Should rapists have basic rights (food, water, not being tortured)?

Asked by: Debatinghuman24
  • Worthless parasites are not human. Humans are human. Humans have value and parasites do not. Therefore resources should not be spent propping up the value-less.

    No rights should be bestowed on those without value. The granting of rights requires justification. Those rapists have proven either/or: moral deviance, Moral lacking, Mental disturbance, Evil desire, Weakness, Insolence, Degeneracy, And/or predisposition to harm people. The instrument of destruction to society should not be given an opportunity to strike; a parasite should not be given quarters to expand and multiply; and a liability should not be shown mercy in any capacity.

  • If we do this we are no better than rapists ourselves

    Well many people would like to think that rapists or other "bad" people are something subhuman that has no relation to them. However we are all part of the same society that shapes us and we all fight the same fight against the hardships of nature. Rape is a sad consequence of the hardships in the world but noone is born a rapist, They become one due to their unique experiences that shape them and lead them down this wrong path. Our society is not perfect and rapists mirror the ugly side. So if the same society that creates people who dehumanize others then dehumanizes them doesn't this condone what they did? Because if it is okay to treat people like subhuman then rapists and anyone who does it is just acting normally because that's the way it goes. And i refuse to believe anyway that anyone who is a rapist lives a happy life mentally. Then on top of that losing his freedom should be torture enough.

  • We do not have the authority to decide whether a human deserves to be dehumanized.

    Who are we to decide whether another human being deserves to be deprived of their basic human needs and subjected to atrocities such as torture? Are those who commit rape - and other horrible crimes, for that matter - somehow lesser beings who should be treated as such? Of course not. That being said, there should obviously still be justly administered consequences - they did, after all, break the law and ruin the life of their victim. No one should ever have to endure such a dehumanizing experience as being raped, but neither should anyone have to endure such a dehumanizing experience as being deprived of essential biological needs and tortured. To believe that we have any moral authority to strip a fellow human being of their humanity like that is foolish, arrogant, and makes us no better than the rapists themselves.

  • They are still human

    How does it make sense to only give basic rights to some people, but not others? Basic rights should not be taken away no matter the circumstances, or it opens up room for more people to lose rights as well. If world peace is the ultimate goal of humanity, nothing should take away anyone’s basic rights.

  • DId the rapists think about the rights of the person they raped?

    Rapists have raped a person that he/she didn't even care about the rights of, and I think they should deserve the same thing they did to the person they raped. It's justifiable to not give them the basic rights of human, and they shouldn't have what they took away from another person.

  • They have violated the rights of another.

    When someone rapes another, it is a violation of the victim's rights. Being raped often screws up the rest of someone's life. The rapist is the direct cause of this, and to insist that the rapist retains their rights is ridiculous. They have infringed on the rights and life of another human. They do not deserve what they have taken away from someone else.

  • Had the raped person rights when someone did that to her/him?

    Obviously the rapist is still a human and it would be horrible to not give the food or water or ibeing tortured. Or wouldn't it? Your are saying that someone who violated someone's rights should have them too? If hey want rights, the I need and explanation of why did hey raped a person who did't deserved it?, because no matter how bad you are in live, being raped is comething that noone should experience.

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