• My painful experience

    I think rape should be considered murder. I have been raped before when I was ten years old.. The memory.. Just thinking about it makes me cry. I have to deal with the painful memories every day, it is even hard for me to be alone with anyone for more than 5 minutes, or I start to panic. Arresting rapists isn't enough, you are just basically giving them a pass, letting them being able to go back out into the world and raping some other innocent girl, who is not provoking anyone. People say "oh it's their clothes provoking them." Well I always wore long sleeves and jeans, no showing any skin and yet my clothes provoked me to get raped?! Really? Maybe if you knew what it was like, maybe you would understand.

  • Rape is another high level of Murder.

    What is the punishment of a murderer ? I believe you would say death penalty. Because ones life is taken away. But Rape is another high level of murder, where you just don't physically Assault but emotionally, spiritually and innerly demolish the victim. And what if You or your sister or even your Mother get raped or any close relative? I know You even can't think of that. You would %100 say that He should put to death. You will not say that, I will kindly advice or educate the Rapist that He Should have not done that.

  • A rapist does not deserve to live. Not with ease.

    Rapist know what they're doing. They know exactly what they are doing. It's a fun game to them.
    So, does someone who is that psychotic and insane in membrain. ..Who gets off on putting innocent people through such inhuman pain... Do they really deserve to live another day breathing the same air as we all breath...

  • Kill them all

    I would first like to state my definitions of rape and violence.
    Rape is using violent force to violate another human beings freedom to choose who they can and can not have sex with. I do not define intoxicated sex or statutory rape necessarily as rape, because some of those situations involve consensual sex. Many people choose to have sex with older people or choose to have sex while intoxicated and agreed upon consensual sex of any kind is not considered rape to me, even if others say it is not consensual.
    I have read the all of the yes and no comments and mostly agree with yes people except the ones asking for torture. I will list all of the arguments of people against capital punishment as numbers and then explain why they are all wrong in my rebuttal.

    1. The eighth amendment says that punishment for crimes should not be proportional to the severity of the crime. Rape doesn't kill people, so they shouldn't die as their punishment.

    Rebuttle: Rape kills people. Women can die of exhaustion from being raped. Women can become pregnant which can kill them. Some women kill themselves after being raped or live in fear the rest of their life. Many women are threatened with death from the perpetrator or gang members they are associated with and have to enter a witness protection program and leave their families which ruins their lives. Some women will get STD's which ruin their love lives. When your entire life is ruined and you don't enjoy living, you are not really alive anymore, you are dead on the inside. Women can have there wombs destroyed making it impossible to make babies and killing her ability to create life.

    2. Innocent people get convicted of rape and therefore we should not have the death penalty for rape.

    Rebuttal: False convictions in court are a completely separate problem from the law itself. Innocent people are convicted of all kinds of crimes. According to this logic we shouldn't have any laws, because they might get innocent people killed or in jail.

    3. These people have good intentions or are ignorant. They may be mentally unstable or desperate for sex or even have uncontrollable sexual urges. Part of them knows that they are doing something wrong, but they just can't control it. Some people rape as a spur of the moment thing that they don’t plan.

    Rebuttal: The intention of the rapist does not matter. All that matters is the consequences of their actions. It doesn't matter if you are mentally challenged and don't understand right and wrong. It doesn’t matter if you planned it ahead of time or planned it in a few moments.

    4. Giving the death penalty will encourage rapists to murder their victims so that they can not speak out against them in court and get them killed.

  • My painful experience

    You people who say no. Have you gone through the experience of raped? Do you honestly know how much it effects you afterwards? Well I do, and its horrible. It has impacted me so much, I can't even be alone in the room with someone for more than 5 minutes otherwise I have a panic attack. I thought and sometimes do think I am worthless, just a piece of crap. I tried to end my life because of that painful experience, luckily my sister saved my life. So if you have not gone through such a painful experience, then you honestly have no idea what you are talking about. So just hush up.

