• Down with Elizabeth!

    I think that the time has come for the Queen to take more of an advisory role. The new King and Queen would captivate the entire world and hopefully re-invigorate the United Kingdom. I think that the area is ready for a more modern leader, that they can actually relate to.

  • Go away queeny

    I'm just tired of seeing her on the screen and at events. The royal family are more or less just symbols who get a lot of money from those who have real jobs. It would be much nicer if the symbol was the cute new family who we can all relate to much more than the old woman hobbling about.


    It's time for the Queen to step down. She has been a good queen but she is now 87 and is too old to be the monarch. Besides, Prince Charles has been waiting long enough. He will be a good King - closer to the people, I think. He is warm and approachable.

  • It's time for Queen Elizabeth to step down.

    The queen has done a good job but she will be 87 this month and poor prince charles has been waiting long enough. He has not had a happy life on account of being heir to the throne. Give him a break.

    He really has tried to do what was expected of him, hius first marriage being one of the disasters.

  • Yes, it's not her making the royals popular

    Thanks to her Grandson, William and his Wife, the royals are back to being popular. People are flocking to see them, and it's not all for the Queen. It's a new modern time, and England needs a new modern King. She should step down, and skip Charles to give the crown to her Grandson. William and Kate have tried very hard to be just like the rest of the world, doing their own shopping, cooking, etc. It's time for a modern reign.

  • YES

    The woman is starting to get really, really old, and it is time for her to retire. I'm not just thinking about the fact that it would be nice to see somebody else sitting on the throne over in Britain, but I think that it would also be a good thing for everybody involved. I mean, the woman is still ruling, and she is going to be a great grandmother soon.

    It's time that she steps down and spends more time with the grandkids. Also, think of that poor woman's health.

  • Time for charles

    If she cannot do the full job she should follow the examples in Europe and step aside. It is nothing like the last abdication. Unfair to Charles to help out without the full status. This is not duty it is selfish entitlement. The Family cpmply out of politeness. Time up.

  • Unequivocally, unabashedly, unreservedly no! God bless and save our gracious queen!

    I want the Queen to reign for 75 years and more if she can. I want the Queen to celebrate her 100th birthday on her throne. I want God to decide when the Queen's reign should end and not a minority of foolish, youth-obsessed, popularity and poll-driven Americans. I want a positively heroic and majestic Platinum Jubilee for a greatly loved Queen. I want to crush and destroy once and for all any suggestion or hope of a premature end to Elizabeth II's extraordinary reign. You lose.

  • Yes. SHE IS TO OLD

    The queen should step down because she is way to old she can not rule when she is that old. She should give her spot to William. It is time for a new king or queen new blood new rules. And soon Elizabeth will get sick and we can't let that happen I SAY NEW KING!

  • She is too old

    Let William and Kate take over. It's time for some young blood to have a chance. They are the ones the public wants anyway. They have made the royal family popular again. She should be an advisor to them since she has a lot of experience. Why can't she step down?

  • She's continues to honour her promise.

    What an amazing lady. I believe God has granted her long life because she is dedicated, consistent, an example to us all. Her life is not her own. She cannot wake up in the morning and suddenly decide..."oh I can't be bothered doing that duty after all today...I'll have a day off" she'd be letting people down. Her whole life has been dedicated to serving us. She is not free and never will be. No amount of money will ever buy her anonymity which is a freedom we all have. We can go anywhere, anytime on our own .....The Queen can't. She is severely restricted.
    She can't be spontaneous and just hop in the car and go out completely on her own...Someone has to have someone watching over her. I do not envy her job.... She has paid a heavy price (loosing her freedon for life) to serve us. She is a custodian of all she has.

  • 63 Years and Counting - A Queen for Life

    Well HM The Queen has now reigned for 63 years and carries on healthy, happy and dutiful. Why on earth would anyone want to deny this great lady the honor of fulfilling her promise made as a girl to devote her WHOLE life be it long or short to the service of our great Imperial Family and now, Commonwealth? That is a rhetorical question and one that requires but one answer- Be you subject or citizen you cannot. To those who call for abdication or abolition of the Monarchy, the Queen simply cannot hear you. She is far to busy getting on with royal duties and constitutional responsibilities as she will continue to do into her ninth decade and perhaps beyond. You are silenced by the truly magisterial length and success of her reign. God Save the Queen! Long May She Reign Over Us!

