• Yes, we are not dogs

    Even though it's 'natural' to sex outside for animals, and the fact that humans are also animals, it does not mean that we 'can' sex in public space with others seeing it. We have 'moral' not to have sex outside, and we have 'right' not to see others sex lively. We, humans are just not dogs!

  • Yes, we are not dogs

    Even though it's 'natural' to sex outside for animals, and the fact that humans are also animals, it does not mean that we 'can' sex in public space with others seeing it. We have 'moral' not to have sex outside, and we have 'right' not to see others sex lively. We, humans are just not dogs!

  • Yes, we are not 'dogs'

    Even though it's 'natural' to sex outside for animals, and the fact that humans are also animals, it does not mean that we 'can' sex in public space with others seeing it. We have 'moral' not to have sex outside, and we have 'right' not to see others sex lively. We, humans are just not dogs!

  • In most cases it should stay illegal.

    It is different when people choose a sheltered spot where they are not on view to everyone, but otherwise there is good reason to prevent it. There is big difference between kissing and having sex, and I doubt people are gonna change their opinion about this any time soon. Most of us still have some standards.

    It is true that sexualised images are everywhere now, but that does not mean there should be a free-for-all! It won't kill kids if they see it, but it is something some adults may use to groom children.

    Get a room!

  • Yes and Here's Why

    Sex shouldn't be done in public. What happens when a group of school kids goes out and sees people having sex and those school kids are 5th graders? What are you going to do then? Sex should be a private thing. No kid should have to see two other people have sex when they are 10. Even now, I wouldn't want to see it. It just isn't right.

  • Let's have some standards of decency, please.

    Of course public sex should be illegal. While there's nothing wrong with sexual activity between two consenting people, it's an intimate act that should be shared between the people doing it to each other only. Yes, it's natural. So is taking a poop. I don't want to see someone doing that in public, either.

  • Sex is private, as it should be.

    Do you let your children watch you have sex with your partner, of course you don't. Why should it then be legal for it to been done in public then. Imagine bringing your child to a library and they ask you what those to people in the corner over their are doing.

  • No brainer, yes.

    Why should it be legal? Sex is private. Let's keep it that way. The thought of seeing people 'engage' in public....EW. Lord help our society if they ever legalize public sex. Are there seriously people who want it legalized? I'm from the 'old school.' Maybe The MORAL School. Give me a break. LOL.

  • Think about the children!

    Would you want to be at the park with your four year old, and look over to see a couple having intercourse on a picnic blanket? Children need to reach an age of maturity before being exposed to such things. If that's what they see in public who is to tell them they can't do it too? We already have a teen pregnancy problem and this would only increase it. It would be like teaching a first grader about quantum mechanics, they just wouldn't understand.

  • Yes, I don't want to see people having sex in public

    I really do not want to be walking down the street and stumbling upon an act of sex. It would be awkward and also gross. I do not want to see anyone having sex randomly in public. Also, I think it would be dangerous for women involved as some may get the wrong idea and try to "join in" like in porn movies.

  • It is natural

    In the nature the animals don't usually hide when having sex.The kids of their heard will watch and learn.Now,why not teach your kid about sex and tell him to take precautions when doing it? He WILL have sex sometime when he reaches maturity.Why should it not see sex in public? Free lessons

  • It'll happen anyway

    My experiences in life have taught me that legislation doesn't always change behavior. Even though public sex is illegal, people still engage in it. In fact, making it illegal increases the thrill, therefore increasing the desire to do it. Why waste tax dollars fighting it? Plus, it 's on my bucket list, too.

  • Sex is good for health reduces stress just by watching it

    I think sex should be allowed and acceptable in every public place. Becasue it is the most pleasurable thing that we do of everything, and it is not only good for your health to have sex everyday as the doctors say but just by watching it can reduce stress a lot. As far as there is concern about kids they can watch it too i mean it won't harm them in anyway but it will help them grow faster and stronger for sure because when they will see it their hormones will kick start earlier which will help their bodies to grow faster and get more stronger. Moreover we all love sex so why we just can't admit it plus who we are to stop someone from what they wanna do specially if it is so good and beneficial to all of humanity.

  • Yes it should be legal

    Sex is a natural thing that should be expressed. Nudity is a natural thing as we'll. Society has fround on it but other society's except it. We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies and feel free to express that. I'm for public sex or at least designate areas for public sex.

  • Not at all.

    Firstly because noone is brave enough to actually do it and second because it cannot bother anyone, as long and they don't do it on the sidewalk or in the middle of the street, if the couple finds a nice place in the park , in the back of a building or whatever public places come into your mind, then it shouldn't be a problem, I'm affraid that with today's society we'd have more people starring than people walking away, which should anyways kill the moment therefore stop the intercourse.

  • Should Be Up to the Local Community

    It's really a subjective thing that it's disgusting to people who see it, but then people have to live somewhere so you're forcing it on them if you're having sex in public. So the local community should decide this. If a locality wants to legalize public sex they should be free to do so.

  • Yes, as long as it is not too disruptive.

    If two consenting adults want to have sex in public in a way that does not directly pose a threat to other people, then they should be able to do so. For example, a couple should be able to make love in a park without posing problems. As long as they are not endangering anyone else, there should be no issue. In fact, it might help Americans to be less prudish.

  • Only in certain places

    Such as near or on playgrounds , schools and other places mostly used by children. People who do not clear up any mess such as condoms should be prosecuted. Otherwise I say 'lets get it on!'

    Like someone else here said, it is only coz we ain't used to it that we think it is weird or bad. After seeing it happen a couple of times and it will be no different from seeing being cuddle and kiss.

    As for the argument about the effect on kids, well the days of innocence are long gone. It won't be as bad as seeing porn, because it will be ordinary people doing realistic things. It will help young people to see the different range of sexual activities and make us all less prudish.

  • Should be legalized

    The biggest reason people give in opposition of public sex is that it's gross, but that reason isn't sound. One of the main arguments against same sex marriage is because some people find it gross, but it's still legal in most parts of the country. By that same logic, public sex shouldn't be illegal because it's "gross".

  • It will be legal one day, just like kissing in public.

    Kissing in public is illegal in the UAE (eg. Dubai). Can you believe that? It is considered indecent.

    Many of the arguments in this debate to make public sex illegal, would be the same arguments used by Dubai officials to argue public kissing should be illegal. "What will the children think!"

    It's all about what we're comfortable with seeing. And what we're comfortable with seeing is often just what we're used to seeing.

    Is it illegal for farm animals to copulate in public? Anyone who has lived on a farm, or has pets, has probably seen their fair share of animal sex. Literally.

    So why shouldn't human sex be ok in public?

    I suspect one day public sex will be legal. But before that happens, we'd have to get to the stage where public nudity on the beach is legal.

    If you think legal nudity on the beach will never happen, remember that in the old days people used to go to the beach almost completely covered. Nowadays bikinis are common place.

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