• Yes, I think universities should be free

    It works all around the world, why can't it work here. Its obvious that there has to be a new system put into place,but tests and placement should be based on those criteria. Its not fair to assume that one needs to pay 20k a year for a degree that has little or no use to them, except the paper its printed on.

  • Yes, all education should be free.

    Public universities should be free. They always should have. There should be a tax that pays for all of the universities and keeps them innovative, creative, fun, and comfortable to be at. If everyone was provided an opportunity like this, we would have a lot more bright minds inventing the potential tomorrow.

  • What about public funds?

    Making all public universities free would cause a shortage of federal/public money. It would also fall to taxpayers to pay for the education of others. Why should the payment of your education fall to another? Yes, I think that higher education is expensive and that it should be cheaper, but not completely free.

  • No, public universities should not be free.

    I do not believe public universities should be free, but they should definitely be more affordable than they currently are. It is a shame that so many college graduates are finding themselves tens of thousands of dollars in debt from pursuing a degree at a public university (even with in-state tuition).

  • Finances would suffer, cuts would follow, and quality would ultimately suffer.

    Although free public universities may seem like a good idea, it would ultimately cause education to suffer tremendously. This is because there is no possible way to provide free education and maintain the current standards of universities, even with tax increases or cuts in other government spending. This would necessitate cuts in staff, materials, facilities, etc eventually resulting in a lower standard of education.

  • No, we can't afford it

    While it may seem noble to provide free education, and eventually it may be a goal of our government, now is not the time to expand the scope of government spending. We are in need of a more radical move to increase taxes and/or decrease some spending at the governmental level to continue to bring our deficit under control.

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