  • Murderers shouldn't be the only ones getting executed

    Rapists should definitely be placed on death row. I am not saying that the state should kill an entire list of suspects, but definitely execute them if they are guilty of raping someone. It sucks that the Constitution doesn't believe that rape is a crime deserving of the death penalty when clearly it is. By simply arresting a rapist, we are paying to keep those bastards alive. Rape is NOT the result of a mental illness. Rape is a CHOICE. The reason I believe that rapists should be killed is because that way, it would guarantee that they wouldn't be a threat to anyone else ever again.

  • Can't rehabilitate that mindset.

    Criminal corrections facilities are used to rehabilitate, incapacitate, or for retribution. What I mean by that is our mindset as American's is to either fix the person, pull him off the street and lock him away so he cant hurt society, or he gets what he deserves for committing that crime. A drug addict can be rehabilitated and brought back to society and have a positive effect on society. The mindset of a rapist is not something we can rehabilitate. If we are going to lock him up anyways we should focus on retribution. Instead of locking him up and wasting tax payers cash, just get rid of the parasite on society that can't be reformed.

  • I wish rape constituted the death penalty

    Rape should constitute the death penalty. Allow me to explain why. Hitler may be seen as one of the most evil men in history, but he was almost right about something. The human race is in danger of our own kind and the only way to rid ourselves from the danger is through artificial selection. However, Hitler went after the wrong people. The "bad genes" Hitler discussed that Jews have will die out through natural selection such as Tay Sachs disease. Tay Sachs has become rarer every day because of natural selection and also due to globalization, so it is safe to assume that one day that gene will die. The human race is in danger of those who lack empathy such as murderers and sex offenders. You cannot teach empathy to anyone. It is a gene which they lack. The only way to save the human race is start a Murderer and Rapist Holocaust. Natural selection favors them for their ability to survive and adapt which is why artificial selection must commence. All murderers and rapists should die. All of their children should be aborted in the womb. Empathy is a gene that must live on in order for society and the human race as we know it to stay intact. Having empathy means knowing what it means to be alive and having the ability to know what it is like in someone else's shoes. Not having the empathy gene means inadequacy. If you have empathy, you are adequate and therefore you should go forth and multiply. If you do not have empathy, you should be executed for the good of mankind. The effects of rape in particular are devastating not only to the victim, but to the world around them. Rapists are no more dangerous than murderers. They force people into exposure of diseases, impregnating women, and often beating their victims to near death all for their sick and twisted pleasure. Why would anyone think they don't deserve to die? Letting them live means we are sending all rapists a message that society accepts them. We shouldn't. That's not a society I want to live in. The Murderer/ Rapist Holocaust should commence immediately!

  • Rape can be prevented

    If the punishment is strict enough, rape can be prevented. When an evil man is feeling very sexual and has the opportunity to rape, having a strict punishment can prevent the rape from occurring. The effects of rape are very long-lasting and cause many suicide cases, therefore rape is very serious.

  • Yes they should.

    Being someone whose sister was raped, I would say its worse than murder, if you murder someone its over, the family is going to hate you and you should be killed, depending on the reason for it. If you rape someone it destroys their mentality, it kills them on the inside, to the point of where they want to kill themselves, if doing something to someone makes them want to die and actually take action then how is that different to murder? 'oh he/she killed herself because I raped him/her well that's got nothing to do with me' of course it bloody has, if anything, I personally think the rapist should have there penis removed of male, or the equivalent if female, how someone can say they shouldnt should just be jailed is absurd, why should they have good, honest working people's taxes paying for them? The law is to lenient, a punishment is no longer a punishment. Homeless people are on the streets starving, without shelter and yet the scum of the earth are in a nice comfy cell with 3 meals a day... How is that fair?

  • No,not at all

    Rape should not constitute death penalty usually the offender does not intend to kill the victim.Death penalty should only be given to most serious crime such as murder,mass murder,drug lord,torture,or treason.Rape may constitute the death penalty only if the offender kill the victim and rape them.Also mostly rape does not require injury only it cause someone pregnant.

  • No it should not.

    Due to the inconstancy with the degree of violence involved with rapes, I feel that to apply a blanket death penalty to this crime would be very confusing. We already have death penalty for murder in America, yet America has the highest murder rate in the developed world. I would instead support laws that have been statistically proven to reduce rape. Perhaps rehabilitation programs. Also, when there are cases were two drunk teenagers had sex and the perpetrator did not have consent, I believe that it is a lack of justice to sentence that person to death first for their age and second due to the context of the rape. They should be dealt with differently.

