• Yes it should

    I think teachers should have the right to spank their students if they are clowning around in the classroom and distracting the other hardworking students because it is not fair and that is the only way for the bad kids to learn. I bet the parents would take parenting more seriously if they did.

  • Children must know when they are wrong.

    Punishment is important in the lives of young people because they are still learning the rules of society. It is often difficult to explain why a child shouldn't do something, but they still need to know it is wrong. I don't agree with corpal punishment in public schools, but children need to know what is ok and not okay.

  • Not at all

    Teachers should not have the right to hit students. This debate never said if i was hard or soft hitting. So if everyone says yes what if the teacher hits them like REALLY HARD its not fair if our teachers hit us i would have the right to hit them back would'nt i. Hu ever think of that \. That's what i thought. If u ever want to punish a child just ask there parents to like idk take awy there phones or study harder not physically abuse then thats stupid and wrong.

  • Punishment should not be used in education.

    Punishment should not be used in education. When you punish a child, it changes their behavior, and often times for the worse and not for the better. Punishment should be inflicted at home, and at the parent's discretion, because when a child is punished by some one other than the parent, bad things can happen.

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