  • Prime Ministers Come and Go. The Monarch Reigns for Life

    The Queen is not a politician. Her public life does not have an expiration date based on her popularity. I think people who call for an abdication or "awarding" the crown by generation skipping over the Prince of Wales or even abolition of the monarchy altogether do so because of a fundamental lack of understanding about Constitutional Monarchy or, worse, becasue of personal resentments about class and rank and privilege more generally. Whatever the nashing of teeth about a public figure continuing to do her duty well heading into her ninth decade, the Queen and her British subjects the Scots, who recently by a significant majority voted to remain British and subjects of the Crown, will carry on. God Save the Queen!

  • Keep The Queen or Get Better Arguments Why Abdication is Beneficial

    The Queen is really, really good at being Queen. She brings continuity and stability to national life. Abdication is disruptive, uncertain and wholly incompatible with hereditary monarchy. What is the Queen to do? Pack her cases, sail across the Channel to France and live grace and favor in her late uncle's Paris house in the Bois de Boulogne? I think not. With any luck HM will reign into her seventh decade on the throne in a celebrated great old age. The Queen may even finally become the longest reigning current monarch in the world if the King of Thailand will ever die.

  • While a silly debate continues the queen will carry on

    This year, 2015, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 89th birthday, her 63rd full year on the British Throne and she and Prince Philip's 68th wedding anniversary. Her hearty maternal, Scottish genes suggest more birthdays to come. Facts are facts. History disagrees with any suggestion of abdication. The Queen remains healthy, wealthy and wise. It does not matter how many American journalists, bloggers, irrational Diana worshippers/Prince of Wales haters or earnest Green Party Republicans insist the greying British Monarchy and Senior Royal Family must go. Their sentiments and pleas are disregarding because they are absurd. The Queen will never step down. She will die as she has lived since 6 February 1952, as a British Queen. Moreover, her eldest son, Charles Prince of Wales will succeed her as (we strongly suspect his regnal name will be out of respect for the late King) HM King George VII. The King (whatever regnal name HM chooses) will never step down or abdicate either. He, too, will reign for the remainder of his lifetime. The Windsors are not disposable or deposable. They are dutiful and reign for life. Step down? It will not happen.

  • Abdication is out of the question. Her majesty should and will honor her solemn oath to her people and reign for life

    Abdication is so foreign to The Queen's way of thinking about her role as Sovereign and Head of the Church as to be simply out of the question as a possible end to Her Majesty's reign. There is every likelihood The Queen will celebrate 70 years on the throne and has to date not once faltered in rendering her duty to her peoples across the globe. That duty has been for over 60 years to be at once Britain's chief diplomat, general and admiral, principal government adviser, ambassador, hostess, churchman, and symbolic representative family matriarch of the last truly great royal house in Europe. There is no other living person from whom so much has been expected and required for so long who has always stayed the course and carried on. We should honor this great Queen and be ashamed to speak or hear of any premature end to her magisterial reign. God Save The Queen!

  • No. An abdication would be disruptive, unnecessary, and unfair to The Queen.

    H.M. The Queen and her Court, in consultation with Downing Street and Westminster, have already undertaken careful, considered and appropriately timed measures to introduce The Prince of Wales to duties and responsibilities otherwise reserved for the Monarch in preparation for the day when he becomes King. The Queen understands that time and age will ultimately diminish her physical and even perhaps her psychological capacity. Although it must be said that, at present, The Queen enjoys extraordinarily robust health and there isn't a shred of evidence to suggest that she has lost any of her legendary capacity for detail and attention to her constitutional duties. A Regency is almost as unthinkable as an abdication.

    The Prince of Wales now stands in for The Queen during long investiture services. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall recently attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting representing The Queen. Very long trips by The Queen and Prince Philip abroad have been greatly reduced. Both The Queen's children and many of her grandchildren have assumed an ever greater share of royal duties, patronages of royal charities and carry out honorary duties to all of the branches of the armed services. Never the less, The Queen alone reigns as Head of State, Head of the Church of England, Head of the Armed Forces and Head of The Royal Family. Hers is a sacred duty for her lifetime. It is a duty she would never shirk and never surrender so long as her heart and mind permit it.

