Should rabbits be used as a food source for humans?

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  • Rabbits are low in fat and reproduce fast.

    Let's put aside the fact that they are fluffy and cute for the argument. A lot of animals are fluffy and cute but that didn't stop them from being served as exotic dishes.
    Beef, pork, and chicken are the most commonly seen sources of meat for us but raising cows and pigs to match the unlimited demands of the human has proven to be quite difficult for certain countries and thus raising the prices of these meat. There are should be an alternative option to solving the meat issue and rabbits would be ideal.

  • Rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain and should serve their purpose

    Rabbits are created to be at the bottom of the food chain that is why they reproduce very fast. There is a humane way to process a rabbit meat in which the rabbits will not suffer from pain and stress.

    Rabbits in the wild that was caught by a predator suffered from being torn in to pieces.

    In this case I believe that it is according to the natural law that rabbits can be eaten. It can also provide healthy meat alternative for sick people.

    A rabbit who dies of old age or disease, did not serve its purpose in life.

  • Cute, But Good For You

    Yes, rabbits are fluffy and adorable and make wonderful little furry friends. They also are quite good for you, from a dietary perspective. Rabbit meat is very lean and high in protein. While often regarded as pet animals by Western culture they are consumed rather regularly around the world by many diverse nations. We already slaughter pigs who are almost twice as intelligent as the common family dog to feed ourselves. Why not a rabbit here or there?

  • We keep rabbits for meat

    And to the person on the other side of the argument HUMANS ARE NOT HERBIVORES!
    Whoever gave you that idea was sadly mistaken.
    Diet is ancestry related, some people thrive more on meat, others on fruit and vegetables. An all vegetable diet would be digestive agony for me, I cannot even digest cereal or grain.
    As I was typing, we keep meat rabbits and they keep wonderfully on vegetable scraps, grass and weeds. We only purchase hay and feed in the winter because we have a very small garden and it is not big enough to feed them on over the winter.
    Rabbits are very easy to skin and process. We keep 2 bucks and 4 does and it is an enjoyable experience raising them.
    Also, to anyone who thinks they are "herbivores" make sure you are taking your supplements to replace the nutrition that you are not receiving on a vegetarian or vegan diet.
    We keep chickens to and eat the meat and the eggs.
    Be aware that eating too much rabbit is not healthy since it is too low in fat.

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  • Um...I guess.....If you're really really hungry.....

    If you're starving, and have to eat... I mean you eat! But I'm not looking to personally eat bugs bunny. Is rather eat fish and seafood than rabbit. But to each his own I guess. That's all I have to say about that. Add me as a friend bros! :D and have a good one.

  • Rabbits are a cheap source of meat.

    Many of the arguments on the Con side are ridiculous. Every animal is part of the food chain. Every animal is capable of feeling pain. Just because rabbits are cute and fluffy does not exempt them from being food. As rabbits reproduce and grow fast, are easy to raise and care for, they are a good source of meat for citizens of developing countries (I believe you can donate them). Covering rabbits under the humane slaughter act should not be too difficult.


  • Why shouldn't they?

    Rabbits are another animal. We are omnivores and they are the prey. They are no different from any prey; being cute or cuddly does not exclude them from being food; emotion does not constitute an argument. An argument proposed in the "no" section argued that rabbits / animals feel pain and therefore should not be eaten. But I'm afraid this is how nature and the food cycle works. Not eating meat is not helping anything or anyone.

  • Rabbit are healthy foods

    Recommended by nutritionists over other meats, rabbit meat is valued for its nutritional properties because is lean, rich in proteins of high biological value, low in cholesterol content and high in linolenic acid. In the present study, meat samples, collected from rabbit, chicken, beef and pork, were subjected to chemical analysis for moisture, protein, fat, ash, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and cholesterol, to identify differences in nutrient content among these animal species. Rabbit meat was richer in calcium (21.4 mg/100 g) and phosphorus (347 mg/100 g) than other types of meat and lower in fat (9.2 g/100 g) and cholesterol (56.4 mg/100 g). Beef had the highest cholesterol content (114.5 mg/100 g), almost double than rabbit meat, while pork was rich in fat (28.2 g/100 g). It can be concluded that rabbit meat is healthier over other meats frequently used in human nutrition, high in protein and low in fat.

    Just because rabbits are cute and cuddly doesn't mean that rabbits shouldn't be eaten if they have such high nutrition values.


  • Rabbits should not be food

    The supporters of rabbits being used as food have compared rabbits to other meats, but meat is cruel and should not be a major part of our diets as I have explained in debates in the past. Rabbits feel pain and do not want to be eaten, and humans do not need to eat meat. Humans are designed to be mainly herbivores, as you can see from our canines that match those of herbivores, the carbohydrate digesting enzymes in saliva, that carnivores don't have, and our lack of sharp nails, just to name a few.

  • Bugs Bunny should be off the menu.

    Rabbits are sentient beings capable of suffering. They have interest and desires that should not be ignored. Rabbits are not covered under the humane slaughter act, which means it's not required that they receive stunning before slaughter. This, of course, means they can be killed in cruel and painful ways. Therefore, it's unjust to use rabbits as a food source.

  • Eating Bunnies are mean

    Eating rabbits are bad. Bunnies are supposed to be pets and should not be eaten. It is really weird like Chinese eating dogs. Dogs are supposed to be pets but why are they eaten. I do really think it is very mean and indeed, they should be spared from our mouthes.

  • No rabbits cannot be another meat source.

    We already have enough animals killed for meat such as, cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, fish. So why continue on by having rabbits. Rabbits are innocent and pets for many people in this world. We don’t need anymore extinction or animal cruelty, because there’s enough of that already. No more rabbits should end up on your dinner plate because it’s cruel.

  • No bunnies for dinner!

    Rabbits are the third most popular pet now, after dogs and cats. We make distinctions among animals all the time. We do not eat dogs and cats in this country. Rabbits are intelligent, loving, charming companions who form strong bonds with their human friends. I can't imagine a more gentle creature more deserving of compassion than the sweet bunny. With the overabundance of food in this country, the argument that rabbits are a necessary food source is ridiculous.

  • Rabbits Should Not Be a Food Source

    I am against cruel meat, and rabbits would just be another tortured animal that we see as property instead of a living being. There is already so much suffering in the world, why add more? Instead of trying to find more ways to make money in cruel ways, why not try to fix the issues that are already threatening the world?

  • Rabbits are a vital source in the food chain

    I understand that rabbit may be considered as a healthy food but understand that rabbit is vital in the natural food chain and by decreasing the amount of rabbit in the food chain we may be cutting off food for other animals. And even if we hold rabbits as captive there are other points that supports the argument that rabbit should not be a food source.

    Personally I believe that we humans already have the meat source provided to us (not that we need to depend on meat on the first place) and that it is not necessary that we need to eat rabbits.

    Many also consider eating rabbit is rather sickly, whether it is ethically or morally too and considering how many people keep rabbits as pets, does cause and impact.

    Therefore, I am against the statement.

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SamStevens says2014-09-27T17:47:56.563
Rabbits should be used as food due to their high reproduction rates. They could be given to poor countries to feed starving adults and children. Of course, they should be killed humanely.
Dr_Obvious says2014-09-27T22:59:56.827
If God hadn't meant for them to be used as food, He wouldn't have made them taste good.
SamStevens says2014-09-27T23:03:41.280
No, he would have, assuming he exists, made them toxic. Taste among humans is varied.