• Some people just might not exist

    How would you know if nobody before you on the family tree was raped to create what created something that created you? My mom's cousin would not exist if it weren't for rape. Ey lives a good life now. Ey's a manager. Rape is not the reason for a bad life. Some people enjoy rape, look online. Just don't be painful. Rape creates life.

  • They think they are allowed to ignore certain guys

    I am a young male (early 20s) who is still a virgin just because females hate me for some reason i dont understand ( im really not a bad guy,just shy and a bit reserved) Almost all of my acquaintances have had atleast one girlfriend,fucked a girl or something along that line, so why am i supposed to live a live without sex and a girlfriend ? Girls just ignore me for no reason and get boyfriends which are way worse of a choice than i would be. So i think i should atleast be allowed to take sex from them by force because they are apparently not intelligent enough to see whats good for them and instead have relationships and one night stands with the worst of man

  • Rape of women should be legal.

    It is a fact that men are the dominant gender. It is also a fact that most men would like to have affairs with other women, even if they are married. A single woman is not enough to satisfy a man. Case in point, my dad regularly has affairs with other women and sometimes prostitutes, and my mom doesn't mind, because she understands she can never satisfy him. Similarly, my girlfriend doesn't mind if I have sex with some other girl, because I can't be satisfied with just one girl.
    We should also consider the fact that if someone tries to rape you, it basically means the man likes you. Instead of protesting, you should feel aroused and let him penetrate you. Rape is not force, but a sign of sexual arousal.
    It is your duty as a woman to satisfy a man's urges.

  • Absolutely, yes rape!

    Men cannot control themselves, and it’s not their fault. Women are biologically designed to be raped, that’s why we have a hole. For men. I know while it’s happening it sucks, but when you get raped just remember you are serving your purpose. A man cumming is THE MOST important thing in the world. It created the world. Don’t be ungrateful. Make yourself available to them and praise them. I will never deny a man what is rightfully theirs. My body belongs to men. So does yours. Legalize rape! <3

  • Nature made us this way

    Females were made to reproduce! Nothing more. Look at other animals, males fight females give the victor what he pleases. People should know that males are the dominant gender, I would hate to see my gender take over, makes were made to hunt, guard, build and more! Females were made to make babies, simple. If a male gets on top of you take it and get pregnant, pregnancy rates are dropping and making rape legal would fix that.
    I don't get how people completely discard how nature made them!
    (Only 18+ of course)

  • Legalize it already.

    I am a female. I understand men need sex. Just the look of boobs and smell of a women’s body is enough to get them aroused. It’s all the more natural that they would want to rape me. I think rape is an act of love. Every woman deserves a good rape. It’s our highest moral duty to make a man cum. I would also like to help men if they want to rape someone else like my friend or daughter.
    Our bodies were made for the pleasure of man. Let them use it as they please. I strongly believe men should just pick any women he wants off the streets and penetrate her with or without her consent. I don’t understand why women work while they can just spread their legs.

  • Indeed, It should:

    Rape is nothing more than a societal mechanism to institute order in what God has consolidated as the field, And man as both the constructors and the seed. Women are meant to be molded, And if they are not fiercely controlled upon, They succumb to what, Otherwise, Is the order of the degenerates. Degeneracy in the field deteriorates the seed's productivity, And in the other side of the spectrum, Degenerative seeds bows the field to infertility.

    So i say YES, Yes to rape's legalization. It is the form by which will we comport Western Civilization in it's original and traditional state.

  • I don't see why not.

    As a male that isn't the best looking I sometimes fear that I will die before knowing the pleasure of sex because now a days everything runs by how good looking you are, If you are not good looking you have a very low chance of getting laid. Not to mention mastubastion might not be enough foot some males.

  • Of course it should

    If it’s illegal in the eyes of the law it sure as hell is legal for me. I accept that I’m inferior and made to reproduce. . . If other girls don’t see that then that’s on them. Either enjoy the rape or not but I don’t see anything wrong with it and I’m a girl

  • The problem is with the society not the rapists

    If a woman got raped society shouldn't care about that(Like having a coffee) and treat her like others
    A person should also be able to have sex with any no of people they like and should not get criticized by others in any way
    Biologically Rape will help to create Physically strong and healthy generations
    But Rape without safety instruments should be illegalized though

  • Although im a submissive wife

    I still don't think it should be legal, even for a husband against his wife's will, i doubt ill have this problem with my hubby though because i obey him and declared that my body is his property to do with as he please whenever he pleases, still i gotta admit, getting raped is one extremely arousing experience, one day during a hot moment between me and hubby, he ordered me to try to push him off while he tries to take me by force, it was a game but i tried with all my might to fight him, i got exhausted, he defeated me, tied me, ripped my clothes while i kept the act of begging him to stop and he didnt care and raped my brains out, dear god, i was in paradise !! However that was a friendly rape and there was no fear of a transmitted disease or an unplanned pregnancy, aside from those fears, i believe getting raped is fantastic

  • What the literal ?*%!

