• I mostly agree with cons' opinions, but...

    It is an undeniable fact that death penalty should be the last resort. However, if rapists keep committing crime and makes a lot of victims even after prison term, then they should receive death sentence because they must pay off what they have done. I mean what about raped victims? They have to live their lives with such hideous memories. Every year, a lot of raped victims have committed suicide because they seriously suffered from various phobias, guilt, and embarrassment. So, my main point is that if rapists commit crime more than once, then they must get a death penalty, for there is no way to stop their uncontrollable sexual desire and no way to pay back to their victims.

  • It depends on how serious it is

    Rapists should be charged the death penalty as, well, what they`re doing is extremely bad, appalling and against God`s will. People who do it are either crazy or are on drugs. While they may sound like plausible excuses, they really are no excuse as raping is an awful sin and , yes, does deserve the death penalty.

  • I will start a petition for rapists to get the Death penalty

    Little Sally 12 years old,was raped by a 64 year old pedophile.She ended up getting pregnate off of the rape.She now must quit middle school,to take care of that child,and now has the horrible burden of telling her parents what happened.Her parents were angered ofcourse,so they notified the police.A week later the rapist was caught.He faced only 6 years in jail,and when he got out,Sally was dreadful of taking a stepoutside.Not only had he contracted her with HIV,but he also gave her a life longPhobia.Shes terrified to leave the house since the rapist was let out of jail.It also brings back horrible memories of that horrifying night.Only an innocentchild.She h

    as to live with HIV forever.One day Sally can die
    because of one of the STDs
    she has contracted.Her life is practically over.I mean,the rapist forced her to get pregnate,and now she has to take car of the pedophile's child.What a terrible thought.So,why not

  • Rapist shouldn't get death penalty - to harsh.

    Death penalty this the last resort for any crime being testified against. Only certain class murders should be given death penalty (class as in intent etc...) So yes it's very important that rapists don't the death penalty. / / / / / / / / / / / / /

  • Rapists should live to take responsibility.

    Raping is when you choose to have sex without the person agreeing, and the raper is USUALLY a man. That person should live to suffer punishment. They should be helping the mother (usually) pay for food, shelter, etc until he dies. Well, sex comes a baby and the person needs to be responsible for actions, and they can't do that if they're dead. (The mother should be given a LOT of help raising the baby unless she says otherwise.)

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