• 99% of the cringy, Retarded part of the tf2 community are the pyro mains, Most of them are furries, Bronies, Whatever.

    Removing pyro from the game will instantly restore balance, Also will imptove the community, Dince probably most of the retard pyro mains will quit instantly. Pyro should be removed from the game asap, Until all the new players will completely lose all the interest in the game. Kill the cancer!

  • Pyro Mains are Degenerates

    It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer. It would be nice to watch them suffer.

  • Takes no skill

    Does it really take any thought to decide if pyros should be removed? Their entire design is horrible. Sure, it might be easy to kill them if you notice them and have a powerful weapon and can get to a healthpack (and, ofc, it always either ends up being used, a step away before death, or not enough before some other pyro flames you, most annoying class no doubt) but if you don't notice a pyro, even as a heavy, the chances of your death are greatly increased. The damage types a pyro has with the flame thrower at default are absurd, it takes no aim, it has no reload, it lingers, it does quite a lot of damage, it is medium ranged, it stalks with more fire, (wm1) you can even defy the laws of physics and use airblast, the most insane ability I have ever heard of, not just for it's logic. With one click, a pyro can extinguish flaming teammates with flammable gasses powerful enough to keep a giant fat man flying in a corner, and "reflect" rockets and arrows, both of which shouldn't be effected by air in that way! An "experienced" pyro (10 hours of game play > experienced pyro) can use this to make fighting against any opponent quite difficult. And, of course, that is the ceiling of the pyro, being able to not rely on wm1 to get kills, fucking disgraceful joke of a class. Also, speed, they can run as fast as a medic, almost as fast as a scout, with a big hammer, a flamethrower, a fire-suit thing, and potentially a shot gun, that is absurd too. The psychological effects a pyro might have are also annoying, seeing a pyro flaming the room mindlessly can cause hesitation, which only increases the stress of fighting them, the ones playing them have no skill, and it is really annoying! Sentry nests and pyros. Have you ever had to go against a well placed sentry turtle/nest with a bunch of pyros flaming the place? Personally, I play many games where my team ends up being completely incompetent, but even when they seem somewhat skilled, there is that one sentry in a critical location being protected by a pyro that literally flames everywhere, the best way to destroy the sentry would be with a soldier or demo, but the few pyros that know how to use airblast are always the same ones that know how to be patient and stand near engineers, you could try to snipe some of them, but the engis are hidden behind the constantly healed sentry, spy doesn't work either, obviously. It really destroys the flow, and a lot of the fun of the game. Currently, the percent is 15 to 88... First of all, WHY?! Second, I realize that the pyros have been added to the game, and can't just be removed, but I see there being no negative side effects to such an action, at least nerf them significantly.

  • It's a crutch, yo.

    I am a very experienced player on Team Fortress 2, and I can say that every class (except pyro and mini sentry engineer) is quite balanced, except for pyro. Whenever I get on a good killstreak, I am nearly ALWAYS killed by a W+M1 pyro. First, if you are playing sniper (which I play most of the time) and there is a w m1 pyro less than 15 feet away from you and he is holding down left click, the fire obstructs your vision of his head, and it is nearly impossible to headshot. Upon that, the fire damage is insane from close range, killing most classes in less than 2 seconds. I do realize there are some playstyles for pyro that do require some skill, like a airblast and airshot degreaser + flare gun pyro. But most of them are just gibus wearing noobs.

  • It's a part of the game.

    It's a fundamental aspect of the game, it creates a balance as a mostly short-range class and the burning adds an entire new element to the game. I can tell you as someone who loves to play pyro that its not as easy as it seems. Like a spy and a scout, a pyro is short-range, however you aren't incredibly fast nor can you sneak around undetected like a spy can. You simply rely on your big ass flamethrower to do the job. Pretty much every class is a staple to the game, and a part of the experience would be lost without pyros.

  • Get over your salt.

    If the pyro was removed, There would be a huge unbalance, Who would help protect engineers, Who would watch your back? Now before going on your rant of how easy pyro is, (soldier mains I’m looking at you) the soldier was meant to be the introductory class, So all of you soldier mains that are getting mad at pyro mains for taking no skill, Look at yourself, If pyro mains learned as much of how to play pyro as much as you know how to play soldier, Who would be more lethal in most situations, (I’ll let you figure it out) now that doesn’t mean to quit soldier or quit tf2 or what ever, Just time your shots or switch to a shotgun or what ever, Just lose your salt, There is no need for the salt, The pyro could use some nerfs and some buffs here and there, But couldn’t all classes? Heavy needs more updates, He has gotten 1, And is well hasn’t changed, The pyro has had 3 (or 2 Idk) and you are all still bitching about the pyro, Just stop, Lose the sodium chloride and think, Nothing doesn’t have issues, But if we all work together and come to a common agreement, Then we can minimize the issues and maybe revive tf2 from its dying state (at the rate of updates it seems valve is intentionally trying to kill the game), But that is just a thought from a GenericPybro, I try to help my team and so on and so forth, Just stop calling us cancer, Degenerates etc. It’s not getting anywhere.

