• Rape should be leagal

    Well when you look through the window and see them sexy little seven year olds running about you get a bonar so I think you should be able to go outside and pull there little pink panties down and give them a food hard f**k. I have done so a few times and I can assure you that it feels amazing

  • Rape is against someone's will

    As the title says, Rape is against someone's will. They have no option in the action. You're forcing them into having sex, And possibly having a child that they don't want, And if they think of aborting it, They will get backlash from media, And they may not be able to afford such a thing. Most of the time, The victim may not be able to get their rapist in jail, Because of being afraid of them or even by the media.
    Also the guy who said "Yes" to this topic, And says this " Well when you look through the window and see them sexy little seven year olds running about you get a bonar, " you need to go to jail for this, I'm afraid for the "sexy" seven year olds in your city. I feel like you've tried raping 90% of them in your city.

  • You're kidding me, Aren't you?

    Rape is a crime! What do burglaries, Murders, And rape cases all have in common? They harm innocent people for the personal greedy gain of the individual committing it. Every kind of crime that harms innocent people has this trait in common. Rape is no different. If you vote for yes, You're saying that you'd prefer that greedy men and women harm innocent people intentionally just for their temporary pleasure over making something that fits the definition of "crime" illegal.

  • It's just wrong.

    Rape is forced, Unfair, And has consequences for the victim. There is a reason why rape has been deemed illegal, And I support this law completely. Reproduction should only be performed when love is involved, And in a rape, There is clearly no love, Only the worst sense of lust.

  • Rape have no consent.

    Rape is forced. It is unfair. The women may not be ready for most of times. In a world where feminism matters, Rape is bad. We should focus on how reproduction works. And the only reason you would have sex is to reproduce. If there is reproduction, There is most likely consent, Meaning it is not rape, And rape is meaningless.

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