• Yes yes yes

    Rap is stupid, just a bunch of "gangsta" morons looking for fame while rhyming swear words. Real cool yo, I can say every swear in a song about immoral garbage, like smokin pot and rape. Wow, I wish I was that cool, smoking pot all the time and swearing like some kid who thinks he is cool.

  • Because it promotes crime

    In my honest opinion Rap promotes horrible things that I do not want to disclose it only tells kids if they act and listen to this their lives are going to be rough by commiting crimes of the unimaginable and I for One am horrified of the language in it

  • Censor Lascivious Music

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with censoring any material that maybe sexually lewd or promotes violence. Movies have ratings. Why shouldn't music? When did public morality become something that we don't feel is worthy of protection? Why should my 7 year old have to hear, B this and N that on daytime radio? Or have to hear some car riding by a church on a Sunday morning, Blasting n this and b that, While your grandmother is exiting? What the hell happened to us? How far have we fallen? We are just like the swine. The swine will eat its own feces like it's peach cobbler. It will lay in feces like a Sleepy mattress. That's how we are. So deep in filth that we think it's normal. Well it's not.

  • It's racial, Its bad

    Rap music is racist against anyone who isn't black. They show hatered to the police, All's it says is shoot this mf'er or that mf'er. Tells kids to do that drug and this drug, Or sell this drug and that drug. It tells these girls to go out here and be sluts, It also tells the males the samething. That isn't freedom of speech. That is using your mouth to fill the world with hate. God intended 1 man and 1 woman, Not 1 man and hundred different women. And y'all wondering why kids that are 18 and younger are having kids and then don't take responsibility and all these kids are carrying STDs these days. I'm 25 yrs olds, I've done seen what the crap music did to my generation. It's time to stop this hatered of a genre. This music doesn't say anything positive about the USA or anyone else. If this was white people making racial music, All the blacks would be in the streets protesting, And it would be banned, It's time to put an end to this crap that has done nothing but destory this great nation!

  • Rap music should, Can, And will be banned.

    Rap music is about the following: rape, Smoking, Vaping, Murder, Violence, Robbery, Gangs, Drugs etc. If anyone where to tell you that they were going to rape you, What would you do? You would probably want that person to be detained in jail so they would no longer be a threat to you. This is why rap music is bad for you, Bad for me, And bad for everyone. Freedom of Speech does not entitle anyone to yell out they are going to rape or kill someone or whatever they may say that is not appropriate. Rap music corrupts the minds of people, Especially the youth to derogatory monsters that can only say curse words and threats. Rap music sponsors violence and criminality in general. It is almost like people who listen to rap music I feel what I am saying should be imposed on everyone as they just seem, Sensible. In essence, My opinion on censoring rap is superior to one's opinion that contradicts mine. There is no need for you little, Brainless children for arguing about how you want to listen to 6ix9ine or whoever rap monster you want to listen to. In the future, More advanced humans will look back upon us and our taste in music and say "My god, Is that seriously what these people listened to back then? No wonder there was a lot of violence back then. "

  • Misogyny and hate

    Rap music(and in general hip hop) is extremely degrading to women.It revolves around androcentrism and the praise of misogynistic behavior:women who are too feminine,or promiscuous, are objectified,sexualised and degraded by being called "hoes","sluts",and,at the same time,men who are overtly sexual and promiscuous are lauded and praised as if they were gods.Violence and abuse are also synonymous with rap music,which makes this "genre"even worse.The ideology behind hip hop is discriminatory and it can be compared to fascism.Either ban it,or censor it!

  • Ban it when it is too explicit about violence

    A lot of rap music promotes violence and criminal activity, the so called "gangsta rap". In such a powerful form of media, as it is music, is completely nonsense to have these "musicians" making songs with such a despicable lyrical content, inserting an unacceptable "culture" in society, potentially influencing in a bad way especially young people and kids

  • Censored or even banned

    I am a student at middle school and the "popular kids" all listen to rap music. They are the people who get detention and swear at or around others and teachers. People like me who don't listen to rap rarely get detentions and are liked by most of the teachers. It is my belief rap is teaching people these habits such as rebellion against teachers and disrespect of others. Rap should therefore be censored or banned in the US to promote a better place for people to live.

  • Rap Music and All Other Types of Poetic Expression Should Be Banned

    Poetry and Rap are a threat to democracy. The format of poetry prevents people from expressing their opinions. Thus, it should be banned nationally. Rap music should be banned as well due to its poetic nature. Plus, the genre incites violence through drugs, rape, and homicide. Any genre like this is also a threat to the English language because it encourages young citizens to express themselves in a primitive, unintelligent manner.

