• Basic justice needed.

    When someone commits rape they've totally ruined someone else's life. Their victim will never recover from the trauma, and the punishment they receive should accurately fit the crime. The criminal has given up his human rights by totally disregarding the human rights of others. I actually think rapists should be executed. But castration is second best - at least that way they'll never be able to have children and inflict themselves on another generation.
    Rape is the worst of all crimes; worse than murder in my opinion, and at the moment the law's response is pitiful. No mercy for those who show us none!

  • Safer to stop them

    A primitive punishment for a primitive crime. Obviously false convictions would be a huge concern, but perhaps that might encourage the courts to take rape a little more seriously. Male rapists would never be able to repeat their crime, and hopefully seeing as they have no dangling baguette women or men, depending on preference, will take the hint and stay away. It's literally the safest option for any future and past victims. Don't forget these could be men, women and children. I'd rather have one man castrated to save them than let the guy rot in prison for three years and learn nothing. Plus, male rapists know the punishment. If they rape knowing they could be castrated then they're practically asking for it.

  • Rapists should be castrated

    When someone attacks another person, and they use a weapon, that weapon is taken away. The weapon rapists use is their penis, and castration could be a major deterrent to several rapists. You wouldn't let a convicted murderer keep his weapon, you shouldn't let a rapist keep his. Castration should only be done when there is evidence, but it should still be done.

  • Rapists shouldnt reproduce

    When castrating these criminals you make sure that these kind of sick people wont reproduce. They shouldnt be allowded to ever have children. When eliminating their chance of reproducing you are lowering the chances that more rapists are being created. Or you could give them the choice, castration or death penalty

  • CPTSD for life

    If rapists knew what victims go through their whole life to try to regain some sense of normalcy, They would think twice before harming women in this way. Far from merely a physical act, It strikes at the very core of who she is mentally, Emotionally, And spiritually. Her ability to trust is shattered, And fear becomes her constant companion. Evenings are nightmarish and mornings are dreadful. It is something so heinous, The ability to "shrug off" or "get over" becomes a daily monumental, Debilitating Everest climb. Women able to rebuild their lives are some of the most courageous people you'll ever meet. But you'll see no Medal of Honor or Purple Heart awarded to them; they are the suffering silent. With this in mind, Three hots and a cot is never just punishment, And castration becomes the inevitable deterrent.

  • Rape is a habitual offense.

    If rapists are not placed in prison for life, They should be castrated. The punishment for rape, For utterly violating another's rights, Should be extreme because it is an extreme crime. If they do not stay in prison and away from public for the public's safety, They should be castrated in order to prevent them from violating another person in the same way, For rape is a crime that is usually committed more than once by the same person.

  • Violent rapists and child rapists should be castrated and placed in isolation for life.

    While I do consider coercive rapes or nonviolent opportunitsic rapes (usually where the victim knows the perpetrator) to be terrible crimes, They are still different from violent rapes and rapes of children, Which involve a lot more brutatility, Horror, And complete dehuamanization and disregard of the victim.

    The aforemnationed reason, Combined with that these sorts of utter and complete violations and abuse of another human's bodily integrity are treally straightforward to prove, Leads me to believe that we can morally and justly dole out severe punishments.

    The monsters who commit them deserve to physically castrated and locked up in small rooms for life, Where they will never see the light of day or another human. They should never be allowed any kindness or to return to society. I refuse to allow other innocent people to be harmed, If these monsters are ever let out because they were wrongly thought to be reformed or harmless, Because they managed to dupe prison and psyche staff thanks to their particualrly well developed manipulation skills.

    They should have thought of the consequences before they went ahead and so utterly destroyed other's lives.

  • Rapists should be physically castrated.

    A mans testicles produce nearly all of his testosterone and sex drive, It’s been proven that almost no castrated sex offender repeats their crimes. Would you want to disarm a madman with a loaded gun? Of course. It’s the same concept. I believe a convicted rapist should be forced to allow his victim to remove his testicles, If the victim chooses to. Otherwise the state can take them. He should be awake for the procedure with no painkillers. He should feel his testicles being taken away the same way his victim felt their innocence taken away. Some may say this infringes on rights, But no, It doesn’t. No where in our constitution or police code does it say that a rapist has the right to keep their testicles. F**k their rights, And f**k their balls. If it was up to me, The victim would be granted full rights to their rapists genitals. Then, The victim would decide what to do with them, They could just have them cut off or they could do it themselves. They could band them and wait for them to fall off. Or torture them for a while first, They could come back everyday just to kick their rapist in the nuts a couple times and they would have to stay imprisoned until their testicles were finally either destroyed or removed. Or they could just stomp on their rapists balls as hard and they can and crush them like the disgusting insects they basically are. If you rape, Molest, Sexually assault, Or even sexually harass you should lose 100% of the rights to your testicles, Period. 🤷‍♀️

  • Punish rapists now!

