Should Racial Profiling Be Accepted as a Law Enforcement Practice?

  • It's a fact: some races/ethnicities have ratios of people in low socioeconomic classes higher than others

    Blacks, Hispanics, many other races and ethnicities, have been put at a disadvantage in the past, affecting them now by have more of them in lower socioeconomic classes. People of lower socioeconomic classes have a significantly higher chance to commit crime. Using this, it would be logical as a police officer in a poor neighborhood to say that it is more likely a person of color is more likely the suspect and the person doing the crime.
    Is that racist? It's science.

  • No. Racial profiling should not be a factor in law enforcement.

    No. Through human nature alone, our law enforcement officials undoubtedly practice some form of racial profiling. Making it law enforcement commonplace would simply give undue power to law enforcement officials and make it easier to justify giving someone a hard time. Racial profiling is absolutely wrong. We should have no part in making it an accepted practice.

  • Racial Profiling should not be accepted.

    Racial Profiling should NOT be accepted as law enforcement practice because it is inherently federally approved racism. Crime does not discriminate. Criminals do not fit one specific profile. Criminals can come in any and every shape, size, color, gender, and religion. If racial profiling is enacted as law enforcement practice, it just grants criminals the opportunity to gain invisibility by embodying another profile.

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