Should public surveillance cameras be posted online to be viewed by anyone who wants in order to prevent the abuse of the technology

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • This is the only way to prevent abuse

    Otherwise those in charge of viewing them will selectively ignore footage, allowing people they are connected with to get away with things. They may even manipulate the footage. But if it is instantly viewable on the internet live then they have no opportunity to ignore crimes or to manipulate footage to hide crimes or frame people.

    I'm not saying public surveillance cameras should be everywhere just that everyone should get to view it.

  • Publicly funded. The publics cameras.

    Publicly funded cameras should only be accessed by tax paying citizens. That of course would be common sense, a sense of which 90% of the human population is unable to sense. Most "citizens" pay no taxes, at the blessing of their politician that voted for cameras paid for by the slaves. Eff you and your security dillholes.

  • It could potentially aid criminals and is a blatant disregard for privacy

    Opening up surveillance footage for everyone to see has many unneeded risks. For example it could aid criminals, such as stalkers. They could simply view the footage and find habits and routines of people, making it easier to potentially harm them in some way.
    It would also show a total disregard for for privacy. Having your movements and life just put onto the internet for everyone to see is unnerving to say the least.

    I agree, abuse of technology should definitely be prevented. But that can be done by perhaps acquiring a larger group of people viewing it, and maybe vetting each person to ensure the most responsible and truthful people possible.

    The problem is definitely worth preventing. However, I do not believe letting everyone see people's movements is the way.

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