• It's his people.

    Russia claims to be a communist or socialist government; to that end, Putin has an absolute duty to do something about the crashing Russian economy. Putin needs to make sure that his people, who are poor to begin with, are taken care of. He wants to be their leader and it is his responsibility.

  • He should do as much as he can.

    As the leader of his country, i believe it is Putin's duty to do everything and anything he can to avoid the possible crash of the Russian economy as long as he has the power and responsibility to do so. If he does not do something drastic about the economy, i'm not sure who will.

  • um, yea... due?

    That is not even a legitimate question. I am assuming that the question was meant to be what- Should Putin do more about the crashing Russian economy? I do think he should be doing any thing and every thing he can to bring his economy back into a working condition.

  • Yes, Putin should do more about the crashing Russian economy.

    As the leader of Russia, I think it is a must that Putin do more regarding the crashing Russian economy. It would not be a good idea to not try to put a stop to what is happening. I am not sure about how there government works but there must be something they can do to help stimulate the economy.

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