Should "Pulp Fiction" have had an NC-17 rating?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It's very graphic even graphic for an R-rated film.

    I love Pulp Fiction, it's not really the most violent movie I've ever seen but more like the most graphic. Tons of killing, gore and guts, as another person said there's a man-on-man rape scene (briefly though), lots of racism, at least 100 f-bombs for those who find foul language offensive, it's plain brutal. It should have an NC-17 rating even though that rating is usually just used for porn films. It's a good movie but CERTAINLY NOT a movie kids should be watching.

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  • "Pulp Fiction" should have had an NC-17 rating.

    "Pulp Fiction" is an extremely violent movie that is not appropriate for children. It shows murder, homosexual rape, and torture. Clearly, no child should be able to watch a movie that grapples with these adult themes. The only reason that the movie was given an R rating was so that it would make more money at the box office.

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