do lessons you wouldn't expect like computer science.

  • Yes, it's a valuable skill in today's computer-driven society

    With the prevalence of computers in today's society and job market, all kids should have a basic understanding of how computer code works. They may not need to be able to write programs beyond "Hello, world," but they should have an idea of what's within their computer black box. This will help them troubleshoot computer and machine problems they will inevitably encounter later in life, and may inspire them to study coding further and eventually pursue it as a career.

  • I say yes.

    I don't think that there really is anything to be lost by teaching kids how to code. It is a very good skill that will serve them well down the road. It also teaches them how to think in a constructive manner, and shows them how a computer works on a deeper level.

  • It should definitely be considered.

    Each kid has his or her own special talents, but I think schools should definitely have the option for kids to learn code. It makes kids more competitive when it comes to other schools in the country and kids who are already probably learning code overseas. We need to make our kids the most competitive kids for the future market.

  • Be a waste of public funding And current high paying Tech job will eventually become a commodity,not a talent.

    I'm for support as a elective in college and high school. However making it mandatory would eventually produce a over abundance of people interested in programming and thus those iconic salary enamored in media would diminish over time. Beside as technology is progressing, end users are running into less and less technical problem, making looking under the hood unnecessary. What I do propose is redistributing those funds to a basic economic class which would allow people into the mindset of our capitalistic economy so they can constructively reflect on their career paths.
    (of note: I'm just taking a crack on the supposedly true intention of why would parents and lobbyists wish for it to be mandatory)

  • They should wait until they are older

    Kids don't need to know this stuff. Think of the security threats that teachers are creating. If kids want to learn coding let them but don't force it upon them. It should be optional or a class available in a higher year level than grade 7 or 8. That's just crazy man!

  • We should wait until their older

    Kids shouldn't be forced to learn computer coding in school. Kids nowadays already have really busy schedules how are they going to fit something extra in without dropping something more important. Some people are suggesting that history and geography should be dropped to fit coding in. People should be trying to give kids extra time and support in core subjects like English and maths before they think about adding something new.

  • I actually disagree with the idea

    Coding shouldnt be a requirement. It can be optional or a college class. Yes there are computer jobs, but it's more than coding. Coding at an early age is hard because of the memorization. If you want to learn it, push f12 and you can see the websites coding. My brain hurts!!!!

  • School kids don't need to learn how to code.

    I think that coding should be optional in public schools, and elected by those who are really interested in it. The future economy will certainly need people with lots of other skills besides software development, and having good problem solving skills in many areas would be important. Some major economic and social problems will not be solved with computer technology.

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