• It's about survival!

    Yes,I'm completely against race-mixing. Not because I am "racist",but because I want my white European culture to survive and not die off. The same applies to non-whites as well. I don't wanna see ANY race become extinct. I wanna see them all survive and maintain their beauty and their culture. Minister Louis Farrakhan himself even said that the more blacks and whites mix,the less white that there'll be. God bless this black man for standing for what's right and speaking out against race-mixing. The Jews push this multicultural Marxist crap into our face everyday through their sinister media,and we must not let them brainwash us and especially our children.

  • Facts are not racist.

    Do the research and examine any number of factors. Relationships and marriage are difficult enough even without race as a factor. There are extreme differences in values and cultures that cannot be easily dismissed. The stronger does not elevate the weaker. Vice versa. We are witnessing something very much like the fall of Rome. The USA was built and founded on the values and culture of Protestant white men. We deviate from and denigrate that heritage at our peril.

  • Race mixing is degeneracy and it lowers your bloodline's IQ if your white.

    Race mixing will lead to the extinction of the white race, destruction of your culture, destroy your child's identity, and will lower your children's IQ. It is clear that the white race has many superior qualities and by race mixing you are playing into (((their))) hands. Don't race mix, don't destroy your culture, don't destroy this wonderful race and disrespect your family history. Be proud of your race, be proud of your heritage and say "no" to race mixing. Spread the word, race mixing is white genocide.

  • Yes Race Mixing should stop

    Depending on which two races are mixing you could be cursing 80,000 years of genetic heritage. If you are someone who likes diversity then you would not want everything to blend together. A lot of genes that some races have are recessive ones that only stuck around because they were useful in that environment and because they did not mix with the other races. A world where race mixing was mandatory would be a boring world. Everyone would look the same. To race mix is to curse your heritage, to make the world more boring and to follow a stupid egalitarian belief system which is unnatural and has only been mainstream for about 40-50 years.

  • So much about DIVERSITY

    It' s disturbing to see how many people claim to care and respect culture and ethnicity of other people, to be multicultural, yet they are willing to destroy it all.

    It's like we're dealing with Nazis all over again, except that the methods differ.
    My grandfather didn't have to die fighting Nazis to save his family and heritage, he could have just waited out for this wave of 'multiculturalism' to come.

    You DON't respect something if you're support its destruction. It's racist and it's GENOCIDE. You are NOT multicultural.

  • Races Should Remain "Pure"

    No matter if you're Senegalese, Thai, German, Bulgarian, Algerian, Russian, Brazilian etc, your nations have rich history. Mixing means you're not part of any country, because you can not have the spirit, act and look like of 2 different kinds of people. You become mixed, so people can not tell where you are from...

  • So much for Dr.King dream

    From the Detroit riots, Chicago following suit, LA 92 riots...And we are asking this question still?. Dr. King's dream is dead this year I didn't celebrated I simply thought of how proud he would be if he saw us today... Oh yes he would be very proud. I answer yes because people would quickly read it.

    Posted by: N711
  • Race-mixing propaganda should stop

    I truly believe every person should be free to choose their own mate, but race mixing propaganda should stop. Mixing races do not produce the strongest offspring. In fact, biologically speaking, mixing races produces the weakest offspring. Living in Brazil I can assure you that the weakest, more prone to diseases and birth defects are the heavily mixed population. People who choose to mate with members of their own ethnical lineage are much stronger and healthier than the rest of the population, regardless of what ethnicity they are. So, if you want your child to be strong and healthy, choose someone who has predominantly the same ethnical lineage as you to be your mate. It´s your family that is at stake. The health and strenght of your children and grandchildren. Do not fall for the diversity propaganda. It will only hurt your kids.

  • Yes, we should focus on communities within our races.

    The problem with mixing race, (whites mixing with whites, For example: Irish mixing with French is that it is inevitable that those people that have children, the children lose their culture and will not have ANY sense of community. This is a proven fact in American & Canadian families where the majority of population is Mixed race. Not all, but the majority no longer continue their heritage traditions.

    When this goes on, the more the off-spring will have even MORE backgrounds (German, English, Irish, Scottish, Scottish etc) How could one person possibly continue each of these heritage.

    If you think about the Hutterites, they are white, but because they only marry into their own race, they have a sense of community, traditional dances where people attend. Where people in Canada & America no longer enjoy these activities, because mostly the majority is a combination race of more than 3 races combined.

    As far as Irish Whites, German Whites etc or White mixes, Chinese and African's mixing, I think the same question stands, will the off spring from these mixes have a common community to go to? Will they mix so much like Mixed Whites to the point where there is no longer custom's that go according to their specific race. Will the loss be in the fact that there is no longer a common community.

    I get that everyone can get along no matter what race they are, but sometimes it is sure nice to talk to someone that is exactly like whom you are, with out having to explain yourself,
    Let's put an example:
    Let's say someone that was a French person would not have to explain to a English/German/Scottish person that they do not believe in monogamy because in the French culture it was a known custom, this is just an example.
    Am sure pure race communities would agree, that sometimes not having to explain yourself in your own culture is easier.

