• Absolutely! Puerto Rico should become a state.

    Recently, 61% of Puerto Rican voters decided in favor of statehood. They are already legal US citizens, but have no voting rights, no federal tax return rights, and no federal medicaid/medicare rights. It is not right for them to continue to be looked at as second-rate citizens. Additionally, they have a member in Congress, but he has absolutely no voting rights and is only there to voice opinions. Even further, the US can exclude Puerto Rico from any national law they choose because they are not currently a state, but Puerto Rico cannot reject laws that they do not agree with, even though they are not a state. This can easily be seen as a double standard. Bringing Puerto Rico into the union would also greatly benefit both the Puerto Rican economy, and the US economy. The United States currently is spending approximately $22 Billion each year to keep their commonwealth status on Puerto Rico. Making them the 51st State would instead bring in a $2 Billion profit to the national treasury, and in turn, would slowly help with the national debt.

  • They want it!

    Bottom line They want it!
    If the population in Puerto Rico did not want citizenship ... I would say no. But by all means , make them U.S. citizens. In Hawaii.. There is a bit of animosity .. As they did not completely want it. It's a different story in Puerto Rico. Nothing like a loyal citizen.

  • I absolutely believe PR should become state!

    I believe that Puerto Rico should become a U.S. state. Why? Puerto Rico is already receiving financial assistance from the U.S. If Puerto Rico becomes a state, it will fall under the federal poverty line which means Puerto Rico's citizens will get more help from the U.S. It is ideal for PR to become a state. If PR becomes an independent country it will lose EVERYTHING! People should do some research and gain knowledge about the situation!

  • Puerto rico should become the 50 first state in america

    I think it should become a state because california has a population of about 25 millon when puerto rico has about 2 million and puerto ricos a country and californias a state.Puerto rico also has a way less population then new york texas and a lot of other thats my opoinion

  • Statehood for PR

    They currently do not have full benefits of US citizens, who are represented by 2 senators, and a House of Representative member with full voting rights. If we as a country want equal status for all our citizens, then they should be included in the union as the 51st state.

  • Yes it should be a state

    If it becomes a States it will then fall under certain laws that will help improve its economy and will be able to pay back the vulture bonds. These people are Americans and we should be doing the best we can to help them. He only reason they are in this situation is because we screwed them over and put them there.

  • YES please, look at Rhode Island

    Rhode Island is the size of it and that is only like o n e t h o u s a n d s q a r e f e e t. What is wrong with society. R we crazy or are we smart. Hit the YES button Please people.

  • It should be a state.

    I mean we already do buissness with them why not let them be part of the country. Also it wouldn't be nice if we don't. So that is why we should let Puerto Rico be the fifty first country of the united states of America, so please agree with me.

  • Dude just get over with it and make Puerto rico a state already

    Its just the us being dumb and not taking Puerto rico in as a state they don't want to because they just wanna keep it as a territory this is probably the dumbest most impudent thing the us could ever do and they need to fix it by giving Puerto rico statehood.

  • Puerto Rico Is Fine Where It Is

    Puerto Rico is doing fine without America controlling it. Puerto Rico doesn't have to pay American taxes. They're owned by the U.S.A. but don't have to pay the taxes. The only down fall is Puerto Rico's citizens don't get to vote for American presidents but this is not a bad thing.

  • No it shouldn't

    It shouldn't be a state because if they cant vote, there is no reason to be part of the USA. Puerto rico is a communism that blames the USA for extreme poverty. And there is no patriotism for America. They seem to care little about citizenship and they would chose to go to war

  • They are not Americans (y por eso quiero decir que no son estadounidenses)

    Puerto Rico is a foreign country we control. In an effort to be nice we have granted citizenship to the island and extended full access to our country for them to settle as if they were Americans. However, the experiment has not been successful. The island remains separate culturally and nationally in all ways but currency, passport and the uniform they would wear if they choose to go to the military.

    There is no patriotism for America, American values or even the idea that the mainlanders are compatriots in anyway.

    What's worse, is that most Puerto Ricans seem to care little about this issue and little about much else. So many are poor and just blame the US while collecting benefits from the US due to extreme poverty. I think we should phase out the citizenship there and grant PR independence in stages over no more than 10 years.

  • No, it will make us weaker

    Their employment is lower, they have more debt and their GDP is lower. We will actually lose more than gain from being a part of that country. Why should us hard working Americans pay for someone else who can't take care of their country? We can barely take care of ourselves.

  • No they will loose their cultrue/languge

    I don't think PR should be a state beacause their economy is really ba d but that's not really the point im going after...You see if PR really did become the 51st state the u.S will send English books and school materials to PR schools so the children have to learn English also more PR people will start to do what Americans do ..For example there's alot of kids in pr who already listen to american music now when it becomes a state american culture will start to spread out through PR and sooner or later their going to loose their sort of unique culture which tourists will visit because its going to feel just like america no one wants to spend their money like that ..People want to visit different unique places.. It really shouldn't it wasn't a good idea in the first place. What would the u.S.A get out of this they will get nothing what they are going to do is have less money from the government and more insurances covering needs america has to protect PR...One more state? Their really going to loose their money and why would they wants another state? The next popular decade is china so PR?What for?? You could argue but im not changing my mind i have no say in the real vote but im just letting all of you know..PRs are scared they will loose their culture and to be honest a lot of them say yes so their country could be more popular you could disagree

  • Puerto Rico will make us poor and they are asking for too much

    Well first off 50% of Puerto Ricans are below the poverty line (their economy is terrible) and second, if we let them become a state, we will have to give them billions of dollars for statehood. We are already in so much debt, how could we ever afford paying off this bill. Also they keep begging for more, ya maybe they cant vote but they have so much already, they have american citizenship, the United States protecting them, and they don't even have to pay federal taxes, so why do they keep on complaining

  • Hahahahaha that's a good one!!!!!!!

    The United States doesn't need more people living off the dumb government. We don't need more Obama loving , get crap for free people. We are already in enough debt as it is thanks to our"great" leaders the people of the United States have elected, adding Puerto Rico would just make our economy that much worse.


    If Puerto Rico is admitted into the US as a state, their 15% unemployment rate will contribute to America's unemployment rate, and their 7 million dollar debt could cause an economic crisis in America. If they are admitted into the US, English will become their primary language and Spanish roots and culture will wither away.

  • Individualism would be lost

    Puerto Rico, granted does not pay federal tax, nor do they have voting rights as a commonwealth, but they do have other benefits of being semi disconnected. Most people see them as a separate country, they can raise their own flag in the Olympic games as well as having their own member on the Olympic committee. They have a government set up in their own area. Id say they are more tired of being in someone's (US) shadow since the spanish-american war where spain gave us this island. In addition, there would be more debt added to the US for medicaid/medicare, money spent for one reason or another.. We are already in a recession (i don't care how much people thinking we are coming back from it, we haven't). We need to fix our own house before helping the neighbor with theirs.

  • Impossible under colonialism

    The US has Puerto Rico as her colony via a military invasion, and is maintained as such via US state terrorism. The US is committing an international crime against humanity by having Puerto Rico as her colony. Puerto Rico is required by international law to become a free nation before being able to decide whether she wants to become the 51st US state.

  • No Puerto Rico should not be granted statehood!

    Puerto Rico should not become a state. First of all, Puerto Rico is not economically viable. Secondly, there would be an effect on American politics. Lastly, they are not interested in full citizenship and rights. If Puerto Rico did become a state, we would be sending ourselves into a deeper pit of debt.

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