• Puerto Rico deserves statehood

    Puerto Rico has been a US territory for nearly 100 years and people who live there are US citizens. However, they use American money, but pay no income taxes, can't vote in the Presidential elections and have no representation in Congress. Let's fix this dichotomy and make PR a full fledged American state with voting and tax paying privileges.

  • Yes it should

    Think about all the technology, voting, security and education also employment. Think about it. And america could have 51 states and puerto rico can be very important to the us government. Also they can vote on the us president. Have better education for our future employees. Thank you for reading

  • It would screw up the flag

    The US currently has 50 states. It fits in perfectly on the flag with 5 rows of 6 stars and 5 rows of 4 stars. If Puerto Rico became a state it would screw that up and we would have to squeeze in a 51st star and it would look so awkward. LOL.

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