    I am not supporting racism, I am supporting the mind set that ANY race can be proud of whom they are, no MATTER what color. But that we understand the complications of mixing, and fully appreciate each other's differences, because it would be a SAD day for any race to go extinct from billion's of years of cross breeding, because the custom's and traditions will ALWAYS go along with it.

  • Jews seem most successful in preventing mixing with others.

    If they mixed say with blacks I doubt there would be so many exceptional theoretical physicists in the world. White people have no such strict habit in trying to protect their own race which produced many excellent people. Most of them do not understand it could work. Those who oppose mixing are suspected trying to bring back racial supremacy with danger of slavery.

  • The "yes" side is very entertaining

    All of you puritans and grandpas on the yes side, culture is culture and it has nothing to do with "oh, in the future every one will look the same, how sad" etc, Culture will always be there whether in its country or even in the history book, it won't, like some of you low lives stated, "be destroyed" from race mixing. Silly hypocrites, do some researches on yourselves first before getting all triggered from the topic. It hilarious and immature to see some of you talking so proudly like you are 100% pure white, you may be white looking and discriminate other races while you have drops of black or Asian blood in you from your ancestors

  • There is no valid argument against race mixing and there never will be.

    People can marry and procreate with whoever they choose. There are no absolutely no special qualities that certain races have that others don't and you are not destroying these fake better qualities by mixing. You may believe that you aren't racist if you are against race mixing but no matter what you say you ARE.

  • We have to. We've go no choice. We can't survive without it.

    To everyone who thinks that race mixing is a form of genocide:

    Think about what makes you white, black, hispanic etc.
    The lines are seriously blurred.

    I mean an American White person and a North African don't share much in culture yet both are white.

    An African from Africa and a Black American are both black yet they share nothing except the classification that others put on them.

    Underneath we are all the same.

    Race mixing is a fantastic thing and is scientifically supported to improve our gene pool and allow us as a race to sustain ourselves. People need to mix, and even if you resist it, the rest of the world will adopt it. Due to the Hardy Weisenberg Principle of Evolution, every species will try its best to go to genetic equilibrium, humans are no exception.

  • Dr. King was one of the most influential people, and he was right

    We do need more intellectual people on the other side of the matter, who would be answering yes on a real thoughtful matter, and not just because it was that 'others would quickly read it'. Everyone is free to choose their spouses, their partners, and anyone whom they choose to conceive a child with, regardless of the race. I had thought that humanity would be over such medieval ideas as this one that I am discussing right now, which I still can't believe I have to mention this sentence to: Racial mixing is not a matter, it is up to any human being to choose with whom they engage themselves to.

  • Mixed races is not a big deal and it's a good thing. Mixing races does no harm to anyone.

    Mixing races should not stop. There's no harm done in mixing races. Anyone who thinks mixing races is a bad thing, is an idiot and jerk. If two people love eachother a lot and they are a different race and want to have a baby. No one should stop them.

  • Why should it?

    Why stop two people from engaging in a platonic/sexual relationship? Because you don't like it? It's not about what you want it's about what people want. It's 2015 and this is still an agument? It's not fair to say someone can't be with somebody else just because they are of different ethnics and have different cultural rules. It's selfish and stupid to even think it to begin with. The problem is that people think to much on what two people are doing with their wn lives. If a black wo/man marries a white wo/man, the only thing people have in their tiny minds are that "their kids are going to suffer, why are they mixing don't they know they're different?, they must hate their race." If you don't leave that couple alone! They don't even know you exist let alone want to. It's their life, they're happy, it does not concern you. As they say, "Three is a crowd."

  • I don't understand, can someone explain?

    Just curious why does everyone want race mixing to stop?
    I'm half Asian half Caucasian myself, so I'm just wondering why everyone thinks we should stop, like any facts or valid reasons against it?
    Please reply to me I'm really curious as to the mentality of people against it and the reasons behind their opinion.

  • Why does anyone care?

    Races were created by a genetic fluke. Darwin explained how isolated communities within the same species tend to develop different traits depending on what will help them thrive within their environment; the same has proven true with our species. In short, if a white woman such as myself wants to marry and have children with a black man like my boyfriend, they should be able to do so.

  • Race Mixing is Great

    Mixed race offspring are genetically superior to single race offspring. How many unhealthy mixed children have you seen? Exactly, mixed race children have scientifically been proven to be smarter,taller, and overall healthier. So stop trying to end something wonderful. Races are a fragile concept, mixing them makes us stronger than ever.

  • Hybrid Vigor You Clowns.

    What happens when you fuck your family for generations? You will soon be unable to reproduce. That effect trickles down. Example pure breed dogs are far more retarded than mutts. Disagreeing with race mixing is simply racism. Its amazing that this many people are against this idea, fucking comfort zone fiends.

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