Should publicly supported education programs include the distribution of condoms?

  • I do believe distribution of condoms should be included in education programs

    Young teenagers' and adults' sexual activity increase year by year. Without any kind of information or help, there is no one to tell them the risks of unprotected sex. Health classes and sex education are very important to teach our youth the responsibilities of their actions, and the consequences of the outcome.

  • Yes, I believe publicly supported education programs such distribute condoms.

    Normally, I would say no but a lot of parents are not educating their children on safe sex. I was one of those children who was not educated at home, so I used my friends' advice. While I think it was my parents' responsibility to educate me on sex and give me condoms, they didn't do it. This leads me to believe it happens a lot; and if a publicly supported program can do it, I am all for that.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • The distribution of condoms should be included as part of publicly supported sexual education programs to help deter teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases

    Well-rounded sexual education programs need to include more than one weapon to help arm our young people against unwanted pregnancies and the spread of venereal diseases. "Abstinence Only" programs offer a solution that teaches avoidance of sex and therefore avoidance of the associated problems. However, these programs have not brought back numbers that suggest the message is getting though effectively. Sexual education programs that promote abstinence while also providing information about sexual safety and responsibility cover more ground. Condom distribution is one of the tools to help drive the point home.

    Posted by: FriendlyLynn
  • Publicly-funded education should be able to provide condoms to teen students, because sex education is part of the education process.

    All education, at some point, must include sexual education. This education is sometimes the only place where children will have a chance to really become educated about these topics. Sex education includes distribution of condoms. This is not encouraging sexual acts, but simply increasing the chances of the teens being protected, if they decide to participate in a sexual act.

    Posted by: WindyTrevor49
  • Public education should support the distribution of condoms to reduce risk of STD and pregnancy.

    Young teenagers' and adults' sexual activity increase year by year. Without any kind of information or help, there is no one to tell them the risks of unprotected sex. Health classes and sex education are very important to teach our youth the responsibilities of their actions, and the consequences of the outcome.

    Posted by: E Castaneda
  • Condoms are an excellent control for both disease vectors and unintended pregnancy therefore publicly supported education programs should provide them.

    Separating the issue of religion from human health, condoms are an integral part of disease control and birth control. Because of separation of church and state, the moral and religious components of birth control, especially when compared to abstinence, should not enter into whether a publicly funded policy is wise. Only the health of the populace should matter, and condoms have been proved to severely limit the spread of STDs, such as AIDS. As such, the public health benefits of condom distribution greatly outweighs any religious or moral concerns.

    Posted by: SlyHymie
  • No, because free distribution of condoms only supports unwarranted premarital sex.

    I feel that handing out free condoms only sends the wrong message to people regarding sex. Sex between two people should have meaning, and should not be just an act. Handing out free condoms only condones sex as an act, and not anything with meaning. I feel that children should be taught abstinence, rather than just handing them a free condom.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Publicly supported education programs should not include the distribution of condoms because that is not the business or responsibility of the education system.

    Public education should not be in the business of birth control distribution. Parents must start taking responsibility for their own children. While many do not that does not mean that all children should be subjected to education that their parents may not approve of. Obviously there must be some agency which is ultimately going to have to be responsible for those children whose parents are not doing their job. However, plenty of parents are doing their jobs and they do not deserve to be undermined by a system that has decided that it knows how to raise their children.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • It is better for people to be educated and prepared than to have "mistakes", so publicly support education programs should include the distribution of condoms.

    It has been seen throughout the decades that people are not going to be abstinent, even when educated. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide protection. If people are going to have sex, they should at least be well-educated and be able to be protected, rather than paying the consequences later.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • Publicly supported education programs should include the distribution of condoms, because public education and public health go hand in hand.

    Just because you have a condom in your wallet or purse, that doesn't mean you're more likely to have sex; but it is more likely that any sex you do have will be protected, thereby reducing the risk of STDs as well as that of unwanted pregnancy. It is in the public interest to promote safe sex and reduce the rates of disease, and the public schools are an appropriate venue to spread this public health message.

    Posted by: badbwoy
  • Condoms should not be arbitrarily distributed through educational programs, such as schools, because it isn't appropriate.

    Perhaps they should be distributed through programs, such as Planned Parenthood, or other pregnancy-related agencies. However, they should not be offered as a treat via some candy dish in the admissions office of a high school.

    Posted by: CruelDante46
  • Any policy involving birth control should be solely up to the parents.

    As much as I want my daughter to make the right decisions, regarding safe
    sex and pregnancy, it is not up to anyone else but me to see to this matter. There is a big difference between educating and enabling, and it is
    not up to any program to enable.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Publicly supported education programs should not distribute condoms, because the school system should keep their noses out of what should be a parent's decision.

    If a child is under the age of 18, then the school should not be allowed to distribute condoms without the parents consent. The child is still a minor, and it is the parent's choice as to whether or not their child should have access to them. If schools do this, they are taking the role of a parent away from the parent.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Should publicly supported education programs include the distribution of condoms?

    it is morally wrong and extremely misguiding to distribute condoms in school for kids because not only does it give the child to have sex but to have sex with anyone because they think its save with a condom, condoms are not as save as they are presumed!

  • It should not be included

    By including the distribution of condoms, the programs are giving underlining support toward reasonless sex. also by making it publicly funded taxes will be used to pay for it. That would make it both more expensive and more logistically challenging.

  • Publicly supported education programs should not include the distribution of condoms because the programs cannot insure their proper use.

    The effectiveness of condom use is limited and is improved by the use of spermicide for both birth control and the inhibition of sexually transmitted diseases. Distribution of condoms alone does not insure their proper use for either of these purposes. Education programs should fully cover all the available forms of birth control and effective means of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. The programs should instill the values of self-respect, respect for sexual partners, responsibility and personal safety.

    Posted by: baltute
  • I oppose handing out condoms to minors by schools or any other government entity.

    The government is not suppose to be in the business of making parental decisions for minor children. Handing out condoms to minors is tantamount to giving permission to children to engage in sexual activity. Decisions about sexual activity should be made between parents and children, and not by other adults. Parents are the ones who will be responsible for the consequences of the actions of their children, therefore it is their job to be involved in their children's lives and help them in making these important decisions.

    Posted by: KourtneyB
  • The distribution of condoms should never be the responsibility of schools, this is something between a child and his parents.

    Parents should not leave the education and supply of condoms up to anyone other than themselves. This is a personal matter that should be taught to a child only from his parents or legal guardians. To have it as part of an education process is to promote underage sex, which is wrong.

    Posted by: Z Frye

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DanielleFMW says2013-06-26T01:18:33.960
I am a big supporter of comprehensive & detailed sex ed in schools, but not the distribution of condoms , just like how they do it in Switzerland. Tell them about condoms, even show them how to put them on, talk about sex and peer pressure, even talk about gay relations, but the actual distribution or availability of them in schools is not the responsibility of the school, but rather the parents' or maybe even a clinic's. ..At least if you are going to have them available in schools have an opt-out option - I know some American schools have this but my problem with it is that if you want your kid to get sex ed but no condom you can't opt-out that way, the way they do it is that if you opt out you opt out of not just condoms but sex ed, I don't agree with that method. I agree with the method in Switzerland. -DanielleFMW