Should rape be punishable by life in jail?

Asked by: Werdna
  • Not a blanket statement (i.E.. Statutory rape)

    But when it is intentional, it is violent, it is premeditated, this individual will always pose a threat to women/girls (or men/boys), and the rest of society. Life in prison sounds harsh, but so is the evil act that will wound and scar the victim for life. It's better than the death penalty. (And in regards to the argument about other crimes being more violent; that doesn't take anything away from the destructive nature of rape... Whether physical abuse, assault, or any number of other very violent crimes should be punishable by life in prison is different topic and different debate that has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the question posed on this thread.)

  • Rape is cruel.

    I think that rape is cruel. I'm not a girl, but if I was, I would rather die than being raped, It's too traumatic to forget. I saw some verdict rape stories, they were pretty brutal. But it can also depends on how much it affects someone (the victim or the victim family).

  • I (person who made the debate page) think it should.

    I believe that rape is one of the worst crimes in the world, and that it takes a sociopathic person to do it. I made this page to see what everyone else thought -- in my opinion, the current sentence for rape is depressingly low and needs to be higher.

  • Yes it should be

    As in the case of the girl dead after a rape in new delhi the punishment should even be more stringent for example hang till death.It is our ignorance and the increasing number of cases that encourage such incidents even more.To abort all of these a strict law is indispensable

  • Yes it should be

    Personally I believe that rape scars a person for life. Imagine if you wake up one day knowing that the person who raped you is somewhere out there. You'd never ever feel safe anymore. The current sentences are just inadequate to punish rapists. They need life in jail to learn.

  • In this case at least, A life for a life is fitting.

    I'm not usually one for "an eye for an eye" all the time, But people are not property. Kidnapping, Rape, And senseless killing (not in self defense or as a result of accident or mental illness, Etc. )--these are all instances of someone deciding that someone else's life and body is now their property to do with as they please. It's the most heinous vein of crimes, And when something like this is committed, I believe that, Yes, The perpetraitor's life should now become the property of the state, Either in prison or in death. It's what they deserve. Period.

  • Rape should be given a sentence for life in prison.

    With an estimated 25, 000 rape cases per YEAR in the United States, Rape of the first degree is a sentence of UP to 30 years, Whereas murder in the first get life or second degree up to 40 years with or without parole. There are so many loopholes in the laws according to rape. Murder is said by many that it’s a black or white case. Even with complications, The lines of first, Second, And third degree are nonnegotiable. Whereas rape of all degrees/intentions can be negotiable due to certain speculations or small pieces of evidence that may OR may not be relevant to the case. Both women and men are raped. Their abusers can be male and or female. Life or even death depending on the severity of bodily injury such as severe bruising, Etc.

  • Rapists should be jailed for life and castrated

    Abuse to such an extent is traumatic for the rest of the victims life if they do ever come to accepting it, And receiving support they need and deserve. If they are jailed for life they have the reassurance they will be safe from that persona and there isn't the chance for the rapist to commit the crime again. If they are castrated their hormone level may change, Their ability to have children is taken away and they would never have the chance to make a victim pregnant.

  • Forcible Rape, Yes.

    I don't think that all types of rape deserve a mandatory life sentence, I believe that forcible rape does. That is almost as bad as killing someone. It scars them for life. I think that forcible rape without mitigating circumstances such as a severe mental disturbance/ disorder or youthful offenders should receive an automatic mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole. That way they can never ever do it again.

  • Why isn't it already?

    Rape is one of the most horrible things that could happen to a person regardless of gender. In my belief, Rape almost as bad as murder, Think about it-a person that got raped is traumatized for the rest of their life and it can change their future in life changing ways, Such as alcohol abuse, Trust issues, And anxiety. If that rapist can take away someones innocence, Make that someone feel powerless, And permanently change a persons life for the worst, They should definitely pay for that horrifying thing that they did with their own life.

  • What about ??

    What about other serious crimes, like violence that causes severe injury). What about the man who beat a 2 year old with a speech impediment with a wire hanger for mispronouncing his sister's name. Now the boy faces possible blindness. Rape causes internal, not external damage. Should the man who beat the 2 year old get life?

  • Completely illogical in many ways.

    For one's punishment to be neither cruel nor unusual by the eighth amendment of the Constitution of the United States, it should be something that fits the crime. Rape, when not resulting in pregnancy or some STDs is a temporary issue that resolves itself upon completion. No permanent damage may be done to the victim, and therefore a permanent sentence upon the rapist is unfairly cruel, if not also unusual to put on someone.

    Therefore, unless permanent damage can be proven in the specific case, a life sentence in prison is a cruel and unusual punishment for a rapist.

  • There are different types of rape.

    What is the biggest crime in the world and that must be murder. Everything else is a step down from there. There are also many different types of rape. For instance if someone is drunk and a man has sex with her this could be considered rape. Questions to be asked, Did they know each other? Would she have consented if she had been sober or awake? What possessed her to get so drunk in the first place. A man walks along a street and rapes an unsuspecting woman at a bus stop, Beats her in the bushes and then rapes her. The 2nd crime is far more horrific than the first would you not agree. It all depends upon the severity. In the current age where accusing someone of rape could be a bout of jealously, Anger or something else, Should they be sentenced to jail all their life?

    Even in the case of violent rape does it help the justice system, The victim or the country if people go to prison all their life. I think not.

  • Yes But with a non parole period

    If we give life in prison without the possibility of parole in non capital punishment states then wouldn't it mean that a perpetrator would have every incentive to kill his/her victim as they would receive the same punishment anyway. I do believe in life in prison conceptually and in states that use the death penalty.

  • Life for Rape?

    I don’t agree with life sentences for rape unless rapist killed victim or victims or child or infant automatic castration be it male or female whom did the wrong to victim
    But same time if female is proven to have lied she should be punished and serve time as to life she screwed up and time served by her victim

  • Rape is a crime but shouldn't be punishable by life

    A man can be accused of rape at any time he is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Any woman can accuse any man of rape at any time if she hates him!
    If a man cumits rape it won't take him a lifetime to learn to not do it again
    What is the punishment for the woman who lies about being raped?
    What about a woman who rapes a man?

  • What happens to the other side then if proven to be false?

    And if the man sent to jail which have there been plenty who were wrongfully accused, either due to false evidence or because of a spiteful partner, what is the punishment for those who wrongfully accused another person of rape?

    There have been more than a few individuals who convince their daughters to say their fathers raped them and turned out years later not ot be true. What is the punishment for the other side if proven to be false then? If it is life in prison, then I'd agree, but one side cannot bear an uneven amount of burden in the event is false.

    Posted by: N711

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