Should radiographers be required to have a license to take x-rays?

Asked by: sg9425
  • Yes, they should

    Whenever I'm exposed to radiation like that, I'd prefer to have someone that actually makes sure I understand how risky it can be. Someone's health is no joke, and when someone who isn't licensed tries to do a job like this, it makes me lose trust. Please, don't just let anyone expose you like this!!

  • Yes, they should

    Whenever I need to get a test done like this, I'd prefer to have someone that actually went to schooling for several years. Mistakes do happen, but they're less likely to happen when someone who is trained properly knows what they're doing. The more you're exposed to radiation, the more likely you are to get cancer. Health isn't a joke.

  • Yes they do

    Those radiologists go through a rigorous process of course material that allows them to do their job well. With on the job training there may be more error subjecting patients to unnecessary radiation. Also, by taking away the license, that would divert lost wages to where? The upper management? . .

  • Radiographers are more than just button pushers

    In order to become a registered radiologic technologist you have to go through a vigorous educational program. You learn anatomy, positioning, physics, radiobiology, pathology, and radiation protection, etc. The ability to use radiation on patients should not be taken lightly and therefore should require the user to be fully educated and licensed to do so. While some businesses prefer to train employees on the job in order to reduce costs, the employee should still be required to test on the material before radiating patients in order to ensure their capability and knowledge.

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