• Yes it should

    Puerto Rico should become a state because they can provide taxes to the US and currently Puerto Ricans can not vote in the US presidential election because only residents of the states can. Also, the majority of the people there favor statehood. That is why Puerto Rico should become the 51st star on the American flag.

  • In my opinion yes.

    Puerto Rico should be a state. They already have the same freedoms that Americans have in the 50 states. Puerto Rican's get to to play the lottery just like Americans, get to vote in elections, and you don't need a passport to go to Puerto Rico. I say that either make Puerto Rico apart of the United States or let it be it's independent country with it's own laws.

  • Yes, they should.

    They basically are the 51st state of the Union because they can live in the United States without issue and they vote in our elections. I do not understand why they haven't been included as a state yet. Perhaps the people living in Puerto Rico have voted against this. I'm not sure.

  • No, Puerto Rico should not become the 51st state.

    I do not believe that Puerto Rico should become the 51st state. Puerto Rico becoming a state offers the United States of America no benefits. It is however more beneficial for Puerto Rico and its citizens should they become a state. I think that Puerto Rico should remain a territory.

  • I Think It Should

    Puerto Rico is about as close to being a state without being a state that any entity to could possibly be. I think one of two things should happen in this case. They should either become a state or become entirely independent. I know the vote on statehood quite often and they tend to reject it. If that is the case and that is what they want, then they should be their own separate entity.

  • Why do you want there problems?

    We have supported them this long from a distance. If we take on Puerto Rico then we also have to fight there debt and there battles. Last time I checked USA has enough debt of there own. Puerto Rico has also had many issues with America such as drug busts. So we have not always been buddy buddy with Puerto Rico. Adding a 51st state would increase health insurance, lack of jobs, and more drug usage. Because if we allow them to be an official part of the USA we have to allow them to come into the mainland and take out jobs and many more. They also have very poor weather down there, so the next time there is a Hurricane do you want America to pay for all the damage done? That can cost billions of dollars alone!

  • Puerto rico should not be a state

    It will take forever to add another star to the flag and puerto rico might want to keep its tropical culture and we all ready have enough states puerto rico people around the world could think that we are taking over to much land and that might not end up to good

  • No i dont think it should

    They might want to keep there way of living.It would be a tuff time adding another star on the flag.50 is a fine number.Puerto ricans might want to keep themselves not a state.I dont think that puerto rico should become a state.Some people might dissagre with that it should not be a state.

  • No, Puerto Rico should not become the 51st state.

    Simply put, Puerto Rico is better off not being a state. The people of Puerto Rico are already US citizens. They enjoy the protection of the American military (and are subject to conscription in the event of war), and don't have to pay federal income tax (though they are subject to social security and medicare withholding). There is little to be gained from statehood.

  • Should not be a state

    Puerto Rico should not become the 51st state in the Union for several reasons. First of all the people of Puerto Rico would cause a huge burden on the rest of the nation because the population is so poor there. It also would cost alot of money to help it become a state.

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