• Employers Should Face Jail Time

    EEOC investigations that reveal discriminatory pay practices should yield to jail time for employers. It all starts with the head of human resources at each company. Women should earn the same amount of money as men do in the same position at the same company across the board. The same is true for minority hires. Punishment for violating these laws shouldn't just be fines, but it should be jail time as well.

  • People make effort to earn. Now what if they put more effort?

    The question is, what if people make an extra effort to earn more. The fact that people go to work is because to satisfy their personal needs. Ones needs to work and handle a heavier burden on his/her shoulder when he/she needs more to pay for something necessary in life. This is why the law equal pay for equal work should exist because people will earn based the amount of time they spent at work.

  • There's enough punishment.

    No, punishment for violating equal pay for equal work laws should not be made stronger, because there is some gray area as to what equal pay for equal work actually means. True cases of discrimination should be dealt with harshly; but often times, if a person has taken time off from work to have kids, there is a good reason that they do not make as much.

  • No, the punishment shouldn't be stronger.

    I do not think that the punishment for violating the equal pay for equal work laws should be stronger. I think that they are fine just the way they are. I do not think that they are as important as some people think they are considering the laws regarding the issue aren't being violated.

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