  • It should be banned.

    Now, there are some good rap music, but we'd still be good without it. There's people, even little kids acting like they're "gangstas". We need to ban rap music and see where that'll lead us. We should either ban it, or let only adults hear it. But kids will find it anyways, so we should at least censor rap music.

  • No rap music should not be censored

    Yes many rap songs have swears, But most of them tell the truth in our world. Drugs are mostly the main thing they rap about, But think about it. In "This is America" he talks about America and what happened. If you are saying that it should be censored, Think about the message.

  • No it shouldn't be censored

    Its used to represent what the artists think of the world, Even if its twisted and weird its their way of perceiving the world in their own way, Plus on top of that you do realize that country talks about drinking and women and its not censored and back in the day when new music would come from people like the beetles, And Elvis they would sing about death, Suicide, Drinking, Smoking, And killing it just wouldn't be as apparent because the laws said they couldn't sing about that kind of stuff

  • It shouldnt be banned

    Why you may ask well cuz its better then listening to kids pop and justin bieber. Not all people like the same music. I just think it would not be banned some pop songs have swears in it so why should rap be banned or censored. Just my thoughts thanks.

  • Jfjfjj jfjfjfj fjjfjf

    Rap music should not be censored. If all rap music is censored then all we'd hear is "word, bleep, word, bleep--" saying that they should be banned would do the haters a favor bit you know wat dab on them haters. What if your favourite of music were to be banned or censored. You wouldn't enjoy that type of music anymore. And not all rap music is bad. For example logic. He writes rap music inspired by equality. Not about gang voilence. If you dont enjoy this type of music, please keep it to yourself. We dont need to hear you dumbasses critisizing music that many people enjoy listening to. And if you enjoy music that pumps you up, puts you in your feels or whatever rap music can provide that.

  • Rap music should not censor

    I think that rap music should not censored, because its an artist expressing themselves, and people shouldn't criticizes theme for doing so.
    If someone imply's that music should be censored that person is going against the artist freedom of speech. Most parents are right to believe that music should be censored but they are the parents they should be able to see what their kids are doing they are the responsible one's for keeping track of what their kids are listening to. So don't go on and blame the artist blame your selves for not keeping an eye on your kids.

  • Rap is art

    I'm doing a report in school and I have realized that rap has brought different cultures together in poor communities. Rap is also a form of art, and to censor the lyrics would be a violation of the first amendment. No matter who you are you should have the freedom of expression and speech, as should all Americans. So if you don't like this form of art, then just don't listen to it, but definitely don't censor it.

  • Definitely No !

    Rap music is a way for people to express themselves. Censoring music its like taking away their chance to voice their emotions. The world wont censor itself for you so why should artists. Rap shows the world through the view of others. If you think rap is bad, are you going to shelter yourself or others from the world...?

  • Not Banned but Censored

    I think that rap used to be good. You had those rappers of the 90s rapping about real world problems such as police brutality, white on black crime, and the problems of increasing violence in black neighborhoods throughout the U.S. But now, it seems all I hear at my highschool are rap songs about having sex (or banging) with more than one girl, shooting up the block, and lyrics with idiosyncrati cmeaning like pop! Pop! Im not saying that all modern rap is bad, but I have noticed that a lot of my fellow students have begun to act like total idiots and are very disrespectful towards girls. I see this one guy at my school who practically molests his girlfriend during lunch, he rubs all up on her like shes some kind of slut. And ive talked to her, she is a very decent girl. Look all im trying to say is that rap music has left a bad impact on the modern teenage world, at least some has, and im not gonna start a family in this world.

  • Rap Is Better Than We Think

    Rap has NOT been a leading cause of anything, it supports inginuity an allows people to get deep into the music industry. Yes, there are many rap artists that swear and talk about drugs: such as Macklemore, Eminem, or Nicki Minaj. But there are other people who have good intentions, and using rap to get them out into the world. Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Tedashii, Derek Minor, and Canon, are all rap artists who support good causes, talking about stopping drug and sex violence, and trying their best to show the love of God throughout their songs. So if you hate the rap industry, just think twice before you put All artists into ONE CATEGORY>

  • Rap Music Should Not Be Banned

    Rap music should not be banned for many reasons. First of all, it allows people express themselves. Rap music now days either is about rape, sex, drugs, parties, etc. If you do not want your child to listen to it, too bad because one day your babies are going to leave the nest and go explore the world that is full of sin.

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