Should Puerto Rico be admitted as the 51st state?

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  • Welcome Aboard Puerto Rico

    Most certainly Puerto Rico should be welcomed into the folds of the United States as our 51st state. For one, the number 51 states has a nice ring to it, secondly, it’s time we had a new star added to the flag. Now beyond those two silly reasons, there are a number of even more substantiated diplomatic reasons. It is already considered a territory, so why not give Puerto Rico state rights, and add her as, not only a viable economic addition, but now the geographical location can add even more benefits. Hawaii is way off in the Pacific, and is an excellent strategic military position; as well Puerto Rico could be in the Caribbean. Adding Puerto Rico as our 51st state is an excellent idea!

  • They are just like us money president/leader their cool but not as cool as us

    No because they are their own country and territory.I also say no because the US already has 2 states that are not "touching" the US why should we have one more.I also no because their french fries are HORRIBLE,they dont look like American french fries!That concludes my argument of no

  • Statehood is a final status, Commonwealth is still territory

    For years, the dishonest Commonwealth party of Puerto Rico (the PDP) has led its people astray. They have never told their constituents the very simple truth: that the U.S. Constitution only allows three political statuses: 1) statehood 2) full independence and 3) territory.

    The Commonwealth goal of a little bit of statehood (U.S. Citizenship, Federal money) and a little bit of independence (negotiate own foreign treaties, nullify certain U.S. laws) just doesn't fly from a legal perspective. They trot out things like the Olympic team, Miss Universes, speaking Spanish, etc. as reasons to keep the limbo of the status quo; which basically just benefits a few Commonwealth leaders that don't want to pay U.S. Taxes.

    Therefore end the Commonwealth colony deception! Commonwealth cannot be upgraded, renegotiated, fixed, etc. It is what it is: a territory status that will never be final!

  • Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, and thus deserves statehood.

    With the exception of the District of Columbia, all territories currently administered by the United States Federal Government should either become States, or become independent.

    This especially goes for Puerto Rico. They deserve Congressional Representation, and all the benefits that come with Statehood. They deserve the right to vote for the President of the United States.

  • U.S. benefits economically from Puerto Rico

    Many people don't realize or acknowledge the immense value to the U.S. Of interstate commerce between the states and Puerto Rico. If anyone looks at the raw import/export numbers for interstate commerce between the states and PR (available from the Census) they can easily see that there is a very significant amount of economic activity, which in exports from the states to the island equaled $20 billion just in 2012 alone. This is commerce that supports tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs stateside and represents significant revenues for corporations, businesses and state and local governments across the nation. Given the fact that most if not all former territories have experienced significant expansions in their economies once they became states (Hawaii and Alaska are clear examples) it is reasonable and logical to argue that the economic improvements which are expected from statehood for Puerto Rico would result in even more interstate commerce, jobs and economic activity for mainland states. From the U.S. Perspective its hard to deny that a robust and resilient State of Puerto Rico would benefit the national interest much more than keeping the island in the current economically weak and undemocratic territory status.

  • It would be Cool!

    We haven't had a new state since Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union since 1959. Adding a new state would shake things up for America and provide us an opportunity to reflect on how far we've come since 1776 and more importantly where we want to take our great Nation in the future. As Hispanic citizens of the U.S. Puerto Ricans reflect the emerging face of America. They have made many great contributions to the U.S. And will be further empowered to do so as residents of a new state.

  • 10 Good Reasons to Support PR Statehood

    1) The principles of the United States demand recognition of the vote of the Puerto Rican people.
    2) Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States, and should have equal rights.
    3) The United States should not support taxation without representation.
    4) “Enhanced commonwealth” schemes are unconstitutional.
    5) The current status promotes violence in Puerto Rico.
    6) The security of the United States is affected by Puerto Rico’s status.
    7) The economy of Puerto Rico would benefit.
    8) A stronger economy in Puerto Rico would benefit the United States.
    9) Puerto Ricans are leaving Puerto Rico for the mainland, where they have the right to vote.
    10) Both Democrat and Republican parties claimed to support the self-determination of Puerto Rico during the election campaigns.

  • They've bled and died for America's freedom and security.

    There are over 100,000 veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces currently living in Puerto Rico, and over 10,000 active duty servicemen and women currently serving in all of the branches of our military that are from Puerto Rico. U.S. Citizens from PR have served in the U.S. Military since 1899 and in every U.S. Conflict since WWI. Among them many thousands have paid the ultimate price in defense of our Nation's Freedom and Security. However, as ironic as it sounds no active duty or veteran service member who is a resident of Puerto Rico is allowed to vote for their Commander and Chief, the President of the United States, who decides if they go to war or for a voting member of Congress with the capacity to vote on declaring war. I think any patriotic American would have to agree that if the U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico have been and continue to be our equals in times of War then they have earned the right to be our equals in times of Peace.

  • Because democracy still matters in America.

    Current territory status denies U.S. Citizens in PR right to vote for the President of the US or for any voting members in the U.S. Congress that makes the federal laws they are subjected to. To make matters worse under territorial status Puerto Rico can be treated differently and unequally under federal laws, and they are treated worse than states in many instances. This makes it clear that the current territory status is fundamentally undemocratic. Government by the consent of the governed and representative democracy are principles enshrined in America's Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Given that last November a majority (54%) of U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico voted to end current territorial status, and among those who selected among the viable alternatives 61% voted for statehood in a plebiscite, it is clear that the U.S. Citizens of Puerto Rico don't consent to the current territory status and have expressed that they want to have equal rights and responsibilities as their fellow citizens in the states. Democracy still matters in America, and Congress, who have jurisdiction over the territories under the Constitution, has the responsibility to respond to the democratic mandate as expressed by the U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico.

  • Why do we need it?

    Are we going to admit any other states? What is this, Risk? This is whWalmart and the Home Depot are doing so well, they kill off all the competition like little mom and pop stores. We need independent countries, we are our own, let's stop trying to conquer the world and focus on our own problems and leave Puerto Ricans alone. They don't like Americans as much as they like sucking our country dry anyways.

  • No, it shouldn't

    No, I do not agree that Puerto Rico should be admitted as the 51st state. Fifty is a good number of states for what we have in the United States and that has been working for several decades now. Why should we admit any more states? We should leave things alone as they are and devote our political time and energy to more important things.

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  • Don't Need More States

    Puerto Rico has a different culture than the 50 states, and we have more substantial issues to deal with. Adding another state takes money, organization, effort, and time. There is no need. The US doesn't need more land or citizens; we need to improve upon the gov't and systems we have right now.

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