  • No it shouldn't

    Rape can happen in many forms meaning that an automatic death penalty could prove unjustified in some situations. Rehabilitation is meant so that an offender can reform and change their life. In the UK there is no death penalty and murder is very low. A rapist could commit one single offence in their life time and be perfectly reformed just as the UK allows murderers to be reformed. This change of lifestyle is key to making a safer and happier world rather than just killing off people for a single offence. The only reason that anyone would vote yes for the death penalty would be to do with an anger fuelled vengeance. No is the sensible and most understandable response to this.

    Rape may affect people for a long time but it certainly doesn't kill you. Justice logically would be giving an equal punishment. The idea of a rapist being raped seems very inefficient and an impractical method of punishment so rehabilitation and possible psychiatric help would certain help.

    However if a rapist had abducted children and tied them up as sex slaves and raped them multiple times, that would call for capital punishment due to the extremity of sadistic behaviour.

    Thank you for reading

  • This website is full of idiots.

    No. Killing someone for rape is unconstitutional. Notice one of the yes voters:

    "Islam is the solution ISLAM SAYS THAT RAPE IS PUNISHABLE OR BE LASHED 100 TIMES. These days we see young Woman and Girls UNDER DRESSED / UNCOVERED This why they are treated like a sex object by men. In some Muslim countries person commits rape is likely to have a death penalty. Sex before marriage should be illegal. Think about it? America has over 8 Million Women more then men. So? Therefore 8 Million women can't get married and rape. Therefore the married man has to think twice before raping 1) Committing Adultery 2)The death penalty"

    Sex before marriage should be illegal. Rape is because of underdressed women. This is the sort of person you all are aligning with.

  • The death penalty should never be used

    The death penalty for rape was ruled illegal in Kennedy V. Louisiana. Supreme Court of the United States. N.D. Print. But even if Kennedy V. Louisiana was overruled I still wouldn't support the death penalty for rape.Many people who are executed later turn out to be innocent. To try and mitigate this, we have an appeals process that costs tax payers a lot of money. But even with all these appeals there is still a fair number of innocent people being executed. And then there's the matter of the family; how would you feel if your loved one was sentenced to death? It's bad enough having a family member convicted of a crime. Imagine going for years knowing that some one you love will probably be executed by the state, spending your money on trying to get them the best lawyers, spending holidays and birthdays in death rows and prisons?

  • No, Rape does not deserve Capital Punishment

    Rapists should not get the death penalty because the death penalty should only be given for murder and/or treason. The reason for these crimes only is because those are the only two crimes stated in the Constitution that receive the death penalty. The only reason rapists should receive the death penalty is if the victim(s) are killed while the crime was committed, or as a result of it (i.E. Fatal injuries causing death to happen later, not if the victim committed suicide because of them being raped). While rape is a heinous and revolting crime, as long as the victim recovers, the rapist should not have his life taken away. Instead, it should be an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole.

  • No, not really

    If a rapist get sentenced to death, its my entice any future rapist to kill their victim as well, since if they going to die, might as well make the victim die as well.... And its easier for them to get away with things if their victim is killed rather than being alive and testify against the rapist

  • No it should not

    Rape isn't done by 'evil' people. No one is pure evil. Rape can be done by desperate people who have a hard time. Should they rape? No. But they don't deserve to die for it. Self-righteous killing is more sick than murder. At least somewhere the murderer knows that what they are doing is wrong. The people who want to revenge kill rapists are more messed up because they believe themselves to be heroes. I completely don't believe that rape is done for power. It doesn't give anyone power. The minute your punishment becomes so much worse than the crime you turn our "justice" system into a murderous distopia.

  • It should not.

