• Yes, I think Puerto Rico should be allowed to become a US State.

    I think Puerto Rico is the next logical choice for the next state to be added to the Union, we maintain very strong ties to the Nation in a variety of legal and military ways, I think it would be very beneficial to the citizens of Puerto Rico if we went ahead and made it the next state.

  • Puerto Rico is Part of United States

    If its citizens wanted to, Puerto Rico should be able to join the United States. However, the decision should be up to the people of Puerto Rico and put to a vote. Although it is just a territory, Puerto Rico and its people have had a lasting and deep impact on the overall culture of the United States.

  • They Are Allowed

    Puerto Rico could become a state at almost any given election since they vote on it quite regularly. This process requires the approval of those on the island, but they never vote in favor of this move. It has nothing to do with them being allowed to become a state, that option has been open to them for years.

  • Puerto Rico should not become a state.

    There are very few advantages to them becoming a state. The only thing they would gain is a title that does not do anything. They have the right to vote in elections as they are a territory. Plus, making them a state would ruin the song "Fifty Nifty", and we would need to create a new flag... AGAIN.

  • Puerto Rico should not be allowed to become a state in the U.S.

    Puerto Rico should not be allowed to become a state in the U.S. Puerto Rican paper has sold off sharply in recent months as investors have lost confidence in the cash-strapped island’s ability to meet its obligations, and its government is perilously close to losing market access entirely. Many of the roots of Puerto Rico’s current woes lie in its peculiar status within the United States as an overseas territory. Its residents are American citizens who use the dollar and are subject to federal law. However, because it is not a state they do not pay federal income tax on their local earnings and cannot vote for president or Congress. I do not think they should become a state because we do not need the burden

  • No, Puerto Rico should not be a state.

    I do not think that Puerto Rico should be allowed to become a state in the U.S. I think that there is no benefit to the United States of America allowing Puerto Rico to become a state. Puerto Rico right now is in financial trouble. It can only negatively hurt the USA if they become a state.

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