• Yes they should

    I think that we should have the USA to invade and annex Puerto Rico to become the 51st state ok and yes I think that we should have the USA to conquer Puerto Rico to become the 51 st USA state ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Yes they should

    I think that we should have Puerto Rico to become the 51st USA state in order to become more powerful ok and yes I think that we should have the USA to become more powerful in order to do that we should mao Puerto Rico a USA state ok 👍

  • Only if they want to.

    Puerto Ricans have to be able to make their own decision on the issue and I think that if they decide they want to become a state then they should have every right to do so. It's about time we gave people the self-determination that they deserve. We must respect their wants, whether it be for independence or statehood.

  • ....Errrr no way

    I was born in it, and the US has nothing to gain but headaches by making Puerto Rico a US state. Too many of my "cultural" relatives are die hard Puerto Ricans, they think is something out of this world when so many actually move from Puerto Rico into the US.

    I'd say Puerto Rico should be allowed to leave so that so many aren't granted citizenship just because. Citizenship is suppose to mean something.

  • The similarities aren't there.

    We'd have more to loose than go gain. Respect for education, law, the constitution and overall technological progress isn't the same. I'm not sure why but the few friends from Puerto Rico that I hang with do not associate themselves with other individuals who share their nationality.

    I guess there is a difference in being Puerto Rican American, and an American born in Puerto Rico, there are still too many of the former. With time maybe, but not now. And if they want independence, sure, as long as we keep a piece of it for a naval base. They'll soon enjoy South America's wonderful economies.

  • No, their culture is not similar, yet and it would only cause friction ending in discrimination.

    No, their culture is not similar, yet and it would only cause friction ending in discrimination.

    Puerto Rico is hispanic, and has little to no ties to what made the US ...The US in the first place. I hail from Colombia and I would never suggest COlombia asking to be a state, for the US has more to lose than to gain. Why?

    Culture, culture governs respect of law, discipline, efficiency, economic development, technological innovation and the value of education. The only reason today Puerto Rico is not a failed 3rd world country like my native country is because of the US political umbrella. Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when an outdated culture takes control of a western city. South Miami is already suffering the same thing, fortunately or not Miami has bought itself time by merging with surrounding suburbs to drain their tax revenue to keep funding their decreasing inner city tax base.

    Why does this happen, because of culture, yet again.
    Does this mean that Puerto Rico couldn't become a US state, of course not, but it means is not time yet, and that time is dependent on Puerto Ricans stepping away from being hispanic, and getting closer to being American or western.

    Why do so many hispanics flee their countries? Because of hispanic culture, and American and Hispanic culture is a recipe for disaster. Fertility rates, graduation rates, discipline and many other factors aren't the same.
    It would be very different if let 's say the Falkland Islands asked to be part of the US, even if they are further, their language, culture, discipline and work ethic are stronger than hispanic cultures.

    The problem today is neither the US wants Puerto Rico to be a state, and Puerto Rico wants to be a state while still being what made them into what they are today...Which isn't efficient.

    If they ask for independence let them have it, they will quickly realize their mistake as they end up closer to the SOuth American political umbrella which I come from...Nothing good comes from it.

    When English becomes their standard language, when they step away from the collectivism that is a hallmark of hispanic cultures, I know I come from one and begin to respect the constitution above their own culture, then there is absolutely no reason we shouldn't be asking them to become part of the US.

    Diversity implies you have a single culture, which people from multicultural backgrounds keep the national culture strong, by pushing it to stay away from what drove them from their former homes. This has a group of people solving the issues of the nation as individuals.

    Multiculturalism implies a diverse group of people fighting over resources to further their own cultural imperatives to solve the problems of their own respective cultural groups.

    Historically this is a death wish for a nation, a house divided cannot stand, and a culture governs a house, a nation.

    Posted by: N711

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