• Health and safety

    Loom bands are in need of ban because of them being disracting and hurting children. Loom bands make groups of children leave out others who do not have them which creates a stupid trend.

    Children have been hurting eachother with them by flicking and it could cause serious problems and ruin or effect them for the rest of their lives. Children in different location of the world can be less mature than others and a certain amount of maturity should be required in the area. If one person does it then it starts to spread.

    For those who have children please think about those effects as they can happen it is a silly move to allow these they dangerous and as adults and teens you should be mature enough to understand things for the better consequences.

    There are plenty of safe ways to enjoy yourself, and in school you are meant to learn not goof off, there's a reason it's there.

  • I love the Rainbow Loom!

    I make these little dragons all the time and everyone thinks they’re cool. When we gon on break, Everyone says goodbye to them. I don’t make them during lessons, But I admit to fidgeting with them. The teachers don’t care as long as I keep my grades up. They even enjoy the little critters.

  • Well yes and no

    The loom should NOT be banned because it actually helps the kids learn but there should be some rules on it. The bracelets can be worn at school, but the kit should not be visible unless if the teacher says take it out. Still its a good way for the kids to learn

  • Loom Bands Are Fun

    Children have stopped playing on their phones because they are making loom bands! That's Good! They are creative and great fun to play with! I love them! You collect so many different colours it's unbelievable! Also, there are a ton of styles to make which keep you busy! ILove LOOMBANDS

  • Why should they ban it?

    To all you teachers out there why are you so worried about looms children hate school because of you they cry and they just get more upset causing them to not pay attention in lessons if you just make a rule "you are not allowed to make looms in lessons" kids will be better off like that ok . Don't ruin their childhood! Mean people!!!

  • This is unfair

    I admit some kids do go overboard but spoiling it for the rest of us? Teachers need to remember there childhood and the crazes that were on, Rainbow loom is fun crafty and rewarding and on top of that provides screen free entertainment. Kids should have the freedom of wearing a bracelet made out of rubber bands, and showing it off to there friends. This rule is utterly stupid.

  • Looms should not be banned at schools

    Come on, surely a bit of normal child fun is allowed. Trading has gone on at schools for years - marbles, yo yo's someone gets a good deal and someone doesn't, it is how you learn about life. Remember we are talking about rubber bands,not pandora bracelets!Kids need some fun!

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