    Since most men cannot control their sex drives, And many countries are over populated, Simply castrating boys and young men is the easiest answer. Women are not given due respect in many cultures, So this would be great payback for centuries of discrimination and abuse and insult towards women worldwide.

  • Strong punishments are strong deterrents.

    If we enacted this, Rape would become obsolete. Most people would rather die than be castrated. People would see that committing this crime is not taken lightly, And would be more reluctant to offend. It should only be done in cases were there is near 100% certainty, E. G. DNA evidence, Multiple witnesses etc.

  • Rapists should be castrated no matter what

    Girls tend to rape more than boys nowadays me myself I have been raped 3x by girls and nothing happened boys are more of value then girls and girls are not punished for their raping and we can't castrate a girl so no castration no matter what it should be banned and girls also fake rape

  • Rapists destroy lives.

    Their lives should be destroyed too. When a person violates another person, I say they lose the right to their own genitalia. They've shown that they can't use their junk responsibly, and they deserve the same pain and humiliation that they gave to their victim/s. Also, some people argue that we sholdn't do castration because of the chance that the person is inncocent. So should we give out light sentences for all crimes to account for the off chance that the person was actually innocent?? It's a dumb argument. Besides, it's extremely hard to convict someone for rape. Like seriously. They have to be really obviously guilty to get convicted. Tons of rapists get away.

  • Castration is worse than rape itself

    Castration is a brutal way to punish someone.An adequate and reasonable punishment should include lessons to be learned and understanding what was done wrong and try to have a way forward.And by the way if someone is raped and hurt the solution should not be a permanent hurt but rehabilitation

  • What about the wrongly convicted?

    Everyone has no doubt heard many stories about people being wrongly convicted of murder based on false testimony. A much larger number of women falsely accuse men of rape and convictions can be made with very little evidence. If a wrong conviction is made and the man is castrated, later to be found innocent, what are you going to do? Glue his penis back on?

  • What if a conviction is overturned?

    Castrating rapists sounds like a great way to punish them, but what happens when you have a conviction based on bad evidence that is later overturned? You can release a man from jail, but you can't uncastrate someone. Castrating an innocent man that was wrongly convicted would be extremely immoral.

  • What are you trying to do?

    Would castrating them prevent them from attacking more women? They still can beat them, kidnap them, and mistreat them.
    Legal punishment is there to keep people from stomping in others rights. Castration of rapists is plain and irrational revenge, as the only achievement here would be... What, exactly? To please feminazis?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Castration is backwards (imprisonment and continual mandatory reparation for victim's rehab is more civil)

    You should note that your suggestion in itself is animalistic in nature bordering on savagery. If we all played your an eye for an eye game this we will be an uncivilised society. The best option would be rehabilitation for the victim and imprisonment for the criminal (plus monthly payments towards the victim's rehabilitation). How society reaches the point of consideration for such an issue is a step in the devolution of our species.

  • False rape allegations

    No because they might be innocent i think its actually worse to castrate some one than the crime to begin with its more life changing and to someone who might not even have done anything that the woman or police say he did it would be unethical and just plain stupid

  • Are we following sharia law or something?

    If you castrating should be a punishment for rapists, why not amputate the hands of thieves, cut the tongues of liars, mutilate the genitals of prostitutes, or chop off the limbs of people who beat others up? In the end, we have to make sure they wont do it again right?

  • Evil Shall Always Triumph

    Sheep who support "good ethics", "good morals" "good this or good that" blah blah blah are wasting their time. Rapists, serial killers, mass murderers all have one thing in common: they aren't afraid to embrace their own inner evil & act upon it. To do so, is worthy of praise for not many dare to become one with themselves. The strong will survive & the weak shall perish. Let us not waste time & most importantly, money on rape "victims".

    Evil will always triumph.

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jo154676 says2016-11-07T16:56:20.270
This violates the 8th ammendment and a topic like this cannot have emotion brought into it. Yes rape is bad, yes they should get punished and yes they do ruin people's lives (to an extent) but to say that they should have their reproductive organs removed is stupid. I cannot believe that this is almost 2:1, clearly the constitution needs to be taught more in schools because if people think that doing something like this is moral or should be legal then we have failed them.

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