• Quantitative easing should be reduced.

    Quantitative easing should be reduced. The economy is not as bad as it once was, so measures like quantitative easing do not need to be taken any more, or at least to a lesser extent. The Fed now needs to turn its focus to strengthening our economy instead of putting more money into circulation.

  • Quantitative Easing Not Producing Results

    Unfortunately, quantitative easing is not showing the same results it did after the financial crisis of 2008. Its usefulness should now be brought into question since economy is still crippled compared to pre-2008 results. Perhaps the time has come to end quantitative easing and work on another strategy to boost the economy.

  • It is working

    It is working - this is the obvious truth that people do not truly understand, or are not trying to really understand. Being fiscally prudent and being intelligent with how money is spent and goods are transferred, the economy will ultimately rebound and be fruitful, far more than random spending.

  • Not a way to stimulate

    Only on a large scale level would people argue that spending more money would be better for an organization in the long run. Spending more, buying huge quantities of assets which, often, are severely over priced and almost always going to 0 in the near future. This should be lowered.

  • Quantitative easing should not be reduced.

    Quantitative easing should not be reduced. Quantitative easing involves a central bank using printed money to buy government and private-sector securities to pump cash into the economy and boost the rate of economic growth. Normally central banks implement monetary policy by changing interest rates. But when companies and households are focused on reducing debt, interest rates can fall to zero and still growth remains weak as no one wants to borrow. One way to continue boosting the economy is to switch to increasing the quantity of money in the economy: quantitative easing. I am for anything that would help the economy and this seems to help so by reducing it would only have a negative effect on the economy which we do not need.

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