• Oh how lovely that would be

    Absolutely! How much fun would it be to watch Rand Paul implode in a presidential campaign. As a plagiarizer and generally not able to handle the uncomfortable spot light and pressure of tremendous inquiry he would have melt down after meltdown. It could be better than watching the antics of Sarah Palin.

    The best thing would be all the tea party members who put God over liberty learning that he is more libertarian than tea party, which could introduce a nice schism in the party. But alas, it will not be true because the good but misguided conservative right who love to drool over famous people gathering to honor the preacher man Jimmy Graham love God too much and very much prefer those who love God over liberty such as the evil demon spawn, Ted Cruz.

    Posted by: slo1
  • The next Ron Paul

    In the last 30 years, Republicans started to become insufficiently conservative. Ron Paul along with a handful of others advocated for libertarianism. Since Governor Paul retired, we need another candidate to represent true conservatism in the republican party. Ron Paul presidential campaign failed because many people knew Ron Paul way to late, after the elections.

  • Rand Paul Revolution

    Yes, obviously Rand Paul should run for President in 2016. This is not even a question. Ron Paul has worked hard for 30 years to promote Libertarianism, spread the message of Liberty, and rally a growing voting base. Rand Paul is here to execute the message and fulfill the final steps of his fathers mission to restore the Constitutional Republic.

  • Yes, absolutely yes!

    Rand Paul very well should run for President. He has strong libertarian values of a small government, reduction of spending, and a decrease in taxation. We need someone who isn't afraid to address the key issues facing our country. If I was 18, I would most definitely consider voting for him.

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes I believe so. Rand Paul is very smart. He actually cares about our people and the constitution. He believes in it and that's what I want. Not a president that disrespects it. Rand Paul has 3 more years of experience and I believe he can do it. If he can run, I will vote for him.

  • Yes he should

    Rand Paul has good intentions. Every time I hear him speak I am amazed. He is known for clashing with his republican party and democratic party. He can bring both parties together and actually get something done. I would vote for Rand in a heartbeat. Most of my views match his. He is mostly a Libertarian and constitution conservative but I do believe he would make a good president. RAND 2016!!!!!!!

  • Sure, why not?

    Although politically my ideas might not be the same as Rand Paul, I see no reason why he shouldn't be included in the process, especially if he has been able to garner such a passionate following. Although I don't think he is quite ready for politics on that level, he has roughly 3 years to get there and improve his knowledge set.

  • I say yes he should.

    I don't think that Rand Paul has anything to lose by running for President in the year 2016. His recent actions on Capitol Hill did bolster his reputation a bit, so maybe he now has a bit of a better chance to win than he did just a few days ago.

  • He Might As Well

    The Republican party is currently wide open. The party is waiting for someone and take the much needed role of leadership. I am not a Rand Paul supporter but he is qualified to be that guy. He has the resume and experience to run for the President in the year 2016.

  • He's the only one who has real common sense!

    He is for the people and good for the country. He is honest. He's a worker. He's a fighter. He is conservative. He respects the constitution. He's got common sense, is business savvy and loves his country. He's respectful and is respected. He's a good man. I love him. YesSS!

  • Rand Paul would lose

    Rand Paul is far from a moderate. He's a stereotypical small government propaganda robot. His politics would only benefit the wealthiest Americans. Republicans tried running Mitt Romney campaigning on a far right agenda and he lost. If the GOP wants to gain power, they need to take someone who is more liked by moderates including some democrats. I think Chris Cristie might be their best option.

  • The GOP Has Wasted Too Many Elections On Unpopular, Hapless, Tea Party Candidates!

    Rand Paul ISN'T his father. He's not got that level of wisdom, or popularity. He's Tea Party. By all measurable polls, the TP has lost a lot of national appeal and it continues to slip. The GOP has wasted enough time, elections and resources on this bunch. The John Birch Society was a setback for Republicans, in the 60's. Placing its tired anti-Communism rhetoric, etc., under a new name (TP), hasn't improved anything. If Paul wants to run, then let him waste someone else's war-chest. It is time for the GOP to part company with the Tea Party and actually WIN the general election!

  • Waste of time

    No, I do not believe Rand Paul should run for president in 2016. Rand Paul is a monkey boy for the Republican Party. If the GOP is serious on rebranding itself, it needs to pick someone else to represent itself in the presidential election in a few years. Marco Rubio may be one for them on that front.

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