    Why would you legalize RAPE!! Rape, by definition, is the act of any type of sexual interaction without the consent of the victim. If people enjoy rape, they are not being raped. I have no idea what rape victims go through after being raped, but I know it must be agony to try to live after such a traumatic experience. Also, do you think rapists would go out of their way to make sure their not hurting their victims? Why would rapists care about how their victims feel if they don't care if the person they're raping doesn't want to have sex in the first place! The fact that someone believes that rape should be legalized just gives me a gag reflex.

  • Why is this even a question???

    Rape is never okay. Rape isn't good. Rape shouldn't happen. Rape shouldn't be legal. Imagine being forced to have sex. It doesn't matter if it's with your datemate or spouse, DON'T FORCE PEOPLE TO HAVE SEX. It leaves people scared. If they get pregnant (now that abortion centers are being closed) they will have to live for at least 9 months with the reminder of that act. Why is this even a question though? Are people actually so ignorant that they believe that it is okay for rape to happen?? What makes you think that forcing someone to do something is good? Sure it gives life but what if you don't want to give life in the first place?

  • Rape is not okay in the first place. It definitely should not be legal for anyone.

    The ends do not justify the means. Yes, a child may be conceived and born from rape. However, even though the child is legitimate and has inherent dignity like everyone else, the way they were conceived is not okay. Rape is never going to be morally permissible. Sex involves the consent of both parties. It is a conjugal act which brings together two people who love each other completely as a whole. You take away consent from one party and then it is rape. Abortion was justified by Roe v. Wade in 1973 by the Supreme Court. Millions of deaths of innocent babies were justified by the law in pursuit of "fulfilling a woman's rights". If rape is to be permitted by Supreme Court, then there will be no way for girls that have been sexually assaulted to be able to even to have a chance to have a trial in court. They will be ignored, and put to the side because the law will not able to protect them. Rape happens every day and so many rapists aren't caught. If rape is allowed, then the numbers of victims will skyrocket and there will be even more rapists unable to be stopped and actually protected by the law. Rape should never be legal or permissible for anyone.

  • Is this even a question?

    Of course not, if this was legal there would be guys running around grabbing and humping helpless chicks 24/7. Rape is not a good thing for anyone. Here's some more words because i have nothing else to say and i need 9 more. 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Done

  • Nasty7 noooooo more of thissyupiedshit


  • Absolutely not. Nobody should ever do that to anyone else.

    This is a ridiculous question and the fact that 25% have said yes makes me want to cry. Rape is traumatic and difficult to recover from and the fact that our society is so tolerant of it is horrifying. We should fight harder to keep rapist in jail and give them longer sentences.

  • What a stupid question

    Why the hell would anyone want rape?? It's an incredibly traumatic experience for the victim, many of which have to go through months of counselling and some even commit suicide. The only person who is benefited by rape is the rapist. So its like arguing should murder be legal? No.

  • Not for STD or those who already have a partner.

    Legalizing rape for everyone gives the entire world HIV. I dont want HIV. But if someone is sexually manipulated then its OK to rape. Men go crazy when they have been practically supportive and then rejected. But dont use drugs while raping. If the victim is drugged he or she wont remember it. Its therefore brainwashing with rape drugs. But if someone rapes someone of wrong sexual orientation its bad. Rape of pre puberty children should also be illegal.

  • Do you even realize how many lives this would ruin?

    The ROK (return of the kings, a pro-rape group that believes forced intercourse should be made legal on private property) was scheduled to meet in my town early this month and everyone knew about it. The library where they had planned to meet was scheduled to close and the police had already issued a statement that they were aware of the gathering but couldn't do anything about it because it was supposed to be a "peaceful assembly". The meetup ended up being cancelled because the members didn't feel safe. The most disappointing things about this entire escapade is A) that these people ever thought this was remotely acceptable and B) that the police knew about the meeting and "couldn't" do anything about it even though this supposedly peaceful gathering was advocating real violence against citizens. I imagine if a pro-terrorism group gathered, they would be less lax about a response...

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-11-17T05:50:14.837
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call unfunny trolling.
ConservativeBen says2018-08-10T01:44:38.633
If you're even a little bit decent of a human being, This question should come as a hilarious joke. Of course not. That is as ridiculous as saying, "Should breaking into homes at night be legal for everyone? " It's a joke.