• They should have human rights

    Now don't get me wrong, Rapist are not good people and deserve to have a fine and be put in jail, But they should still have human rights in the end. Their punishment has passed, And it's still very for them to find a good job or things that they need to be healthy. Plus many rapists end up being false or not rapists. But my main point is that whatever you did in the end, You get human rights

  • The penalty for rape (assuming victim gets pregnant and survives) should be:

    -A $250,000 fine. This money goes to the rape victim's parents (since the rape victim may blow the money on worthless stuff). If the rapist can't pay, then the government pays for it. The rapist is then a slave to the government for 6 years (the 13th amendment allows slavery as a punishment for a crime).

    -Painful castration so they are less likely to rape since less pleasure would be received from sex.

    -The woman would not be allowed an abortion because she is getting restitution for the pain of pregnancy, and the 9 months of pregnancy pain cancels out the 9 years of student loans that her rape money paid for.

    Posted by: asta
  • No Rights At All

    I don't think I really should have to give a reason. Rapeing is wrong, plain old wrong. I don't care weather or not one has a 'good exuse" for doing something so horrific to onther person. The trama yone causes to onther person should not go unpunished. As far as I'm concerned they rapeist are lower than dirt and they should be punished for all eternity.

  • If you raped someone, you should be locked up in prison.

    That's all. Does i need to say more? What exactly wrong about refusing to give rapists rights? They lost their privilege to have rights by raping someone. If you rape someone, you can no longer be trusted anymore. You should be incarcerated so you never rape anyone again. That's all i have to say because it's just too obvious why rapists should never have more rights.

  • Not In A Million Years!

    Sorry, but if you did the crime, you expect full repercussions from it. The time and the fact that you ruined your life forever are only to blame on you. Rape is voluntary. Nobody ever forced you to rape someone. I mean, I won't feel pity for someone who knew that they were doing something torturous.

  • Its fucking bullshit

    They obviously know what they did and they should go to jail for the crimes they have comitted. At the same time, the victim may never recover from the traumatic experience. These rapists know that what they did was illegal, and they should go and stay in jail to think their life over.

  • No More Rapists

    Women are now scared everywhere around the world so why make them even more scared.If someone wants to get raped well they are wrong.What if you had a husband , are you just going to tell him,”I am having a baby, but it’s not yours !” Your husband would probably get a divorce because he might think you cheated on him!

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