  • Pyro is a great multipurpose class

    Pyro can be used in so many ways: Spychecking, Helping engineers, Dealing with multiple opponents at once and hit and run tactics. Also I have Pyro experience and it would be a shame if I had to learn another class all over again, And if all of my Pyro weapons which I have been hoarding in my inventory became useless. I would probably learn Scout if Pyro was removed, But it just wouldn't be the same without a flamethrower and the comfort of knowing the opponent who killed you will die from afterburn in ten seconds.

  • Pyro should not be removed

    Pyro requires skill and before u say OH W+M1 IS FOR NOOBS NO Skill what about pyro's M2 which can counter demoman and solider (also huntsman snipers) the amount of skill needed to pull that off after the jungle inferno update is incredible. Therefore Pyro should remain in tf2 forever

  • Not removed, But NERFED TO HELL.

    As a spy/soldier main, I have two different perspectives. As a spy, They are honestly very annoying, And once you get flamed, It is practically impossible to escape them if you aren't in a open space or if there isn't a health pack nearby.
    However, As a soldier, The f2p ones are actually incredibly easy to kill, Since they don't know how to utilize airblast/shotgun/flaregun.
    The thing is, As much as they aren't especially needed in one solitary role, I think pyro is somewhat important because he can play almost any role on the team.

    That said, I honestly think pyro mains should stop being so smug and proud, And just accept that choosing to play pyro means that you are now the stain on TF2's reputation. (I used to be a pyro main, So I have every right to say this).
    Pyro's damage and the flame damage should definitely be nerfed to about 30/20 damage, Since that's about 1/3 the hp of a typical spy, But not enough to take someone out on their own.

  • Pls no I love him

    He is my fave class and I can't live without him, He was the reason I got into tf2 and is the one I spent my most money on, So pls don't remove my favorite class valve, Tf2 won't be the same to us pyro mains (also to all the pyro haters:screw you guys)

  • Pyro sucks but is needed

    Pyros is one of the few things that can counteract a good scout soldier or spy and as annoying as he is to play against with his stupid easy damage he is needed to prevent sertain classes from being too good, The best solution imo would be to give some reason not to wm1 like mabe having flames do less damge the longer you hold the button down or being slowe ddown when firing so you can't just hold down m1 the whole game wihtout consequence

  • Pyro has been in this game for 11 years.

    If you all really hate pyro than go back to your CoD or whatever the fuck you like playing. He's been in the game since launch and he's really easy to counter if you have a BASIC understanding of walking away from them while shooting them. I get it, Pyro can be annoying but the fact still remains. Pyro. Is. Not. Broken.

  • Pyro is fun

    If pyro is so OP, They would have dominated the score board in every casual and competitive match. But they don't. Actually, It takes judgement and skills to play Pyro. As a class with the shortest range of damage type (besides spy), Pyro has no fast and safe way to get to close range with enemies like scout and spy. The play need to be aware of the situation in order to surprise your opponents team the most.

  • Do you really want 2x the spies that we already have?

    Without Pyro, Spies would play worry-free and the Soldier would become the new Pyro because of rocket spam. Engineer would become frustrating with twice as many spies and rockets to worry about and no Pybros to help them. The game would die out because all the noobs would rage-quit due to being backstabbed or exploded the very moment they leave the spawn. The chance that Valve would even remove him after everything they did for Pyro in Jungle Inferno. It would be a waste of time. Without Pyro, TF2 would become rocket spam, stickybomb spam, grenade spam, and spies. People tend to think of a Pyroless TF2 as a wonderland where everyone is having more fun, but they forget about the negative impact it would have on the community and the gameplay. In fact, if Valve removed any one class, TF2 would be boring. TF2 was designed for each class to counter another, and with everyone playing the same class in every single round, it would get boring quickly. No Spies? Everyone goes Sniper, Engineer, or Heavy. No Soldiers? More Sentries ahead. No Pyro? Everyone is a Spy, and there are rockets and grenades flying through the air. Team Fortress 2 is perfect just the way it is, and with Pyro being the class-who-counters-all and the class-they-want-removed, everyone can see how much TF2 would need him back.

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