• Bring back punishment.

    Back in my day, most kids did not dare act up in school because they knew the next stop would be an appointment with a huge wooden paddle in the Principal's office. It taught you respect for the rules and respect for adults. I think if we started smacking some bottoms again, it might get through to a few heads on how to behave!

  • Yes, but depends on the punishment.

    Schools should be able to put little children into time out and older students into detention if necessary, but they should not be able to do anything extreme or hurtful to the student. Also I do not think students should get detention for being late for class or not showing up on time, most of the time it isn't even their fault they rely on their parents for a ride.

  • Dont be CRUEL!!!

    This isnt 1920 anymore people!!! This isn't right to bring back pyshical punishment. You cant live "back in YOUR time" cause YOUR time is OVER!!!! You really think that hurting chidren is gonna help them!!! My parents used to do that to me at home, but it never works. Sure I would cry a bit but then I would do the same things over and over again. By being agressive and basically a jerk, not only do you hurt the kids pyshically but mentally. When they grow old, they'll be just like you, a mean cold hearted person who no one wants to be around!

  • No punishments in school as the system itself needs repair

    The American education system is running under an old model based on agriculture. Most children live in an urban or suburban environment. All schools can now be online and physical schools will no longer be required. Leave punishments up to the parents. Children have too much distration in school as is.

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