• Keep It To Yourself

    I agree. I feel that if racists can not keep their filter on in public and can not stop being a bigot while they are in society and treat others with respect through their actions and words then yes they should be punished. If you want to be an ignorant racist in the comfort of your own home then that's your business. But don't bring that nonsense past your front door.

  • Punish racist beings in public!

    People that are potentially aggressive in the category of racism, in my person opinion, should be given a mild punishment by law if caught in public. For example, if someone is caught out in public making fun of someone because they are a different color or religion, they should be fined, or even possibly a weekend in a local jail. Racism is still going on worldwide, and needs to stop somehow. It's time to pull out the big guns.

  • We are all humans with flaws don't discriminate

    To further explain yes agreed we have that fundamental right to freedom of speech, but you can't go around yelling the word"bomb" The idea of making a racist comment is to get to the point that we are unequal, Remember this we all have flaws. We are all human beings we are brothers and sisters of the same kind

    Jimmy Carter Once said
    "we become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Difference people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, and different dreams."

    Discriminating against a tiny minority of people makes you the incompetent one because you attacked first. Problems do not come down from the heavens they are made by bad people

  • Stupid people are supposed to be put in jail

    I fail to understand the logic behind humans. In the end we are all the same species. How humans think color or race defines whos surpeior i have no idea. In order for society to function better, we need racist people out. War would be less likely. You are entitled to your infromed opinion. Meaning if you don't add reason in your beliefs and your just letting emotions cloud your judgement, your opinion should not matter. Human perception is subjective. They are our interpretation of things. But we also fail to realise that they are clouded with emotions. Racism causes fights and wars. War and human stupidity will be our downfall. We are advancing in technology. Weapons could be more harmful to the planet. If we want to survive as a species we must all accecpt that we are the same species and that color or religion has nothing to do with our intelligence, creativity, kindness etc. There is no evidence whatsoever that blacks are inferior to whites. If we want to conclude that we need scientific proof. We need a society where war is less likely because in the end it might be a huge factor in the end of our species.

  • No, not at all

    Freedom of speech exists not to protect popular speech but rather unpopular speech. Plus, racism would likely be defined in such a way by Liberal politicians so as to shut down all talk of deporting and stuff like that. Making public racist/"racist" speech illegal is the epitome of un-American laws.

  • No, and suggesting that it's even possible and/or ideal is absurd.

    I hate to drop a cliché, but the world should not resemble North Korea or Stalinist Russia. With the exception of perjury, people should be able to think or say whatever they want without fearing legal repercussions. Freedom if expression is almost universally understood within the sane community to be a basic human right. And the depressing thing is, you don't even want to stop at expression. You're advocating regulation of thought. Do you hear yourself? We do not need the thought police. You are literally advocating a dystopian society. If any kind of non-perjury form of expression should be illegal, it should be the saying of stupid sh!T like that.

  • It would not do any good

    You can't legislate morality effectively. Simply making something illegal does not stop that thing from occurring. Does the fact that cocaine is currently illegal stop drug addicts from taking cocaine? In the same way, making racist words illegal will not stop racist words from being spoken.

    And of course, there is still the argument that making racist speech illegal would be an aggressive attack on the freedom of speech.

  • You SHOULDN'T punish people for what they believe in.

    Racist people being punished by law for what they believe in is kind of childish. Don't you think? People should be able to have opinionated thoughts about everything and everyone. Say if I believed that everyone who is a homosexual should serve 10 years in prison. Now how would you guys feel then if you're a homosexual.
    My point is that you should be able to express yourselves mentally and physically however you want to. You shouldn't be punished for what you believe in. That's like saying all Christians should be put in jail for their beliefs. But then again, if we didn't have these kind if people, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, we could all live happily ever after. By the way, that would never happen. :)

  • No freaking way!

    Several problems with the concept:
    1. It's generally agreed that free speech/expression is a good thing in society. The lack of free speech is pretty much universal in totalitarian dictatorships and medieval monarchies.
    2. What's considered racist is highly subjective. There are people who say that race is entirely socially constructed already, so would it be considered racist to say that black people are more likely to get Sickle Cell Anemia, or that white people are more likely to get melanoma?
    3. The government should not have authoritative power over interpersonal interactions. If someone wants to say or do something, even if I disagree with it or it's an offensive point of view, that's their right. The government already has more power than it really should, and certainly more than the US Founding Fathers intended it to have.

    Posted by: Adze
  • They should be punished but not by law

    I think this is pretty self explanitory. People are allowed to be #%$&s, and they have a right in my country to freedom of speech and religion, so long as they do not infringe on other peoples rights. As long as certain lines are not crossed like threatening people of certain races, I see know reason why a person should be punished by law. I do however think they should be punished by other means if its the kind of racism that goes beyond a harmless remark like how underage Asian's have alcohol issues because their ID's all look the same, which is actually the reason they can't drive. Think creatively folks.

  • We Do Not Live In 1984

    Thinking the wrong thing or saying the wrong thing should not be illegal at all. Our society is built around being able to express ourselves without the fear of legal repercussions, and making wrongthink a crime is completely Orwellian and something that does not belong anywhere near the free world.

  • No peeoplee should not

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  • It's a sad day when any speech is illegal.

    Now, I can understand some people might say, "oh, well you can't yell bomb in a theater", "what about defamation of character" or similar things, but in those cases it's not so much the speech that is made illegal but the effect of the speech (riots/trampling/loss of income/etc), if not warranted.

    I actually have a friend who would agree with the people that voted "Yes". I don't understand how he can think that, other than he doesn't recognize that his right to speak about not liking it, is exactly the same as their right to speak it in the first place.

    Racism is even more intrusive, because not only is it somewhat vaguely defined (maybe not in legal terms, but I am not a lawyer), but it's not even an action, it's an idea. There is literally no way to stop an idea, other than mass programming and/or murder (it'll be "killing", because murder is unlawful killing).

  • People have the right to hold their own beliefs.

    Someone shouldn't be punished simply because they have racist views. This might make them a shitty person, but not a criminal. If that person starts engaging in illegal behaviour stemming from their beliefs like harassing people of other races, vandalizing religious places, or other hate crimes, only then should they be punished.

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It is genuinely depressing that anyone, using their freedom of speech, would respond to this poll saying that they are against freedom of speech. Idiots.