• Racial quotas should not be used in private industry.

    No, racial quotas should not be utilized in private industry. While a diversified team is valuable, private industry businesses have no obligations to fulfill racial quotas. Also, our country in divided into equal racial groups, therefore taking an equal portion from each group would result in a disproportionate share of the various races.

  • If They Match The Local Population

    I personally don't have a problem with racial quotas because it tends to favor equality, but I also think it is important for these quotas to be in line with the local population. So, if XYZ, Corporation is in Anywhere Town and Anywhere Town's populations is 25% purple and 75% pink, then the private XYZ, Corp should, when looking to hire 100 hundred people, hire very close to 25 purple people and 75 pink people.

  • Yes, but as guidelines.

    Racial quotas are still necessary because most employers will tend to look for and hire people most like themselves. In order to find qualified candidates from other pools of potential staff members, a quota should be set and reviewed periodically to see how well the business is doing in finding alternative staffing as all will be enriched by this.

  • Rejecting prejudice must be a deliberate action.

    As previously stated, people tend to try to hire people most like themselves. The assumption that only white candidates would be qualified or that all white candidates will always be more qualified than candidates of other races is ridiculous. But even people who'd reject that line of thinking are still subject to unconscious prejudices.
    Say you have two equally qualified candidates who do equally as well in their interviews. How do you choose? Do you choose the one you feel most 'comfortable' with? The person who you believes thinks the same way you do? The one you think you'd like to get a drink with after work? Does the person tend to be the same race you are? You can't just say that you aren't racist and let that be the end of it. You have to not be racist *on purpose*. Setting a goal helps you do that. Failing to meet a quota forces you to reexamine policies and practices. Are you attracting a diverse pool of talent? Is there a certain point in the process where women and people of color tend to drop out? Is your demographics information accurate? Do you have a reputation issue among specific groups? Without a baseline to compare your results to you never ask these questions because you never see a problem. It's not about meeting an exact number, it's about attracting the widest pool of talent possible.

  • God forbid we want the Black Legions of the KKK from the North to rule again

    Anyways, I don't believe in racial quotas either way -- to favor whites or blacks. I believe in hiring based on skill and ability. If you're the best for the job, you should be hired. I don't believe in showing favortism or diversity to anyone. Be the best for job, and be hired.

  • Racial quotas are racist.

    Any program or policy that directly and purposely favors any race is racist by definition. Racial quotas do not make for better business. Demographic quotas don't make for good business either. What makes for good business is hiring based on accomplishment, skills, and integrity. If a person surpasses the competition in these areas, he should get hired for the position, regardless of race or any other demographic.

  • There is no objective reason for this.

    There is no evidence to say that a racially diverse workforce has any positive impact on production or profit for a company. So what reason based on rationalism can merit such an act? Equality of opportunity fir all is a right, but minorities must earn their way to a position, not have it handed to them on a silver platter. Creating unequal opportunities for the sake of equality is nonsensical. And if you want to talk about morality, then do you really think that forcing companies to reject applicants of a majority race due to quotas isn't immoral?

  • The best should win.

    No, racial quotas should not be used in private industry, because the private industry should be allowed to be as strong as they can. They should be able to hire the best workers for the job, not a person who falls into a certain arbitrary classification. Diversity can be a goal, but quotas are unfair.

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