• They already Voted for It.

    There have actually been recent polls in Puerto Rico in which the Puerto Ricans have voted in favor of statehood in opposition to remaining a territory or becoming a sovereign nation. Therefore, It should become a state. (Note: I myself am a Puerto Rican, So my point may be somewhat credible)

  • Puerto Ricans have the right to statehood (or at least a chance at it)

    The Constitution was crafted around the idea that all people were created equal and Puerto Ricans are not being treated as such. The residents of the current territory of the United States are US citizens yet they are not allowed to participate in federal elections. The Puerto Ricans deserve at least a vote whether or not they want statehood.

  • Leave it up to them, On whether to be a state a territory of totally independent

    I have no ill will to the people of puerto rico, But respectfully instead of keeping them on a reservation the way we do with Native Americans let them go their own way and be an independent nation, In the end i think both them and us will be better off for it. We could give them some aid till they get on their feet. But let them decide I would not force that decision on them.

  • Dumbass uninstall chrome

    If you think puerto rico should be in the us you are actually a dumbass and you should honestly delete system32. The easy way to do this is: open file explorer with [windows key] + e. Then, Navigate to your C:/ drive by clicking This PC and Windows (C:). Next, Naviage to the Windows folder. Scroll down until you see System32. Next, Highlight it and click the backspace button on your keyboard.

    Posted by: 99_i

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