• An effective solution?

    My friends and I have been talking about this and the consensus is that rapists should be punished in the following way: Under surgery, the nerves to his penis should be severed so he is unable to achieve an erection or experience any pleasure from the organ. This is a simple operation which can be carried out under local anaesthetic leaving the penis completely and permanently numb.
    We don't believe chemical castration is the answer because hormones can be readily obtained to restore virility. We decided that his testicles should be left intact leaving him with the place of awkward vulnerability that all males should have.
    Some of us also suggested that he have the word "rapist" tattooed on his forehead.

  • Yes, it is the the ultimate violation of someone's freedom

    Rape is a violent crime that tells someone that they are not even control of their own body. I believe that rapist do not deserve to spend tax payer dollars to live long sentences. To be given the death penalty would be too easy of an escape as well. What I would like to see happen would not be legal in our country but I believe that the crime of rape should warrant extreme physical and psychological punishment... The word torture comes to mind... I do believe that this extreme punishment should be reserved for confirmed cases, DNA or caught in the act.

  • Of course they should.

    We live in a victim blaming society where somehow, it's the victim's fault for it depending on whatever they were wearing, if they were drinking, or if they 'lead the rapist' on etc. And it's disgusting.

    Because of how lenient their punishment is, a rapist knows they can technically get away with it over and over again, and potential rapists know their sentence won't be harsh, so they will be thinking of that when they go after their victim, knowing they'll get sympathy and their victim will get blamed.

    It's a violation of the body, and a traumatic one at that, and can leave the victim scarred for life. A rapist, if it even gets that far (a vast majority of them walk free and even less get arrested and tried in court,) only gets about a year in prison. That's a joke, and not a funny one, considering what they've done here.

    So yes, rapists should get harsher punishments, no ifs or buts about it. They chose to rape, they chose to violate someone, and they need to face the consequences of their actions and if that means being more harsh, so be it.

  • Yes as a former victim

    I believe that there should be tougher punishment as a former victim of rape. It is something that should not be taken lightly and most often is. The punishment never fits the crime. There should be punishment that fits the crime. The current punishments are lenient and are not providing justice for the victims. More needs to be done!

  • Yes, as a former victim

    I can agree with it as a former victim myself, there is a certain disgusting nature that comes with rape that does not come with other crimes. Consider it a certain violation, I take rape up there with murder in the levels of crime and violation it causes and would not have a problem with the punishments increasing.

  • Yes They Should

    Rape is one of the few acts mankind can commit that never ever has the possibility of having questionable motivations. It is always wrong and evil. It's a display of power and aggression and deeply misogynistic. It's time that we retaliated against it in our culture and sent a stronger message that is not acceptable.

  • Yes, they should receive harsher punishments!

    I am so sick of hearing about how convicted felons are receiving unethical treatment. As a rape victim, I feel that if we did have harsher punishments for rape victims and child rapists, maybe they would think twice before committing that crime. As a society, I believe that we have become too civilized.

  • Rape is BullS#@$

    Rape is one of the biggest crimes ever. Imagine if it was your children that got raped. BULLS^%&! You would have the urge to find the rapists home and when he's inside burn him and his house down.

    Rape is a Massive SIN! Burn in hell...

    Think About Your Children, Friends and other family members.

  • Rapists should just be killed off...

    We are already too soft on crime, rapists are horrible pathetic human beings. They are useless, why not just kill them off? I never understood why they get just a few years of jail-time when it's clearly a much more horrible crime than stealing a few thousand dollars.

    In fact, every those teenage rapists should be punished to the full extend of the law. If you are old enough to rape, then you are old enough to be raped in jail by Big Hairy Bob.

  • Definitely. Allowing rapists to go so easily makes all men look bad. Even the ones who'd never do it.

    A lot of women these days believe that all men are rapists. ALL MEN. But not all of us are bad. But its very hard to convince otherwise. Because so many rapists go off so easily, there are so many of them walking freely in society. Even death is fair. Just as weeds destroy the useful plants in a field, rapists destroy women in society. Weeds and rapists should both be removed.

  • Not if by "harsher" you mean more inhumane punishment.

    The level of punishment for rapists is exactly what it should be. Though officially, rapists are only serving a certain number of years for their crime, their time served is much harder than other criminals. For example, a burglar can go in and do his time without much confrontation from other inmates. Rapists, and specifically child abusers, face constant brutalization by other inmates. I think the punishment fits the crime.

  • It all depends

    So drunken college students in their first week of school deserves to die or be castrated? If consent was a meh or both parties were unable to remember all of what happened? I am just saying it is not so black and white and neither is the evidence. And with tinder culture really ramping up where do you draw the line.
    You go to someone or invite them over and the expectations become murky. I just think our moral judgements have to be calibrated a little more. This is one of the only crimes where the accused have little to no due process and little to no evidence. I say it is a conversation.

  • We treat rape as if it were worst than murder.

    Rape is bad. I was raped repeatedly for two years. If allowed to define the punishment for my rapist it would be something like boiled in oil. But that's because I'm thinking more with my emotions. Rape is one of those crimes that invokes emotions and inervates our desire for revenge. After many years of healing I believe now that we need to treat rapists if not most criminals as patients who need treatment. If we did that our focus (including funding in the scientific world) would be for cure and prevention. And we will ultimately make - by far - the greatest advancement towards reduction if not elimination of crimes.

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