• He may be able to help out.

    Ultimately it will be his choice, but if he believes that he can help reform the government it is a worthwhile task. He should not, however, give in to the pressure from people to join the government if he truly does not have a passion for it or doesn't think he can help.

  • He could provide much needed assistance.

    I see no reason as to why Rahul Gandhi should not join the Indian government. The Indian government frankly could use all of the help that it can get, and he is a man who can provide them with some much needed assistance. Ultimately the choice is his to make.

  • I believe Rahul Gandhi should join the Indian government because of his heritage.

    Yes, I believe that Rahul Gandhi should join the Indian government because he has a solid background worthy of public office in India. With his last name holding strong sentiment to the great Indian, Gandhi, I believe he can carry on the inspirational messages and fortitude of the former Gandhi and, therefore, would be a fit for the Indian government.

  • He is his mother's puppet!

    Sonia Gandhi has been using Manmohan Singh for so long, now she might've thought, 'Why not use my own son for all the money and power?' and thus, his launch. India is not independent yet! Look at all the foreigners still stuck up in mother India! Although India's government is not the best, it doesn't mean that it needs to be made worse by him.

  • No, he should not

    The fact of the matter is, Rahul Gandhi could do much better things for the world instead of spending his time joining and working for the Indian government. The government of India is nothing but a huge mess of problems and he could be better served someplace else, for sure.

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