• Thought control doesn't work

    I think racism is repulsive, but guess what, as long as people exists and we have the ability to think, we are going to have racism. I certainly think it should be discouraged, but not made illegal. If I am a racist, how does it being illegal make me not racist. If anything a racist is going to hold more disdain for a group, because now they are being told how to think. Essentially making racism illegal, is enforcing thought control. How are you suppose to control what one feels. You have to change their perspective, not tell them "Think a certain way or go to jail". That isn't going to end racism, it's just going to create bottled up hate. The first amendment is their to prevent against policing one's thoughts or feelings. Racism sucks, but its always going to be a part of a society with intermingled races, thought police doesn't change anything, except create tyranny. People are judgmental creatures, there's no avoiding it. I have never heard of anyone changing their views on something because somebody told them too, you have to change their perspective on issues. Many racists eventually see the fault in their ways not because they are told to "stop being racist", but because they started working with a black man, or shared a jail-cell with a Hispanic. Policing peoples opinions will do nothing but intensify those feelings

  • Legally yes, socially no.

    My answer depends on what "allowed" means. I believe that socially, racism should continue to be discouraged, as it is an inherently unfair way of judging people. Legally however, racism needs to be allowed. Banning any form of opinion-related speech would seriously infringe on the first amendment, and give the government a tool that could easily come and bite us in the ass down the line.

  • White people will lose

    You would be the number one target and you are out numbered. You rely on weapons and the police but you will still lose.
    A 14 year old colored boy scares most white men. Now imagine a grown man that will no longer hold back and will fight back.
    Most of you think you are Rambo but you will be in for a surprise when you realize how soft your are and how you never considered all the pent up anger and armed colored people.
    Sleep tight!

  • Why does racism even exist?!

    Racsim is spreading across the world and making people depressed becuase people it think it's not right becuase there colors. WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO BULLYING AND HATING JUST BECUASE POEPLE ARE DIFFRENT! I wish poeple could just a have a few minutes to think about what there going to say!!!

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