• The kids are important

    The kids need safety and if there not willing
    to give us that we will fight and even have a debate on it AGAIN because it happened once and we will not ever ever quit everyone should be with me and if ur not that means u don't like children.

  • The kids are important

    The kids need safety and if there not willing
    to give us that we will fight and even have a debate on it AGAIN because it happened once and we will not ever ever quit everyone should be with me and if ur not that means u don't like children.

  • There should be seat belts on public buses

    Our safety is important and many people use buses as a way of traveling. A lot of people can get injured or killed from a crash. Also, if the average car has seat belts, why don't school buses or public buses have them? Lastly, this is not the only source of transportation that has this problem. Trains don't have seat belts either.

  • Seat belts Save Lives in Cars Why Not Public Transportation?

    If seat-belts save lives in automobiles which are much smaller than buses and trains, then why we not securing ourselves on public transportation? Why is there a law that state all automobile passengers must buckle up for safety but no law that requires the same safety practice on public trains and buses? Look at how people get thrown around, injured and killed in train and bus accidents. How many more people must die and lose limbs before a law is passed?

  • Yes! Our bus needed them.

    My son and I rode a bus today on which we narrowly missed getting into a potentially serious accident. Out driver stopped suddenly to avoid hitting a car that had cut in front of her. The stop was short enough that it threw all of us forward. My son and I had the bar on the back of the seat in front of us to grab, although he, being on the outside was slight more jostled than me. Meanwhile, from behind us groceries were rolling around and one of the women seemed to bounce and then fall hard on her back in front of us. I asked if she was ok, but she seemed stunned. Then she started to cry out. The driver called 911 and most of us left to catch another bus. While no one died, lost a limb or anything similarly serious, the experience provides a good counter argument to those that say front seats will absorb the impact of a collision. If just the avoidance of an accident could cause an incident like this, what would happen in an actual accident? I think we need seat belts. If people don't wear them or choose to ride standing instead of waiting for another bus, then the bus shouldn't have to be accountable. Not sure how that would work legally out but I'm sure it could be figured out. I've seen first hand what can happen without them and now really believe that seat belts have to be instituted.

  • It would make it safer.

    I can't locate the exact statistic right now, but studies done by the Department of Transportation show that injuries are many times more likely to happen in a minor accident on public transportation. Adding seatbelts might be able to prevent many of those injuries. When it comes to safety, taking minimal precautions can save major lives.

  • Kids would be safe

    When kids get on the bus they move freely around and disturb the driver. If seat belts were put on public transportation it would confuse people but our kids need to be safe on the bus. Kids should be able to talk not move seats. So for our kids sake. Put seats on school bus

  • Yes It Should

    Public transportation should have seat belts. I actually think that all forms of transportation should have access to a seat belt. This will reduce injuries in case of crashes and make drivers as well as passengers feel safer. I realize most people won't use the seat belts, but they should at least have the option.

  • Yes, as an option, not a requirement.

    For public transit to be successful, it must be convenient. Requiring seat belt usage would be inconvenient and perhaps entice some passengers to not use the transit system at all. However, it is an important safety feature for most road based forms of transit. Thus, transit such as buses should be equipped with optional seat belts. Those who prefer the added safety can choose to use them.

  • Its going to be WAY to expensive

    There are a lot and I mean A LOT of buses in the city. So if we were to add seatbelts it would cost so much money. To add seat belts to one bus would cost $8000 - $15000, and if you were to add seat belts to ten buses it would already cost the city up to $15000 so I cant imagine how much it would cost for thousands more.

  • There should not be any seat belts on school basses!

    If somebody wants to talk to a friend on the bus and apologise for doing something and wants to keep it a secret, then he/she can not keep it that way! Or if somebody is bullying than with seat belts,they can yank on it and hurt them! Even more inopportunely people even die with having seat belts on by it cutting in to them! That's why I do not think that there should not be any seat belts needed on school buses or public transportation!

  • No, for buses to have seat belts would be too complicated.

    Way too complicated. I, as a young student, take buses to and from school, and know that in many circumstances where seat belts might not even make a difference. Sometimes the buses are very full, and some people have to stand up. How would seatbelts help the safety of these passengers? They wouldn't. So another argument would start about not taking on passengers if all the seats are taken, allowing nobody to stand, than another about kids being left behind, and this would spiral on and on and on. And that is just buses. The same thing happens on trains, ferries and other transportation methods. I think it would be way to complicated to have seatbelts on public transport.

  • Requiring seat belts on board public transportation is too costly.

    Our public transportation system is already having trouble operating within smaller budgets. Undertaking the task of installing seat belts on buses, for example, would cost tons of money and could impact employees negatively. Money for this costly project has to come from somewhere and the employees and their pay would very likely be impacted in some way.

  • No, public transportation shouldn't have seat belts.

    I think most city buses have things to hold to in case of an accident or if the bus is moving and stopping fast. I think if seat belts were needed on public transportation then it would have been built in prior to letting the bus on the streets. I have yet to see any city bus deaths that could have been prevented by seat belts.

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