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  • Pylons Should Stay Away from Private Land

    Due to the danger that the pylons possess as being large units that transfer immense amounts of electrical power, it is unnecessary and dangerous to try and install pylons on private land. There is enough non-private land to put pylons installed elsewhere and to put smaller-sized electrical units on private land. The consideration is if we can install pylons on private land and private lands are not controlled by the government, but rather, by an individual.

  • Pylons Should Not Be Allowed on Private Land

    Pylons should not be allowed on private land. There are health risks associated with pylons. According to a study, living near a pylon leads to higher risks of childhood diseases including leukemia and also increases the risk of people suffering from dementia. Breast cancer, brain cancer, miscarriages, and Alzheimer's Disease have also been linked to living near pylons.

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