Should Qatar hold the 2022 football World Cup in the winter or summer?

Asked by: freespeech
  • Definitely summer because

    People won't have a lot of work and students would have finished school and university so it's easier for them.
    Plus, let's not forget that during winter it's hard to circulate especially when you live let's say in Russia or any remote country.
    Oh and it's in Qatar, one of the richest countries in the world, so they have a well prepared plan when it comes to the heat thing.

  • Qatar Sucks Balls

    Qatar is too hot and players will not be able to smoke weed evryday nufff said. The heat willl them pee thir pants and poop themselves and suprisingly some players are racist and will atttack any arab person they see cu their racist #SWAG #YOLO #LOL#QATAR #2022 #SWAGGER #POOP #NUGGET

  • Extreme Heat Argument

    I don't think the world cup should even be held in Qatar. The world cup has always been held in the summer and that shouldn't change. The extreme heat in Qatar are not suitable situations for the players or even fans to be in; the risk of injury will increase.

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