    The best transition is the one that is presently underway. A transition that is respectful and responsible and sensitive to the reality that Her Majesty's eldest son cannot wear the crown until his mother has died. The Queen is deservedly and greatly loved by her peoples in Britain, Northern Ireland, her Realms and other Territories and the Commonwealth. She has been and continues to be a positive influence in national life showing discipline, kindness, continuity and a regal demeanor that is appreciated by her subjects and many others around the world. The Queen doesn't need to abruptly step down for the sake of providing high drama and theater to some American ladies who want to equate the British Monarchy with a television soap opera replete with ever newer and younger actors and actresses to entertain and amuse. Absurd.

    The Queen deserves our respect. This includes a respect for the unique position she holds as a British Constitutional Monarch- a position for life. Long May She Reign Over Us! Here's looking ahead to Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.

  • No. The Queen has already made it perfectly clear she will not abdicate and there is no good reason for her to break her promise.

    The arguments advocating abdication are without merit and demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding about British Monarchy and the major historical events of the 20th century that have shaped and influenced The Queen and her family. I concur with many of the arguments presented against "stepping down" or any sort of premature end to this very long and distinguished reign. Perhaps once The Queen's reign extends beyond that of her great-great grandmother, Victoria, then these silly suggestions of the longest reigning female monarch in the history of the world will cease.

    God Save the Queen!

  • NO. The Queen is healthy and can carry on.

    Its impressive to see a sturdy, sensible British lady carry on toward her ninth decade wearing the crown. The Queen is just too iconic to "step down" she's committed for life. Come on, she's 62 years in. You don't just stop and lay that down. The Monarchy and her life as an individual are inseparable. The truth is continuing to reign is probably lengthening her life rather than shortening it. More importantly, she has done and is doing an amazing job. There's just no good reason for her to step down. People who advocate this don't understand The Queen or the British Monarchy.

  • Up With The Queen! And Down with Silly, Trite Nonsense!

    The Queen should take on more of an advisory role eh? Ahem. You mean more of an advisory role than having a private audience with the political leader of the nation at least once a week in her London house during which she and he discuss the most sensitive and important issues facing the nation in complete confidentiality? Well, thats a tall order. You see, The Queen already has an advisory role as the Constitutional Monarch to advise, encourage and warn the government of the day.

    The next Coronation will certainly captivate many millions of people but no more so than the State Funeral of a British Monarch which must occur before the Ascension and Coronation of Britain's next King.

    The United Kingdom is quite invigorated enough. The country, certainly when compared to many of its European Union neighbors, enjoys a healthy economy with a strong pound sterling (Thanks to Baroness Thatcher's tenure at Downing Street and wise resistance to abandoning currency and national sovereignty to the now greatly distressed EU); a brisk tourist trade (heavily dependent on the global attraction of the British Monarchy); technological and cultural brilliance (London is pretty invigorating.)

    "The 'area' is ready for a more modern leader, that they can actually relate to." I assume by "area" you mean Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her Majesty's 16 other Realms and Territories Across the Seas and the Commonwealth of Nations (There are approximately 53 of those.). That's a pretty large "area".

    Modern? The Queen has proven to be a pragmatic, effective and a transformative Head of State as her reign has progressed without compromising the essential qualities of monarchy- continuity, stability and constancy. She's an exceptionally knowledgable, skillful diplomat well-versed in domestic and international affairs. True, it is doubtful you could "actually relate to [The Queen]." Much as it would be difficult for you to relate to any person who bears the myriad of duties and responsibilities of a Head of State. It is ridiculous that people imagine they can somehow relate to a member of the British Royal Family much less a British Monarch. Certainly, the Monarchy benefits from sympathetic media imaging of its members that appeal to some people's desire for a connection to the famous and powerful by making it appear as though Royalty or Celebrity have a touch for the common. But do not be fooled. The Duke of Cambridge and his Duchess are no more "modern" and common than his grandmother. Their tastes may run to more contemporary music and their vocabulary may be less archaic but theirs is a world of aristocracy, global celebrity, constitutional responsibility and historical significance. You can't "relate" to them. You may appreciate and understand them and their significant role in the life of the country. You may even criticize them but that's it.

    You want a modern new leader? Elect a new Prime Minister. British Monarchs don't serve that purpose. Go look for celebrity, pop culture elsewhere. The British Throne isn't it.

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