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Should Rachel Canning- the student suing her parents for college tuition- be awarded money for college?

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  • No, Rachel Canning does not have legal rights to how her parents distribute their funds

    No, Rachel Canning, should not be awarded money for college. I believe that her parents have no legal responsibility to support her after she has become an adult in the eyes of the law. Furthermore, Rachel Canning's rebellious behavior and actions led to her situation. Rather than a victim, she is a spoiled young adult who is trying to manipulate the reality of her situation. She has no legal standing on which her case can turn in her favor.

  • The ungrateful little jerk should not see another dime from her parents.

    Actually, her parents have always agreed to pay her college costs -- provided she behave and keep her life on track. She's acting like an entitled little snot right now, enabled by her best friend's family. She has a history of behavioral problems, and actually ran away from home. She doesn't deserve a cent.

  • No, I don't believe Rachel Canning should be awarded money for college.

    Rachel Canning is a legal adult at 18 years of age and her parents have been more then responsible with her, I don't believe they should be required to provide assistance to their child if the child does not want to follow a set of rules that the parents have established.

  • Rachel Canning should not be awarded college money

    Rachel Canning should not be awarded college money. Her parents are the rightful owners of their money and what they choose to do with it. If they don't want to give her money, then they don't have to, even if it may seem cruel. What Rachel Canning can do is apply for FAFSA like millions of Americans already do. I never had my college tuition paid by my parents, and I'm not upset about it at all.

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