    The death of a rapist is not victory of a society. It shows- you had to kill someone in order for them to realize that women need to be respected. Capital punishment is for a society that cannot be rehabilitated through other means. Rape is the most gruesome and inhuman crimes that there can be, however, capital punishment in no way, acts-
    1. As a deterrent to rape- Infact, as already pointed out, it gives incentive to the rapist to kill the victim, in which case, he automatically comes under the purview of punishment for murder which is death penalty in most countries.
    2. As a solution to the root cause of a problem - When you kill a convict, you do not give him the chance to regret what he did, and rehabilitate not only himself, but other men around him. More importantly, in most developing countries today, most rapists are not even convicted as a majority of rapes go unreported and in other cases, the administration doesn't bother enough to track them down. More important than the severity of punishment, should be the fact that there IS punishment. Nobody wants to spend the rest 20 years of their life in jail. It is as big a deterrent for a rapist as a death penalty would be, if the rapist knows that the crime will definitely lead to his conviction.

    So, before we institute capital punishment as a blood-for-blood measure, we have to look into the thousands of cases that go unreported, the hundreds other where rapists have not been convicted yet and the many who know they will probably die a natural death before the time of their hearing. Having a legal framework in place is mandatory, the first step. But implementing it is even more important. Death penalty is unconstitutional in the sense, the state or anybody should not have a right to take someone's life. How is the state any better than the perpetrator then?
    To lead by example is to punish ALL those who commit this crime, not a handful of them being sentenced to death.

  • Will it really make a difference

    The point is that we want a 'solution' more than 'punishment'. When a nation or a government decides on sensitive matters such as Life, know that it is not so easy to judge what is 'right' or 'wrong'. Of course, it is justified to say that one who damages the sanctity of a social process and acts against humanity has no right to exist.

    However, it is also important to understand the dynamics of Capital Punishment and then reason it out. Do you have the authority to take what you cannot give? What about his family, who had no role in the heinous crime. What happens to the social and economic livelihood of that family, and we are all familiar of AB's famous dialogue: "mera baap chor hai" tattooed on his hand.. What is the child's fault?

    Such crimes are enacted in two manners, firstly at the spur of the moment and secondly, are planned. No doubt that crime is crime. There is no way one can reduce the disgust of the act. Nonetheless, if the crime happened in the spur of the moment and the convict is ready for penance, he must be given cumbersome punishment such as lifetime working in NGOs of the Jail, and part of his income should go to the victim's family and the rest to his own. On the contrary, there have been crimes wherein the convict had carefully planned the act, in such cases, I do not think there can be any laxity, whatever be the cost. It deserves capital punishment, which is given by the Indian government. My only complaint being the draggish attitude that it takes towards capital punishment and castration. A vigilant policing and stricter laws will most definitely help reduce crime. - See more at:

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Swedishperspective says2014-04-08T15:44:44.497
The safety of the people is a virtue that we should be striving for. Rape is a heinous crime and should be regarded as such in the context of our criminal justice system. Although not all charges of rape are legitimate - some charges have turned out to be blatantly false for various reasons - there are some cases of rape that stands out as particularly brutal. These particularly brutal cases of murder cause a lot of pain on the victims and their families and the extent of which should be accounted for when sentencing the perpetrator for death. Even if life can be regarded as sacrosanct, the havoc wrecked on the victim and his och her family is something we must not tolerate in the sense that we value the freedom of the victim from not being subject to the atrocious act of rape more than the benevolence bestowed upon the godless criminal that perpetrated the crime. When sentencing the rapist to death It is a matter of valuing two virtues against one another in accordance with a judiciary system that assesses the extent of which: the value of not having to be subject to a case of rape against the value of the life of the rapist. In society´s view the sanctity of the criminal´s life has been lowered after having committed the atrocious act of brutal rape, and when it is assessed by the supreme court that that the value of the criminal´s life is lower than the the victim´s right to freedom, death penalty should be supported and in fact should be called for. I should emphasize once more that not all cases of rape ought to warrant the death penalty, only those who are particularly heinous and it should be up the court system to decide whether that is such.
Greg19191840000 says2015-11-20T00:48:33.390
I don't believe anyone should be executed for anything because of the possibility of being wrongly prosecuted and accused so no i don't believe rapist should be no one should
bransom says2016-02-09T16:00:39.773

[25] But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die:
[26] But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:
[27] For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save her.

In the eyes of God premeditated rape is classified in the same category as premeditated murder, and should warrant the death penalty:

Deut. 22:
[26] But unto the damsel (a young unmarried woman ) thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbor, and slayeth him, even so is this matter.